Bear Arena 34 Review – Tested for All Parameters

Are you looking for a compound bow? Are you unsure if the Bear Arena 34 is the perfect fit for you? We provide a detailed Bear Arena 34 review to help you make an informed choice. Let’s dive right in!

This bow is a perfect choice if you are a ground hunter. The bow’s overall specifications are excellent for a hunting bow. It is lightweight, making it an easy bow to handle. It is fast, providing high speeds of shooting along with consistency. You will gain a smooth shooting experience while using this bow. Its compact design produces stability and enhances performance.

  • The bow is shooter-friendly.
  • It’s swift and accurate.
  • It’s lightweight and provides a smooth shooting experience.
  • Many hunters are pleased with its performance.
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Features of Bear Arena 34

  • Bow (axle to axle) – 34.5’’
  • Brace height – 6.5’’
  • H15 hybrid cam
  • Draw length – 26.5’’ – 31’’
  • Draw weight – 50lbs – 70lbs
  • IBO speed – 340 fps
  • Weight – 4.0 lbs
  • Let off – 75%
  • Price – $475 – $525

Things We Like

Things We Don't Like

Bear Arena 34 review: Features

1. Look and finish

You will find that the bow has five finish options. The Realtree Xtra has matching limb patterns. The other colors have black limbs. The bow has a compact finish. You can wear it on your shoulders and walk through branches without worrying that it may get caught. The design is top-notch and provides structural integrity.

The colors are as follows:

  •   Shadow – Which is all black.
  •   Olive
  •   Sand
  •   Realtree Xtra
  •   Realtree snow

2. Cam

The bow features an H15 hybrid cam system. The cam may be tweaked to fit your requirements. The cam has an IBO speed of 340 fps and a 75 percent let-off. The draw length ranges from 25.5 to 31 inches. You can tweak the draw length based on 0.5-inch rises.  

3. Riser

  •   The riser is four pounds.
  •   Constructed with aircraft-grade aluminum
  •   It improves the structural integrity of the bow.
  •   It is resistant to winding and diminishes torque.

  The riser creates precision even over long distances.

  •   It is fitted with dual suppressors to avert vibrations.

4. Hinge Guard

  •   It is fitted to reduce torque on the riser.
  •   The guard moves out when the bow is strung and returns to the neutral position after firing.

5. Limbs

The arena 34 is fitted with limbs that can draw weights between fifty to seventy pounds. You can adjust the stems as per your preference. The limbs stay put and secure through the shot due to their zero-tolerance system. It absorbs redundant space and reduces vibrations, making the shot more accurate.

6. Grip

There are two kinds of grips that come with the bow. Both the grips are made with rubber. One is a molded grip, and the other is a composite grip. You may pick between the two according to your personal preference. The molded grip will provide you warmth during winter. The composite grip is comparatively larger and thick.

Final verdict

The bear arena 34 is an exceptional bow. It comes with numerous features and adjustments that aim to ensure each hunter gains a customized shooting experience. The arena was initially released with a prize of $899, which was hard for some people to digest. It currently retails in the market for almost half the original price. It is now valued to be around $475 – $572. Many shooters have shared their testimonials about the bow being fast, accurate, and smooth. Although arena 34 was released during the years 2015 and 2016, it is still a highly effective and timeless bow. You will not go wrong buying this bow. 


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