5 Best Browning X Bolt bipod – Choose The Right One For You

The best-rated best browning x bolt bipod is Atlas BT46-LW17 PSR because of its incomparable features like sturdiness, adjustability, and ability to withstand recoil from the heaviest weapons. 

The Browning X-Bolt is one of the most well-known and popular bolt-action rifles on the market today. Therefore, finding the right bipod for your Browning X-Bolt rifle will help you get the most out of it. 

In this article, we’ve compiled a list and reviewed 5 of the best bipods for the Browning X-Bolt rifle. 

  • Height – 4.75 – 9″
  • Weight – 13.61 oz
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Atlas BT46 NC and LW17 PSR Atlas Bipods are well-made, lightweight, and compact enough to meet the needs of just about any shooter. The main feature of the bipod is that it is a military-grade bipod and can survive the recoil of the most potent firearms in the market. 

The BT46-LW17 bipod is prepared with high-quality material, i.e., T6061 aluminum construction and stainless steel springs and fasteners. It offers up to 15 degrees of pan and cant to either side of the middle. You can use the knurled knob to secure both the pan and the cant and focus on the target.

The Accu-Shot BT46-LW17 PSR Atlas Bipod is well-built and is an excellent long-term investment for someone looking to improve their long-range shooting precision and consistency, which makes it the best browning x bolt bipod.

For added longevity, all stainless-steel parts have been heat-treated. The swivel function helps the user shift their weapon about or examine the terrain without repositioning their legs.

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Harris BiPod Solid Base 1A2-25C

  • Height – 13.5″-27″
  • Weight – 10 oz
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Harris BiPod is the perfect seat rest bipod for browning X bolts if you are looking for a simple but reliable bipod. The solid base is good for flat ground or a flat shooting surface. The hinged base allows the rifle to be rotated on its axis. 

The sling swivel stud supports this tactical bipod. It also has notched legs that allow for extremely precise elevation. Notched legs give you the incredible ability to detect moving objects or survey a large area. The Harris Bipod Solid Base 1A2-25C is made entirely of aluminum and is available at an attractive deal.

It’s small and compact, weighing about 10 oz, and has a sleek black look that complements the color of your firearm and is one of our top recommendations for the best browning X bolt bipods.

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Caldwell XLA Pivot Bipod

  • Height – 6 – 9″
  • Weight – 11 oz
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The Caldwell XLA Bipod provides a sturdy shooting platform attached to any weapon with a sling stud. It’s made of aluminum, so it will not only survive repeated shots but it’ll also be very light to carry around.

The pivoting feature is another attribute of this unique bipod because it helps the gunman to brace for rocky terrain by pivoting the lower section of the bipod separately from the upper stock mount.

This model has a lower profile, with spring-loaded legs that can be deployed at the click of a button (a distinct feature from other Best Browning X Bolt Bipods). The heights of the notched legs can also be smoothly adjusted as per the need of the shooter. When not in use, they fall forward for fast transport, and they have soft rubber feet for additional stability.

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UTG Leapers TL-BPDK02 Inc

  • Height – 8 – 11.80″
  • Weight – 1.06 Pounds
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For range shooting, UTG Leapers are surprisingly robust and comfortable. Apart from the basic cant adjustment (technically, you can adjust the legs), the only disadvantage is that they are not rapid release like the Atlas, so they add a bit more weight to hold or store in your case or bag.

It’s simple to assemble, provides a sturdy base, and folds up very easily than the Super Duty edition. Even after recoil, the scope remains on target, allowing several quick shots without re-acquiring the target. However, the bipod’s deployment isn’t very fast. It can be placed in five different positions and has a comfortable resting position. 

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G&G Heavy Duty Quick Detach XDS Bipod,

  • Height – 8 – 10.5″
  • Weight – 18.5 oz
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G&G Heavy Duty bipod is a robust bipod that can be used in all types of hunting situations because it provides greater stability; thus, making it one of the top picks for military personnel.

Accu-Force QD System has been used in the bipod, and it comes with an ergonomic lever that holds it firmly in place quickly and effectively. The steel parts are made of 4130 steel, and the bipod is made of Mil-Spec 6061-T6 aircraft-grade aluminum.

The height of the deployed legs can be adjusted between 8 to 10.5 inches, and they are completely adjustable with a thumb nut to tighten them until the desired height is reached.

With this bipod, you will be able to concentrate on your aim better, as it offers a precise and stable platform to reach your field goal. This Tactical Bipod is simple to maintain and comes with replaceable leg feet to cut down on costs. It also comes with a lifetime warranty, much like the rest of the GG&G bipods.

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Factors To Consider While Buying The Best Browning x Bolt Bipod

There are some important features to consider when choosing a bipod to ensure that you get a decent one. This prevents you from purchasing a low-quality bipod that you will regret later.

When compiling the above list of the best browning x bolt bipods, we took into account the various needs of consumers. We conducted extensive analysis to determine which would best meet their needs.

Height Adjustability

Leg functionality is one of the most important features to look for in any bipod. The height adjustability feature allows the bipod to be conveniently adjustable. As a result, you can fire reliably and easily from either a prone or a sitting position.


Before purchasing a bipod, make sure that you go for bipods made of sturdy and lightweight materials such as aluminum for the best value. When compared to cheap bipods, good-quality bipods have proven to last more than several years.


The bipod’s tendency to swivel left and right is known as panning. This is often expressed in terms of degrees. If you’re firing at moving targets or tracking wildlife, this is a must-have feature.

You can make micro-adjustments with the option to pan rather than move the whole weapon and bipod.


A bipod with increased flexibility can go a long way if you are looking for long-range shooting; you’ll need more control over your weapon to make precise shots. Better control means easier positioning, and thus, better alignment and positioning means reliably precise shots. 

Constructed from lightweight materials

You might need to hold your bipod over long distances on occasion, particularly if you’re a hunter or engaged in tactical shooting exercises.

As a result, choosing a lightweight bipod that is easy to hold is important. Remember that any extra pound would matter during those long days in the fields.


The tendency of the rifle to go up and down on the bipod is known as can’t. You can make the same micro corrections with canting as you can with panning. This helps you pick and choose which shots you want to make on a target, and it is particularly useful for compensating for long distances and bullet drops.

Size and Length of Legs

Legs on bipods come in a variety of lengths and shapes to fit your needs. The height and size of your bipod are determined by your rifle and shooting style.

You should adjust the length of your legs depending on your shooting style. If you like the protection guard, you’ll need a longer bipod that suits your guard and allows you to stretch the height of your bipod.

The Significance of the Right Bipod

When you’re behind a rifle, stability breeds trust. You should be pretty sure you’ll strike what you’re looking for if the sights aren’t flickering and you can see the target. The secret to good shooting is stability.

A bipod’s goal is to give you the courage and stability you need to take those challenging shots.

Putting yourself behind a shaky, rattled, and rolling bipod is a great way to lose time and ammunition. That’s what you get when you start with a sloppy bipod.

It’s easy to spot a bad bipod. It’s more difficult to resist picking the wrong bipod. A bad bipod can be avoided by reading online reviews or purchasing one of the bipods listed above.


Do hunters use bipods? 

Ans: Yes, bipods are used by some shooters for steady long shots.

What are the most common bipods among professionals?

Ans: For professionals, we recommend the Atlas BT46 NC and LW17 PSR Atlas Bipods: Standard Height No Clamp and Standard Height with ADM 170-S Lever, Harris BiPod Solid Base 1A2-25C, Caldwell XLA Pivot Bipod with Adjustable Notched Legs, and Slim Folding Design for Easy Transport, Rifle Stability, and Target Shooting, UTG Leapers TL-BPDK02 Inc, Recon Flex Bi-Pod, and G&G Heavy Duty Quick Detach XDS Bipod from our collection. Right now, these are the best options for your needs.

What is the best place for my bipod?

Ans: If at all possible, avoid placing your bipod on a rough, rocky surface and instead focus on finding out a patch of soft soil or mud. Take into consideration that when you attach your gun and bipod, they become one set. 

As a result, placing your bipod on a rough, rocky surface is almost exactly equivalent to placing your weapons on the same rocky surface, increasing overall recoil impact.


In most cases, the bipod you select serves primarily to provide a safe platform on which to fire. It must be built of sturdy materials and must remain in place until locked into place.

For others, the decision would be based on price. However, many of the points presented here indicate that if you’re going to spend a lot of money on your Browning X-Bolt rifle, it’s only natural to spend it on premium accessories as well.

We attempted to provide the best products by providing accurate details about the objects. We hope that by the end of the report, you’ve found the right rifle bipod for the Browning X Bolt Rifle.

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