Best Broadhead For Crossbow Over 400 FPS


There are a few things to consider when choosing a broadhead for your crossbow. The blade diameter must be between 2″ and 3″ to be effective. A 3-bladed broadhead is best for a crossbow that shoots over 400 fps. The Grim Reaper Broadhead has three blades that cut out two inches across. It has worked well on boars between 175-200 lb in size and coyotes and bobcats. It also works well with a xbow that shoots 410 fps and 450+ gn arrows.


Aboltcutter broadheads for crossbows are a great way to maximize your accuracy. The Excalibur Boltcutter broadheads weigh 150 grains and have three blades that slice through prey up to 1-1/16 inches in diameter. They are made from durable stainless steel and are designed to offer enhanced accuracy. The Excalibur Boltcutter broadheads are a great choice for hunters who prefer a broadhead that doesn’t need to open after impact.

Excalibur is a quality manufacturer of crossbows and arrows. Their Boltcutter broadhead is a beefy 1-inch-diameter head that delivers stunning accuracy from extreme distances. The boltcutter is made from high-strength stainless steel, a material that can withstand even the most intense hits while still delivering devastating terminal performance.

To choose a proper broadhead, consider the crossbow’s speed. Some crossbows can reach 400 fps. Using a broadhead that is rated for 400 fps may be more effective than a standard crossbow broadhead for this type of crossbow. However, the bolt type and blade size are important factors when determining the best crossbow broadhead for your situation.

A mechanical broadhead is another option for hunters with a higher crossbow power. This type of broadhead features two blades that push against each other and a cutting path that’s 2 inches wide. The mechanical design is ideal for smaller “big games.” The mechanical blades also provide a larger cutting diameter. These broadheads are designed for faster, more accurate hunting. They are also designed for hunters who are targeting smaller games.

Weight is another factor to consider when choosing a broadhead for your crossbow. They can range from 75 grains to 300 grains, but most hunters don’t use anything heavier than 125 grains. This is because arrows have become lightweight over the years. Most are made of aluminum and carbon, which both contribute to the weight. For the best results, you should use broadheads that weigh around 100-150 grains or lower.

Carbon Express Matrix Camo

The Carbon Express Matrix Camo broadhead is a top-quality option for hunters and target archers who enjoy the versatility and performance of a high-speed crossbow. Its advanced design makes it easy to locate in target areas and delivers superior penetration. These broadheads are available in several different sizes and weights to suit different crossbows. The Alpha-Nock is compatible with most crossbows, including Horton Crossbow Innovations and Wicked Ridge.

Another excellent choice for a high-powered crossbow is the Carbon Express Matrix Camo broadhead, which features excellent weight retention and tracking. It has excellent penetration for long range shots, which are commonly used by bowhunters who are searching for game animals hiding in nearby cover. In addition, the Carbon Express Matrix Camo offers a fixed-blade design that is 1.6 inches in diameter when deployed. It features a shock collar blade retention system to prevent the blades from flying off.

Designed with the hunter in mind, the Vapor crossbow delivers over 360 feet per second (FPS), a total of 120 ft. lbs. of energy. The resulting energy allows you to hunt anywhere in North America. To make sure you get the best shot possible, you should pair it with a high-powered scope. The RangeMaster Pro scope has a 5X zoom and has dots calibrated for 20 yards and 50 yards.

The Carbon Express Matrix Camo crossbow broadhead is designed with the hunter’s comfort in mind. Its high-tensile carbon construction makes it lightweight and durable, and its unique design makes it the preferred choice for crossbow hunters who value speed and accuracy. Moreover, the crossbow’s bolt is easy to remove, making it safe for most modern crossbows.

G5 Outdoors Megameat

The G5 Outdoors Megameat Crossbow Broadhead is a 100-grain, 2-inch cutting diameter crossbow broadhead with three razor-sharp blades. It is easy to sight in and has a snap-lock collar to secure the blades. The broadhead can be replaced with a new one, if necessary. It is a good choice for crossbows with 400-fps or higher.

It is available in several sizes and weights. Its cutting diameter is two inches. It can leave massive holes and blood trails. It is made of surgical-grade stainless steel and has a 4-inch titanium ferrule. Its weight remains the same throughout the entire blade’s lifespan, which helps reduce overall weight. The broadhead is sold separately, but you can also find replacement blades online.

The Montec broadhead is one of the sharpest broadheads on the market. It features a one-piece MIM construction and a tapered blade. These features help make it easy to resharpen the broadhead if you need to. This broadhead is priced higher than other broadheads, so it isn’t recommended for novices.

The weight of a crossbow broadhead is important. Lighter broadheads are easier to shoot, and they travel farther and are more accurate. However, heavy broadheads are tougher and can penetrate tissue faster. While a heavier broadhead is tougher to shoot with, modern crossbows can handle the extra power. A more powerful bow can handle a heavy broadhead, but a beginner should start with a lighter one. The wider the cutting diameter, the more damage it does internally and it is more likely to hit the heart.

G5 Montec M3

The G5 Montec M3 broadhead for high-velocity crossbows is one of the sharpest in the market, and the name speaks for itself. This one-piece, 420 stainless steel blade is designed for maximum penetration. Its streamlined profile and diamond-cut blades deliver unmatched precision and piercing power. These broadheads have no vents, so they can be easily sharpened to maximize accuracy and strength.

For those looking for a better crossbow broadhead, there are many choices. The Montec M3 is a single-piece, non-vented piece of stainless steel with a higher Rockwell hardness than previous designs. These broadheads are available in 125-grain and 100-grain options, and there is also a crossbow version. You can even get Ballistically Matched Point (BMP) heads for practice sessions.

As with any hunting equipment, it’s always a good idea to test a variety of broadheads before purchasing a single product. The Muzzy Trocar is the top broadhead for crossbows over 400 fps, and it offers unmatched penetration and accuracy for large game. You should try several different broadheads, so you can determine which one performs best for your particular shooting conditions.

If you’re looking for a crossbow broadhead with a high flying speed, you can try the NAP Killzone mechanical broadhead. Its spring-clip design will prevent it from opening during flight. The mechanical broadhead has a two-inch diameter, and a snap-lock collar that will ensure a tight, quiet flight. You can also purchase replacement blades separately, which you can find on Amazon.

Ammo Grain’s Dead Meat

Ammo Grain’s Dead Meeat crossbow broadhead is a great choice for hunters who need a blade that cuts deep and stays closed at high speeds. This broadhead is made of surgical-sharp stainless steel and is manufactured with a special 4-inch titanium ferrule. The blade is a solid and unique design, and its design makes it ideal for crossbows and recurves. It is also considered to be a barb-less broadhead, and is legal in any state that allows mechanical broadheads.

There are numerous advantages to choosing an expandable broadhead for crossbow over 400 ft/s. For one thing, it is easy to find a competitive price if you surf around and compare prices. But if you have the money, it would be best if you buy from a reliable brand. A popular brand will offer high quality products and reliability.

This crossbow broadhead is designed to cut deep and fly perfectly. The two-inch blades are ultra-sharp, and the broadhead weighs 100 grains. It is also renowned for its NAP durability. The broadhead’s speed and accuracy are enhanced by the IRQ 20-inch bolt. Its 0.035-inch blade thinkness makes it an excellent choice for young hunters.

Another option is the Ammo Grain Dead Meat broadhead for crossbow over four hundred fps. Its rear-deploy mechanism triggers about two inches inside the hide and generates an exceptionally balanced bolt. The broadhead flies like a field point and leaves a blood trail. Regardless of the type of crossbow you use, broadheads are essential for successful crossbow hunting.

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