Bear Archery Cruzer Review – Is it Worth?

bear archery cruzer

If you think about it, it is really the best idea to get the highest quality bow right from the very start. This way, you will have something that will last for a long time, or better, for a lifetime. 

Moreover, when it comes to a bow that can last for a long time, Bear Archery Cruzer is definitely that. Its high range of draw weight can be used both by beginners and professionals. This bow’s shortness, lightweight, and dual cam system make it really fast.

So, if you want a lightweight and easy to use the bow, then this bow is for you.

Designed by Bear’s engineers to be a hunting bow, the Bear Cruzer is a perfect choice for young and novice archers who need a reasonably fast bow for hunting.

  • It’s short and light in weight, making it more manageable to use.
  • Because of its features, you can keep the same bow as your stature and skills improve.
  • It is an easy bow to carry at long hikes.

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Benefits of Using the Bear Archery Cruzer

This bow has only an axle to axle length of 32 inches, and a weight of 3.6 lbs., which can give its users the following benefits:

String suppressor and stabilizer are included for smoother and quiet performance

If you need a premium quality bow with a versatile design, then the Bear Archery Cruzer is what you are looking for. 

The bow comes with quad styled limbs for a smooth and vibration-free release. Its riser is made up of machined lightweight aluminum and includes a target style grip that fits comfortably in the hands of the user.

 The bow also has limb pockets which help in improving accuracy and adds strength for more substantial draws.

This bow has a compact and versatile design

The bow’s smaller size makes it ideal for new archers, and its compact size makes it more convenient for use. The bow can also be adjusted to fit every archer at most skill level. 

Moreover, the Bear Archery Cruzer’s draw weight can be adjusted from 5 lbs to 70 lbs while its range can be changed from12 to 30 inches. Its maximum speed of 310 feet per second is perfect for your next hunting trip. 

For beginners, the Cruzer also comes with a 6.5 brace which makes it a better option if you are just starting to practice their aim. 

Bear Archery Cruzer is almost silent to use

Unlike other compound bows that can be uncomfortably heavy, the Cruzer’s unique and lightweight design makes it virtually silent when in use. To ensure that your prey does not hear any sound while you are hunting, the bow also features a string suppressor and stabilizer.

Traditional compound bows have creaking sounds which make it harder to get your prey. This factor is what the Cruzer avoids with its silent vibration and draws. 

The bow is also complete with all the necessary package that you can hunt right after getting it out of the box.

Product Drawbacks

However, because the bow is shorter than a typical compound bow, it can be slightly hard to use it for tournaments. Nevertheless, its lightweight makes it free from vibrations and makes it easy to achieve pinpoint accuracy.

Its length also makes it somewhat slower than many other compound bows today. So, it is not preferable for professional archers. However, it is still definitely fast enough to provide a relatively flat arrow trajectory for long shots.

If you are a starting archer who is in need of a smaller archer for hunting, the Bear Archery Cruzer is perfect for you. It has a durable and lightweight construction that is easy to carry, as well as a double cam system for an unquestionably smooth and accurate shot. 

Capable of firing arrows up to 310 feet per second, this might not be the fastest compound bow in the market. However, it can still take down both small and large game.

Frequently Asked Questions – Bear Archery Cruzer

How long does a compound bow last?

  • A single compound bow can last much longer than you think. Generally, it can last from 15-20 years.

How crucial is kinetic energy in bowhunting?

  • Kinetic energy is transformed into knockdown power. So, the amount of energy that your bow can release is very important if you want to take down large prey.

The Final Verdict

The Cruzer’s axle to axle length is 32 inches while it has an overall weight of 3.6 lbs which makes it easy to maneuver on tree stands and grounds.

 The Bear Archery Cruzer is a worthy investment that can last for a long time. It ensures superior durability recommended for any shooter or hunter.

 Although the bow is not as fast as any other bows that are available in the market, it can still deliver all the kinetic energy that you need to take down your prey. 

Also, because of its adjustable draw, it can be shared by more than one archer. In addition, it can accommodate the need for an archer as they grow and develop their skills. 

Moreover, the Cruzer has a very low retail price which makes it perfect for archers who are purchasing their very first bow.

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