Top 3 Exclusive Tree Stand Safety Harness: Best Picks

top rated tree stand safety harness

A sturdy tree stand provides the benefits of experiencing high visibility, letting you get a safe shot of your target. Unfortunately, such a platform will also put you about 15-20 ft in the air, making it difficult for game animals to detect you.

Tree stands have several benefits, but with hunting being quite an adventurous sport, you need to get all the safety in the world you can get. That’s when a tree stand safety harness becomes an essential source of protection and a crucial part of your hunting gear.

Here are the Top 3 highly rated Hunting Tree Stand Safety Harnesses that will put your Hunting to quite an ease and comfort:

1. Hunter Safety System X-1 Bowhunter

Best Hunting Safety Harness for Bowhunting

Key Features:

  • Includes a deer suspension/drag straps
  • Primary strap for tree
  • Comprehensive user manual
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The Hunter Safety System X-1 Bowhunter provides you with a sturdy harness that is appropriate for hunters can wear in any season. It is the most top-rated hunting harness model in the market currently among some leading bowhunters.

Such a harness is made with a compact material that provides outstanding durability, burliness, and high flexibility. This is a convenient harness as it is lightweight and comfortable in handling. It weighs less than 2 pounds.

Unlike some bulky and heavy-designed harnesses, this one gives you high comfort and ease while hunting. You will be able to wear it anywhere anytime without any restrictions or hassle of comfortability.

Additionally, the Hunter Safety System X-1 doesn’t have excessive buckles or loose straps. It comes with a good barebone safety harness with great techniques.

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2. Hunter Safety System Elite Vest Tree Stand Safety Harness

Best Hunting Safety Harness Vest

Key Features:

  • Great pocket designs for handling various accessories, warming your hands, etc. 
  • Lineman’s strap 
  • Adjustable tree strap 
  • Includes a deer suspension/drag straps 
  • Binocular strap
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The Hunter Safety System Elite Vest Tree Stand Safety Harness is one perfect hunting vest that will suit you best no matter what season you go out for hunting. It comes with a woven fabric that is breathable, flexible, and comfortable. This kind of fabric is smooth and not at all noisy, which is excellent to keep your target at bay.

This Hunting Harness comes in different sizes and is well within the comfort of every hunter. Additionally, the garment of harness comes with stretch panels for a much more comfortable, tailored, and non-bulky fit. Finally, the harness is quite weather-resistant, which provides you flexibility in every type of weather condition around the tree stand and will give you all-around protection.

This safety harness weighs less than three pounds. It comes with deep pockets and removable straps for accessories that let you keep your gear within your reach. The harness also comes with an improved tether design, which gives more excellent shock absorption than other harnesses.

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3. Summit Treestands Pro Safety Harness

Editor’s Choice

Key Features: 

  • Padded shoulder straps 
  • Eight feet long Lineman rope with a prussic knot.  
  • Quick-lock sturdy buckles
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Summit is a well-known brand for manufacturing highly comfortable climbing tree stands. They also excel in being one of the best makers of tree stand safety harnesses in the market currently.

The Summit Tree stands Pro Safety Harness is a high-performing safety harness that offers great comfort to seasoned hunters. This harness comes in three flexible sizes, i.e., small, medium, and large, holding up to 300 pounds weight.

It includes a unique military-based design with the Modular Lightweight Load-Carrying Equipment, popularly known as MOLLE. It is a sort of webbing system to let hunters customize the load of the accessories according to their convenience.

This full-body sturdy harness is highly safe and super simple to wear. The unique design enables a quiet hunting game.

The ultra-silent prussic knot and the quick rubberized lock buckles let you avoid making unnecessary noises while in your tree stand. This harness passes all the quality checks, and safety standards of the Tree stand Manufacturers Association (TMA).

Several hunters have preferred this safety harness and deemed it extremely useful. They appreciate the lightweight, comfortable material and easily adjustable padded straps.

In addition, its comfortable chest adjustable strap lets you move around much feely even while wearing the tree stand harness under or over the other hunting garments.

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