Best Single Pin Bow Sights For 2015

Best Single Pin Bow Sights For 2015

If you are searching for the best single pin bow sights for your arrows, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will review the Simple sight-in, Field Logic IQ, Trophy Ridge’s React series, and Covert’s VERSA*PIN technology. Let’s get started. You’ll be glad you did. There are so many great sights on the market!

Simple sight-in

A single-pin sight is a classic hunting accessory that uses an adjustable pin to help the hunter make accurate shots. The most popular type is the COVERT SINGLE-PIN, which has one physical pin in sight. These sights are available in both green.019-inch pin and VESRSA-PIN(tm). The VERSA-PIN allows the hunter to change the pin color in seconds. Its design makes it easy to adjust the pin size without having to change the point of impact.

A common problem with this type of sight is that it is difficult to adjust in low light. Hunters often overlook this disadvantage. As a result, these single-pin sights are not illuminated. Because of this, they are difficult to adjust when there is no light. If you often shoot in dimly lit conditions, you may want to consider purchasing a multi-pin sight. It is possible to get the same effect with a simple sight-in single-pin sight, but it will be a bit less convenient.

A single-pin sight should also be lightweight, as it only weighs five ounces. This model can be used by both left-handed and right-handed archers. As it’s made from aluminum, it’s durable and of great value. The rheostat light can be adjusted to suit different shooting styles. This product is recommended for beginners and seasoned archers alike. You may want to experiment with a few different distances and adjust the sight accordingly.

Field Logic IQ

The Field Logic IQ single pin bow sights are adjustable and feature Retina Lock Technology. This feature requires two dots to be centered in order for the pin to line up with the mark. They’re ideal for shooting from steep angles. They are also easy to adjust to compensate for uneven angles. The IQ Micro features a thinner, 50% thinner bladed pin construction. Archers may find it a hassle to adjust the sight, but they should not let this deter them.

The IQ Micro 5-Pin Bow Sight is equipped with Retina Lock Technology for instant feedback. This technology enables it to detect even the slightest change in anchor point or torque. The dual-position mount makes it easy to adjust windage and elevation, and its tool-free locking knobs make it easy to lock elevation and windage settings. It’s one of the most accurate bow sights on the market.

The IQ Micro is a versatile bow sight suitable for beginners and pros alike. Made of sturdy aluminum, it’s easy to maneuver even when shooting at night. It also has an adjustable LED light that provides ample light for shooting in dark or low light conditions. The Field Logic IQ Micro is a good choice for hunting and rifle shooting, as its white light up feature is useful during night time. This is the perfect bow sight for anyone looking to make the most of their property.

Trophy Ridge’s React series

React Series single pin bow sights from Trophy Ridge are designed to improve your accuracy. With their innovative React Technology, these sights automatically sight into the proper pin spacing after two quick adjustments. Plus, with their built-in knob and Allen wrench, they’re super-easy to use! Here’s how the React sight works:

The single pin design gives you more control over your shooting range, making it easier to adjust for different distances. This single pin sight works just as well at 7 yards as it does at 20 yards. It also has toolless vertical adjustability, so you can change the range of your shot without worrying about losing sight of your target. The slider locks into place when set, so you don’t have to worry about losing it.

For low-light shooting, the React features a rheostat light that illuminates the pin. You can also adjust the sight with a dovetail mounting bracket. The sight comes with stainless steel hardware and 10 custom sight tapes to help you adjust it to your shooting style. Regardless of your preferred distance, these sights will improve your accuracy and increase your shooting confidence. They’re perfect for the discerning hunter who’s looking for a bow sight that’s easy to use and versatile.

Covert VERSA*PIN technology

A Covert VERSA*PIN technology one-pin bow sight combines interchangeable pins with quick-change mounting. The sight features a small screw in the sight housing and a removable pin. Users can easily swap pin colors and adjust the pin diameter to get the right aiming zone. This makes the sight useful for shooters who often shoot long distances. It also features a dampened yardage dial and 2x magnifications plus.50 diopter lenses.

The patented VERSA*PIN technology of the Covert sight allows for easy pin exchange without changing the point of aim. The sight comes with two pin sizes and three fiber colors. It is available in dovetail and bracket mount options. Apex Gear’s single-pin VERSA*PIN technology single-pin bow sight also comes with 120 pre-marked yardage tapes.

For long-distance shooting and tree stands, the Truglo Pendulum Sight is the perfect solution. It is silent and designed for long-distance shooting. And because it is silent, the Truglo Pendulum Sight is perfect for people who prefer single-pin bow sights. While hunting, bowhunters must maintain their quietness and be decisive. To achieve this, they need to assume the proper position and draw. This is not always possible when shooting with pins.

This sight also features a micro-adjustment pointer that allows for elevation and windage adjustments. Additionally, the vertical pins are easily adjusted without the use of tools. The site is big and has laser engraving on the knobs. The sight also includes a travel case and detachable rack. This is a great hunting tool, especially for the beginner or the professional.

Copper John’s TST

One of the most popular single pin bow sights is the Copper John TST. This sight is sold between $115 and $125 and helps compensate for awkward shot positions. Its aluminum frame and Torque Synchronizing Technology allow for full-axis assembly. It also features an illuminated reticle. Here’s why the Copper John TST is the best option for your bow. Read on to learn more about this bow sight and the features it has to offer.

This lightweight, composite bow sight from Copper John’s takes the benefits of a metal sight and incorporates them into an ergonomic design. It also features a rounded, dual-axis design, waterproof sight tapes, and an A.R.M.O.R. Pin Technology, which houses the fiber optics in CNC-machined aluminum pins, and offers precision accuracy within one yard. It also features a 100 percent warranty.

If you’re looking for a single pin sight with excellent accuracy, the Copper John’s TST is the ideal choice. With an angled sight-tape bar that gives you a consistent yardage reference, the TST is ideal for long range shooting. Its stainless-steel mounting bracket will never rust, and it features an angled sight tape bar for fast shooting.


The TRUGLO Range Rover is a premium single-pin archery sight. It features an innovative ZERO-IN Adjustment Dial, a toolless yardage lock, extra-long wrapped fiber, and ultra-smooth bracket movement. It is fully adjustable for left or right-handed shooters and has a ZERO-IN Adjustment Dial that will help you fine tune your sights to hit your target at your intended distance.

Another benefit of the TruGlo sight is its reversible mounting bracket. You can easily switch to a left-handed compound bow by reversing the bracket and moving the windage lock. You can also upgrade the pin’s fiber and lens to make it brighter. The mounting bracket is made of metal so that it won’t break easily under any conditions. The bracket includes 3 holes to adjust the sight and place your quiver.

The TRUGLO Zero-In Adjustment Dial offers ultra-smooth dial adjustment, as well as precise Micro*Adjust elevation turning. This helps you hit the target accurately, even in challenging conditions. Unfortunately, the TruGlo sight may expose you to chemicals, including chromium, which is known to cause birth defects, cancer, and reproductive harm. Therefore, a hunter must be very careful when using this product.

One of the best features of the TRUGLO Range Rover single-pin archery sight is its infinite range. This is a unique feature of the TRUGLO sight, and it means that you can adjust the distance to hit your target no matter what your shooting style. This sight will help you focus on your target and lock it even in the dark. The light-absorbing pin fibers and the glow-in-the-dark shooter’s ring are other great features.

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