Barnett Raptor Fx3 Comprehensive Review

barnett raptor fx3

Barnett Raptor Fx3 – Introduction

The Barnett Raptor Fx3 is fundamentally the latest model of the Barnett Recruit. That makes it the best bow for beginners, who are looking to purchase their first-ever bow without spending more than their budget.

It is different from the Recruit because of Raptor Fx3’s stylish and modern finish. Along with that, it has a shooting power of 330 fps with a little more draw weight supporting every bolt in comparison to the Recruit.

Barnett Raptor Fx3 is a highly compact crossbow weighing just 6.4 pounds with a width of 18 inches. Its height and weight makes it a good tree stand and a blind bow. Most importantly, it is made in America.

Speed of the Barnett Raptor Fx3

Raptor Fx3 can shoot 330 fps and this number is enough to draw on every hunt. Though 330 feet-per-second is not really the most rapid compound bow in the market since many others have more than 400 fps. But speed is a sort of overestimated for a bow as and through you plan to hunt them in a way they are supposed to be utilized (for instance, in the range of 50 yards only).

Weight of the Raptor Fx3

Due to a light weight of only 6.4 pounds, Raptor Fx3 is compact, which makes it ideal for shooters of any size. Overall, it is perfect for beginners as they can carry a bow less than 7 pounds easily. Therefore, it is the perfect selection for everyone when it comes to weight.

Compactness of Raptor Fx3

Raptor Fx3 has a measurement of just 18 inches in width and 34.25 inches in length. This makes it easy to move in a hunting platform or for hunting blinds.

Arrow sizes for Raptor Fx3

The Raptor Fx3 goes well and works the best with 20 inches bolt arrow sizes.

Draw weight of Raptor Fx3

Thi crossbow has a draw weight of simply 150 pounds. Therefore, it is among the easiest bows to cock but hunters can also use it for serious hunting. Barnett Raptor Fx3 has a cocking effort of 150 pounds, with use of rope cocker at 75 pounds. 

Hence, shooter of any size can use this product without any struggle, which makes it an ideal bow for beginners who look out to participate in this sport.

Why buy this Barnett Raptor Fx3?

The Barnett Raptor Fx3 is without any doubt, a great bow for hunting blind or using tree stands. For the reason that it has a lower draw weight, it has the capacity to suit the crank cocking tool, it comes with an easy and compressed design. 

Quality and structure of Raptor Fx3

In accordance to the price, this device totally has a great number of amazing attributes making it a good purchase. The crossbow has a flexible stock that makes it a good crossbow to pin down to numerous size hunters which includes children and women.

Furthermore, the crossbow owns a thumb guard inside it, a tactical rail comes pre-installed for added accessories, a CCD port that lets easy installing of the crank cocking tool, and an anti-crossfire device.

The attention to details of Barnett Raptor Fx3 is amazing. Hunters can use the product on a daily basis, and this makes it ideal for expert hunters as well.

Drawbacks of Raptor Fx3

Some drawbacks of Raptor Fx3 are as follows. Firstly, it is loud, for instance, if you have a distance of 30 to 40 yards between elk or deer, it may not help you to make a successful shot. But, it is essential to take into account that it must be sufficiently loud where needed. For instance, when the shot is in the range of 50-60 yards.

If the bow that hunters use is loud, it may scare away the animal prior to the arrow holds out to the animal. So if the arrow can not hold out to the animal in time, the animal may run away (however, that depends on the distance between you and the animal, and the speed of the animal).

Secondly, you must utilize the rope cocking tool or cranking tool with Raptor Fx3 due to it being so narrow.

Final verdict

Conclusively, the Barnett Raptor Fx3 is perfect for beginners with a fixed budget as it has many features to offer. The features of this crossbow makes it handy to use and hunters can also personalize them according to their preferences.

In addition, it is among the best crossbows for children in the market. However, the best thing about this device is that hunters at expert-level can also use this bow. They may find this compact to utilize in the tree stand and hunting blind as well.

Additionally, it provides a good balance when hunter shoots the animal. If you are searching out for accessories to hold on to this bow, find the rope cocking tool that makes it even easier to use. All in all, it provides a great value in exchange for money. You can find the product here: