Carbon Express Maxima Red Arrows – Spine Chart

Carbon Express Maxima Red Arrows - Spine Chart

The Maxima RED series arrows feature Diamond Weave technology, which isolates the flex to the RED Zone and eliminates oscillation on the front of the arrow. This line covers a wide range of bows, ranging from forty to 92 pounds. It is available in six and twelve-packs, and is matched by weight and spine. The weight sorting tolerance is +/-1.0 grain.


Carbon Express produces some of the finest arrows available. Many of the arrows on their spine chart are specific to a bow. Carbon Express’s arrows are manufactured in a variety of spine lengths from 25 inches to 33 inches. Carbon Express arrows are also made to utilize field points and broadheads effectively. Here are some tips on choosing the perfect carbon arrow for your bow.

The first thing to remember is that the arrow rating system does not necessarily correlate to the stiffness or deflection of the arrow. While there are complex charts that refer to specific setup parts, many arrow manufacturers offer simpler charts that reference only draw weight and arrow length. Those simple charts only require common sense and should work for most bow setups. When you’re making a decision based on this chart, make sure to use the proper one.

Next, choose the right arrow weight. While it’s tempting to purchase the cheapest arrows you can find, remember that lighter arrows are less forgiving than their heavier counterparts. Any flaws in your form will show up as poor accuracy. Aim for a draw weight of 9 grams or more if you’re aiming for maximum penetration. Alternatively, use a heavier arrow for a larger game.

Arrows are generally more accurate than carbon arrows. Arrows that deflect in a similar manner to those that deflect in a different way will deflect less and are thus more effective. Unlike their steel counterparts, carbon arrows don’t have to be sized according to specific measurements. Luckily, Easton has simplified this process, and now each carbon arrow has a standard arrow deflection chart based on actual spine deflections.


Carbon Express’s new Maxima Red SD arrows are sorted by weight and spine to maximize accuracy and minimize oscillation. The Launchpad Precision Nocks and proprietary BullDog Nock Collars ensure optimal shaft alignment and shot after shot consistency. The new shafts are also equipped with LaunchPad Precision Nocks, for precise, controlled arrow release. To further enhance your hunting experience, Maxima Red SD arrows come with Blazer vanes, which allow you to shoot with ease and consistency.

The Carbon Express Maxima Red incorporates premium quality Red Zone technology, a breakthrough in managing Dynamic Spine, the crucial feature that determines the accuracy of arrows. The Hi-Tech Carbon Construction design of the Maxima Red concentrates most of the shaft’s flex into its central region, reducing wind drift and increasing accuracy. In addition to this, Red Zone technology is built into the shaft to improve broadhead flight and accuracy in the field.

LaunchPad arrows also feature Carbon Express’ patented 3-Spine/RED ZONE Technology, which minimizes oscillation to less than 1/3. The result is four times the accuracy. Another unique feature of this arrow is BuffTuff Plus, a patented outer layer construction that features high-modulus carbon weave. The BuffTuff Plus finish makes the arrows exceptionally quiet. The shafts also use Diamond Weave for ultimate stiffness.

RED arrows also offer a high level of concealment. Thanks to a new, adaptive coloration system, the Maxima RED arrows blend seamlessly into their environment. They are compatible with bows ranging from forty pounds to 92 pounds. The Maxima RED is available in six and twelve-packs. The shafts are matched based on weight and spine. The weight sorting tolerance is 1.0 grain.


The Carbon Express Maxima RED series arrows have a new camouflage design for 2018! The new Badlands Approach camouflage provides a stealthy appearance while maintaining excellent accuracy. This design uses a carbon weave and is a breakthrough in controlling Dynamic Spine, a key factor in arrow accuracy. Its new design includes a stiffer distal end to increase accuracy and concealment. It also features a Carbon Express Tri-Spine technology that gives the arrows superior strength and consistency.

The RED series arrows feature a Diamond Weave front end, reducing oscillation to the front of the arrow. These arrows cover a wide range of weights, from 40 to 92 pounds. These arrows are sold in six and twelve-packs, and are sorted by spine and weight. Their spine and weight are sorted to within a grain of an inch or two.


The Carbon Express Maxia RED is an important evolution in hunting arrow technology. The new shaft has stiffer ends and contains most of the dynamic spine, which prevents the broadhead from over-flexing during flight. There are only two spine sizes, which cover draw weights of forty to ninety-two pounds. These arrows are compatible with all the weights of the Maxima Hunter(r) and are available in matched 12-pack sets.

Designed in conjunction with the Maxima RED, these arrows feature precision nocks. The launchpads have an aligned nock barrel for true arrow flight. The new performance blazer vanes address the issues caused by dynamic spine. The blazers are shorter and lighter, thanks to the Carbon Express outer layer process. Additionally, the new launchpad precision nocks feature a BuffTuff outer finish that enhances toughness and reduces friction.


The carbon arrow manufacturer, Carbon Express, has released a new set of arrows for 2018. The Maxima RED series combines different carbon materials to control flex and help shooters achieve high-level accuracy. These arrows are also equipped with a Dynamic Spine, which is one of the most important factors in determining arrow accuracy. They also feature Badlands Approach camouflage.

The new Tri-Spine XSD hunting arrow is a breakthrough in Dynamic Spine control. The patented three-spine shaft reduces the exaggerated effect of broadhead-tipped arrows, resulting in greater accuracy and shot-after-shot consistency. This arrow is available in six and twelve-packs and matches spines according to weight. The weight sorting tolerance is +/-1.0 grain.

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