What Bow Does Joe Rogeran Use?


You’ve probably heard of the PSE EVO NTN 33, the Hoyt Xpedition MX-15, and Fred Bear, but do you know what bows Joe Rogeran uses? Here are some of the options:


As a professional archer, Joe Rogan shoots with a PSE EVO NTN 33 bow. Before using the bow in 2020, he used several other models. Before that, he shot with a Hoyt Carbon Defiant, which was set at 80 pounds with a 27-inch draw length. In this article, we’ll look at some of the improvements that this new bow has to offer.


The HOYT RX1 bow that Joe Rogan shoots is one of the leading models of archery bows. It’s also one of the most durable and quiet bows available today. It features a new ZT hyper cam system that provides a good posture at full draw. It is designed with user comfort and durability in mind. It is also one of the top bows for archery, according to experienced hunters.

The HOYT RX1 is an excellent choice for a seasoned archer. The RX1 was designed for use by the pros and is a perfect match for a pro’s needs. Its versatility makes it ideal for competitive archery. It is an excellent choice for people looking to improve their aim and accuracy. Joe Rogan uses this bow often, so you can trust that it is well made and will provide you with a perfect shot.

Hoyt Xpedition MX-15

The Xpedition MX-15 is the same bow that top whitetail deer hunter Joe Rogers uses. It is a high-speed bow that delivers incredible speed and power. Joe shoots 80 pounds with the bow, which weighs 400 grains. The arrow will be 400 grains. This is the IBO (in-bow-on-target) speed, measured at point blank range.

Fred Bear

A man who loves to hunt and shoot a bow was the inspiration behind the character Fred Bear on the television show “Joe Rogan’s Body” (as well as many of the episodes of the series). Born in Waynesboro, Pennsylvania, Bear began using a recurve bow at age 29 and didn’t master his technique until he was nearly 30 years old. Today, he is considered a pioneer in the world of bow hunting. He and Ted Nugent met when the former was just a child and hunted together as he grew older. Later, as a man, Nugent took the bow and learned about the art of bowhunting from Bear.

While making Joe Rogan’s bow, Fred Bear never fired the bow he used on TV. He carved the arrow shelf down so that it would reach the arrow without removing the arrow itself. The bow’s grips are also thin and made of carbon. He used a Bow by Hoyt Carbon, which is made in Italy by an Italian company. They then outsourced the work to a Chinese company.

The PSE EVO NTN 33 is the bow that Joe Rogan uses for his archery training. The bow is new for 2020, but Rogan has shot other bows before. His previous bow was a Hoyt Carbon Defiant set to 80 pounds and a 27-inch draw length. For practice, Rogan uses the Accubow training tool. The Accubow allows the archer to learn the skill in less time than it would take with a traditional bow.

Cam Hanes’ bow

Bowhunter and author Cam Hanes is a regular guest on the JRE podcast. He recently shared a shoe he received from famed bowhunter Cameron Hanes. The book details the journey of Hanes to become a successful bowhunter. He also reveals that he’s addicted to lifting heavy objects. The book also features the story of Joe Rogers, a former archer who became an ultra-marathon runner.

Joe Rogan’s hunting philosophy

When it comes to hunting, few people understand the bloody realities like Rogan. He hunts his own meat, including the heart of a moose. The “Eat what you kill” movement is a common slogan in this country, but few people understand the reality behind it. Rogan, who lives outside Los Angeles, became a hunter two years ago. A fan of Steven Rinella’s show on the Travel Channel, the pair struck up a friendship and went on to plan a trip to Montana. Ultimately, the two men were able to kill a mule deer in Montana.

Since listening to Jack Carr’s “The Devil’s Hand,” Rogan has read the first book in the series. The series follows the exploits of former Navy SEAL James Reece. Recently, Joe Rogan interviewed Carr for his JRE podcast episode #1634. He revealed that he’d read Jack Carr’s books out of order, starting with the first novel and working up. This way, he could get more invested in the main character.

As a comedian, Rogan’s passion for hunting has earned him many fans and influence, thanks in large part to his podcast. But his podcast is far from standard, and he’s faced backlash over some episodes. However, he is still doing well in his career despite his controversial opinions. Joe Rogan enjoys going hunting and uses the game he kills as a source of meat. Although he may have received death threats, he does not give a damn about them.

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