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Archery meets shooting skills and exercise. BowBlade is the the best gaming/workout device on the planet- perfect for outdoorsmen, kids, adults, disabled athletes, anyone looking to be challenged.

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BowBlade In The Press

  • BowBlade makes your iPhone a badass exercises tool.    

  • There are some funky accessories out there for your phone, but this one has got to take the cake.

    NBC News
  • BowBlade lets you get physical with your iPhone gaming.


Incredible Shooting Simulation

BowBlade is a lightweight workout gaming device that combines resistive movement—specifically the archer’s bow pull—with smartphone and video gaming, making an immersive, full-body experience that enhances first-person-shooter gameplay. Develop strength and coordination on your weak side. Go hunting anytime.

Exercise and Play

Wave goodbye to tapping on the screen, BowBlade turns using the smartphone into an awesome exercise device! Designed by chiropractor Dr Ron Green, it takes the mental stimulation you get from playing and turns it into a benefit for your whole body. Simply attach your smartphone or iPod Touch into your BowBlade, start playing and let your body improve.

Disabled Exercise

BowBlade is the the perfect companion for the disabled, wheelchair warriors and people with restricted movement.  BowBlade’s resistive design helps improve strength, posture, and coordination. Weighing only a bit more than 2 pounds, those determined to get the best out of life can get the benefits with ease and physicality, fun and games.

Expertly Crafted For Fitness AND Fun

BowBlade has been engineered by chiropractor and ex-stuntman Dr Ron Green, who has helped over 10,000 patients including Olympic and professional athletes.

Meet Dr Ron.


With Over 80 Compatible Smartphone Apps And Counting

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Cult of Mac interviews Dr. Ron at the MacWorld Development Conference in 2013 where the prototype
BowBlade was the Hit Of The Show.

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