Bear Arena 30 Exclusive Review: The Perfect Hunter’s Bow!

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Being an adventure junkie myself, these types of products are in my go-to backpack. The Bear Arena 30 is compact, easy to use and forgiving archery equipment. Given below is a Bear Arena 30 review for you.

The Bear Arena 30 is one of the best bows out there, built by a well-established company called Bear Archery. It is by far the most forgiving and quietest bow that is in my possession. The name “30” is for its length, although it is actually 30.5 inches. The size, however, does not hinder its forgiveness or speed; in fact, it is the best bow in forgiveness(for that short length) that I have ever shot.  

Things We Like

Things We Don't Like

 What you should consider:

  1. When you purchase this bow in store, you ask for the instructions, grip, sticker, and limb stops as they apparently may have thrown the boxes in the trash.
  2. Get an HHA 1 pin set and a new QAD rest along with it.
  3. You should thoroughly try the bow out before deciding to buy it. If a compact bow is what you’re in the market for, this is a perfect choice. 

Features of the Bear Arena 30 Review

1. Overall Finish 

The partnership between Bear Archery and Realtree has served us some great finish options. The five designs are:

  • Realtree Xtra Green- A classic camouflage-patterned hunting bow. It can assist you in spot hunting, stalk hunting, or tree-sitting
  • Realtree AP Snow- Those who prefer a more non-traditional camo pattern would like this design. 
  • There are also black, olive, and sand colors offered without the camo pattern.  

Other benefits-  The above five finishes, all have black limbs except the Realtree Xtra. The craftsmanship on all these designs is of top-tier quality. The riser of the Bear Arena 30 is left in the best shape. 

2. Riser

The Bear Archery Arena 30’s riser gives this bow an especially unique look. The bow maintains its barebow mass weight at 3.8 pounds despite the clunky design of its riser.


  • A bow of this size would take a lot of load on the riser when it is hauled. Bear planned to manufacture its riser in a thick design to minimize that load.
  • The Hinge Guard is constructed to help diminish the torque produced along with the bow when it is pulled. The hinge guard stretches to the centerline and back to its original position during the draw cycle, without touching the arrow end.
  • The Arena 30 design also provides numerous dampeners, which assist in keeping the small bow quiet. A rubber dampener placed under the bow’s limbs helps decrease vibration post shot.
  • There are two offset stops that suppress the string so that it doesn’t vibrate excessively, leading to a noiseless shot
  • The stops can be adjusted to fit your preference.

3. Limbs

Bear Archery has provided the Bear Arena 30 with already loaded limbs. These stretched split limbs provide a complete range of 40 to 70 pounds in draw weight. The bow features zero tolerance limb pockets that connect the limbs with various points along with the bow, making the limbs incredibly secure during the complete draw cycle. 

4. The Cam System

The H15 Hybrid Cam System is the main driving force enabling the IBO speed of max 345 fps on the Bear Archery Arena 30. 


  • The cam system regulates in the range between 25.5 to 30 inches. The let-off it offers is 75%, plus its module is adjustable. 
  • The H15 cam system offers two draw stops that sum up to three configurations. They all offer a somewhat different feel. 
  • You can choose to add a limb stop to a cable stop bought from the manufacturing factory. 
  • You can choose shooting with either the cable stop, the limb stop, or by engaging both simultaneously

5. Grip

A bow’s grip is one of the most significant factors in the decision-making process. Bear offers you two really awe-inspiring grip options. They are:

  1. The rubber molded grip- The rubber helps in cold hunting You can remove the rubber piece for a smaller feel.
  2. Aluminum grip- It may be colder in hunting conditions, but it may match what you are looking for in terms of feel. You can add Bear rubber inlays, so the bow’s grip area still appears top quality. 

6. Usage

The Bear Arena 30 is essentially a hunting bow. The Arena 30 is intricately designed, with a precise shooting rig. The specifications mainly favor what most hunters look for in a bow.  

Final Thoughts

Are you looking for a compact hunting bow? If yes, give Bear Archery Arena 30 a fair shot at becoming your next hunting bow. As an avid bowhunter, I have handled all the top brands of bows(Hoyt, Bowtech, etc.). This bow has exceeded all my expectations. 

The performance and adjustability do not diminish due to its compact design; rather, it enhances them. If you think that hold the stops might break, it is not the case. It is very durable even if you make 1000 or 10000 shots. The price of $899 does sound expensive, but it’s a steal with the bow of this caliber. I would recommend trying this bow out. If it fits your preference, buy it, you won’t regret it.

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