QAD Exodus Full Blade Reviews


If you’re new to recurve bowhunting, you might be wondering if the QAD Exodus broadhead is worth the money. These broadheads come in different grains, 85, 100, and 125 grains, and you can choose between a swept or full blade design. The swept blade has less blade area than the full blade, but it helps stabilize arrows in flight. The swept blade design may be considered a “barbed” arrow tip in some states. Generally speaking, the 4.8-star QAD Exodus broadhead is a top choice for many archers.

Review of QAD exodus fixed blade broadhead

The Exodus fixed blade broadhead is 100% designed in the USA and offers unparalleled strength and accuracy. The head length matches the field point length for unprecedented accuracy and penetration, which translates into higher arrow penetration than any fixed blade ever has before. This broadhead also features razor-sharp blades that have a steep cutting angle for exceptional penetration. This broadhead ranks at the top of the broadhead market in terms of penetration.

The blades are 0.040 inches thick and feature the Blade Over Shaft Technology that maintains the same length of the arrow and static spine. Despite its short profile, the Exodus is extremely accurate and will help correct any misalignment in flight faster than a longer-profile broadhead. As a result, the arrow will fly the same as the field point.

When compared to other fixed-blade broadheads, the Exodus is an impressive choice for many hunters. Its unique design and high penetration rate make it an excellent choice for those who want a broadhead that is compatible with elimination blades. As a bonus, the Exodus broadhead is fog and corrosion-resistant. Moreover, the blades are extremely sharp, giving the hunter a good shot.

The Exodus is made of stainless steel, which is a good thing, but it can still cause minor cuts if they make contact with harder materials. The QAD blade can be re-sharpened if needed. This is particularly advantageous for hunters who do not have time to go to the field and re-sharpen their blades. If a piece of a fixed-blade broadhead does not cut through a harder object, it will still be sharp enough to kill a deer.

The QAD Exodus full-blade broadhead is a well-made, affordable, and highly accurate tool for hog hunting. It is a very durable blade with a tri-blade design and aggressive profile. And despite its relatively high price, this broadhead is fully legal in most states. We are a little worried about the durability, though. We hope to get our hands on one before we make a final decision.

As an entry-level broadhead, the QAD Exodus is a great choice for beginners and regular shooters alike. Its 125 grain full-blade bx125-f is incredibly powerful and capable of taking out small mammals, birds, and insects. Its detachable steel tube allows for easy storage and a range of other games. It is a great choice for anyone who wants the best performance from their firearm.

Another feature of the Exodus is its thickness. The 0.040” blade thickness is thicker than many fixed blade broadheads on the market, and the chisel tip is unbelievably sharp. When coupled with the chisel tip, this fixed blade broadhead can punch through the toughest bones. The design also makes it easy to clean up.

Review of Levi Morgan Signature Series #269 mechanical broadhead

Swhacker has partnered with legendary archer Levi Morgan to develop a series of fixed blade wonders. The Swhacker Levi Morgan #269 mechanical broadhead is a beefier, 125-grain version of the #261, but it still delivers field point accuracy. This broadhead features an arched blade design, reinforced ribs, and a 1-inch wing blade. It also has a 2.5-inch wound channel.

This broadhead features a.850-inch blade length from the insert to the tip. It features blade-lock technology, which allows the broadhead to remain closed when not in use. This feature makes it easy to practice with the same broadhead without fear of losing it or damaging it. It also comes with a practice point. The #261 mechanical broadhead is available in several different sizes. The Siphon has a 1.75-inch diameter and a chisel tip. It has an internal blade locking mechanism that provides reliable blade retention and prevents premature blade opening.

Review of Quality Archery Designs’ Exodus fixed blade broadhead

The revolutionary Exodus fixed blade broadheads are a 100% Made in the USA product that features a new, compact head, a high cutting angle, and strength to bust through tough bones. Designed with a field point that matches the length of the head, these broadheads achieve an accuracy as no other fixed blade has. With their razor-sharp blades and steep cutting angle, these broadheads lead the broadhead market in penetration.

The Exodus’ swept-back design features a short head design that maintains extreme penetration and a wide cutting diameter. Their unique design features an unmatched field point flight, increased penetration, and tight machining tolerances. Quality Archery Designs’ Exodus fixed blade broadheads are designed to provide a great combination of penetration and accuracy, and this is one of the best fixed blades on the market.

The Exodus fixed blade broadhead is an outstanding hunting tool that delivers field point accuracy while maintaining a wide cutting diameter. Quality Archery Designs’ Blade Over Shaft Technology allows the manufacturer to produce a super short and super-sharp head without giving up on its massive cutting diameter. It is ideal for high-speed bows due to its outstanding flight characteristics. In addition, the blades stay sharper longer than any other fixed blade broadhead on the market.

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