A Complete Guide To 5 Best Bipods Under 50

best bipod under 50

Our Top Picks

Before choosing a bipod, consider taking a look at the features it offers and if it suits your requirements or needs. For Instance, if you are looking for one of the best bipods under 50, Atlas BT46 NC and LW17 PSR Atlas Bipods could be the best choice for you.

Atlas BT46 NC and LW17 PSR Atlas Bipods is a budget-friendly, well-built, and sturdy bipod. It is completely manufactured in the USA and has been top-rated by its users for its top-notch quality.

Below, we’ll go through some of the best bipods under 50 in the market, as well as some of the primary considerations you’ll need to know when picking one.

  1. It detaches and attaches quickly. 
  2. The hardware is top-notch, and it’s a pro-grade bipod.
  3. The rubber feet grip so well
  4. Loading this bipod is almost effortless.
  5. It is manufactured in the USA.
Editor's Rating

The Accu-Shot BT46-LW17 PSR Atlas Bipod is a well-built device that consistently impresses its users. This bipod is an excellent long-term investment for someone looking to improve their long-range shooting precision and consistency.

The Accu-Shot BT46-LW17 PSR Atlas Bipod is rated as the best bipod under 50 because it has a very high user rating and has a lifetime warranty. 

For added longevity, all stainless-steel parts have been heat-treated. The swivel function helps the user shift their weapon about or search the terrain without repositioning their legs. 

The sturdiness and adjustability of this bipod make it ideal for long-distance shooting. The Accu-Shot bipod comes with an ADM-170-S adaptor, allowing you to mount the bipod to any 1913 model Picatinny rail directly.

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Caldwell XLA External Spring Shooting Rifle Bipod

  1. It installs easily
  2. Simple to use 
  3. Value for money
  4. Stability
  5. Sturdiness
  6. Mounting system
Editor's Rating

The Caldwell Bipod comes with a varied height range that meets the needs of almost all shooters. The height range for this bipod is 6–9 inches, 9–13 inches, and 13–23 inches. 

It’s made of lightweight aluminum and has spring-loaded legs that deploy easily when pressed, making it one of the best bipods under 50 in the market.

The legs are notched to allow for individual height choices, and the entire device collapses forward for easier carrying. The lower portion of the bipod pivots to adjust for the rocky ground to keep it straight. A friction knob is also present in the bipod that allows easy tightening of the pivot action.

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Blackhawk Sportster Adjustable Height Bipod

  1. No-rust anodized legs with increased spring tension
  2. Spring-return telescoping legs
  3. Easily attaches to sling swivel
  4. Compact and lightweight
Editor's Rating

This is an excellent little bipod with a pivoting motion for setting up on rough terrain and horizontal traverse for tracking a target. It also has a quick-adjust lever lock that locks the bipod in place until you’ve set your target spot.

This model is available in either a 6-9” or a 9”-13” size range and has a robust build. It is a durable yet lightweight bipod that sticks to every sling swivel stud for a reasonable price. 

It’s simple to use, convenient to mount, and works well with heavy rifles like the Remington 700. Therefore, we have labeled it as the best lightweight bipod under 50 in the market.

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UTG New Gen Reinforced Clamp-On Bipod

  1. Durability
  2. Easy to install
  3. It fits multiple rifles having a clamp 
  4. Adjustment screw/plate to secure
Editor's Rating

With features such as steel parts and a massive clamp-on mounting deck are used in the robust aluminum construction of the bipod, which makes it one of the best sturdy bipods under 50. 

The Posi-Lock Mechanism of the bipod that prevents tipping is used to secure the bipod’s folding legs and comfortable movement. Spring tension and a lockable collar allow the legs to be stretched for fine adjustments. 

The clamp is padded to avoid scratching the rifle’s barrel, and it can tighten to prevent movement. The bipod can be adjusted from 6.2 to 6.7 inches in height or from 8.7 to 10.2 inches in length.

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TipTop EZ Pivot Rifle Bipod

  1. Durable design for managing recoil of the rifle.
  2.  Stable, Light Weight, Sling-attached design
  3. All-weather no-rust black anodized finish
  4. Easy Level (Pivot) adjustment for uneven terrain
  5. Quickest one-step attached and detached for Picatinny.
Editor's Rating

The pivot functionality of the TipTop bipod helps the shooter level the bipod on rough ground and is one of the top features of the bipod. For additional comfort and stability on uneven terrain, rubberized leg caps are added at the top to avoid slipping.

The bipod is made of heavy-duty aircraft-grade alloy, metal, which would withstand the gun’s recoil, and it has a simple attachment procedure to the rifle’s sling stud. 

The legs can be folded and placed flat against the rifle’s muzzle to make it easier to carry. Also, the legs can be switched from 6 to 9 inches in length. 

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What Defines a Good Bipod?

Look for something that is a good match for your requirements.

The ideal bipod for you relies heavily on your application. If you’re looking to shoot a big.50 caliber, you’ll need something tough and durable.

You’ll also need to have something to offer you a firm shooting platform if you’re shooting a lightweight rifle, but you can get away with something a bit less substantial.

The Bipod’s Sturdiness

Your bipod will be placed underneath a lot of strain between the recoil of the rifle and the forward load you apply on it to manage.

It would be best to have a bipod that can withstand frequent usage and damage because of such pressures. You can save a little on budget bipods if you’re searching for a rifle to shoot once or twice a year. But if you want to use your bipod for hunting or target shoot a lot, purchase a good one.

The Bipod’s Height

You must also pick your height based on your requirements. For starters, the bipod must be able to achieve a comfortable and equitable height for the shooter. Legs on bipods often vary from 6” to 9”, which is a relatively common range, but try to find bipods with legs that extend to at least 15” to provide for a larger range of shooting positions and angles.

Bipod Feet

When it comes to bipods, hunters and target shooters have distinct requirements.

There are specific feet for all of these terrain types and conditions. The hard-packed ground might prompt your rifle to bounce more under recoil, making follow-through and follow-up shots more challenging. Soft surfaces are far more secure.

If your crosshairs are significantly off after a shot, it’s possible your bipod is not clutching the surface and is bouncing up. And that is why we “load” the bipod by pushing forward, making it much easier with a more aggressive foot that grabs the ground or other surfaces better than a smooth rubber foot.

Notched Legs

Notched legs that allow you to achieve a highly accurate level are useful, but they aren’t necessarily required. These are particularly useful if you constantly shoot from the same bench and would like to ensure a steady height.

Pan and Tilt

A bipod that can smoothly pan left and right and tilt up and down is suitable for people who like to follow a moving target or cover a large field. However, stabilization is really important while you’re doing target shooting or even anything like 3-Gun, where you’ll be shooting in one direction.

Attachment Method

Many bipods are designed to stick to a bolt gun’s forward sling swivel, something your AR is unlikely to have, so make sure you’ve got the one that fits with your handguard or an adapter that seems to have a sling swivel with the other style. A decent sling may be fairly stable, but it’s no substitute for a good bipod. In most cases, a Picatinny mount with a QD lever is the best choice.

Why Do I Need Best Bipods Under 50 for My Rifle?

A bipod is a must-have accessory for someone who shoots rifles. A bipod will help you increase your shot accuracy in difficult shooting conditions. A bipod provides the necessary shot stabilization, enabling you to reach your shot with extreme precision.

The following are some of the shooting styles that may benefit from rifle bipods.

  • Sports shooting – If you’re thinking about setting a distance record, you’ll need the most stable shot possible. When it comes to breaking records, you need a safe surface on which to make the shot.
  • Hunting – You need a precise kill shot while you’re shooting at an animal. If you neglect the right spot, you will have to track the animal while it struggles for hours. A bipod ensures that any kill shot is secure and precise.
  • Tactical –A bipod may be useful for snipers working with CAT tactical squads or law enforcement. It would be beneficial to stop harming innocent people if you had optimum shot precision in high-pressure conditions. A bipod provides you with the platform you need to make sure your shots are safe.

Rifle Bipod FAQs

Should the legs of the rifle bipod face the gunman or away from him?

The majority of models have legs that are turned away from you. Multi-directional staging is available on a few versions. It is less obtrusive to mount the legs facing you, but it can inflict hand injury when closing the bipod.

What is a loading bipod, and how does it work?

To stabilize the shot with the loading bipod, you must apply pressure to the rifle stock. This setup allows you more power, but it also necessitates a greater degree of shot ability.

When I zero my gun, what range do I use?

At 100 yards, we suggest zeroing scopes. When zeroing guns, the military follows this standard, though some snipers zero at 200 yards for added precision. After 150 yards, you’ll have to start accounting for bullet drop unless you’re using a high-powered platform.

What is the cheapest place to buy a rifle bipod?

Amazon is a great place to get your rifle bipod. Amazon is the biggest retailer in the world, with the highest pricing and product selection. If you’re a Prime member, you’ll get free delivery on your order as well as buyer security. If your bipod breaks for whatever reason, Amazon provides hassle-free exchanges and returns.

Best Bipods Under 50 – The Final Verdict


You’ll need a rifle bipod if you want to improve your accuracy. A bipod stabilizes the shot, allowing for closer groupings and improved long-range accuracy. You’ve already set your sights on a rifle bipod.

However, if you’re still undecided, why not go for one of our top picks?

The Atlas BT46 NC and LW17 PSR Atlas Bipods are our top choice for the best overall rifle bipod under 50 in this review. It’s almost unbeatable if you want a top-of-the-line bipod with cant, pan, and a variety of leg positions.

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