6 Best Bipod for Weatherby Vanguard – Tested and Reviewed

The hunt for the best bipod for Weatherby Vanguard Rifle ends here! Buying a good bipod that is both sturdy and reliable in all conditions is essential for your hunting needs. We are here to ease your confusion on the matter.

Sit back, relax and read through our detailed research about all the Bipods best suited to the Vanguard Rifle. Here are our top picks:

The Weatherby Vanguard Rifle is an exceptional rifle with a solid build and titan strength. We have chosen these bipods to our list adhering to the rifle’s caliber, keeping in mind the compatibility of each bipod with the Weatherby Vanguard. 

All these bipods are personally tested and also reviewed by our team of experts after looking into various hunters’ experiences with them.

Below, you will find a comprehensive description of all the bipods that we think are best for your Weatherby Vanguard Rifle. Look through and get the best bipod suiting your preference today!

  • Folded height: 7 inches
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Extended height: 10 inches
  • Bipod Weight: 11.3 ounces
  • Buffer spring
  • Pivot tilt of 0 to 5-degree range
  • Swing angle of up to -/+30 degree
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Want to get some Vanguard on Vanguard action? Both companies are unrelated though this Vanguard has upgraded its Equaliser 1 model to the Equaliser 1QS in better speed and flexibility. The leg height range of this Bipod is 7 to 10.5 inches, feasible for prone position long-range shooting.  

The bipod comes with a Picatinny rail system which means that you will have to get an adapter for your Marlin 60 rifle to use the rail mount.

The Equalizer 1QS bipod is very flexible and versatile. It can tilt to a 0 to the 5-degree range and has a -/+30 degree swing angle.

We especially liked the fast-leg deployment of this bipod. The Equaliser 1QS has a quick pull and position system for leg adjustments which helps you control and reposition your rifle easily. 

The Bipod’s legs have steel feet for uneven terrains, but you can also convert it to rubber, depending on your preference. The foldable legs make the bipod easier to transport when you are moving around a lot. The spring buffer helps reduce vibration and shock in the legs of the bipod while shooting. 

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Harris HBRMS Bipod

  • Bipod Weight: 13 ounces
  • Leg Height: 6 to 9 inches
  • Attached sling swivel studs
  • Spring-loaded legs
  • 1-inch increment notched legs
  • Silicon rubber feet
  • Material: Aluminum alloy
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The Weatherby Vanguard Rifle may shoot up to .388 Winchester Magnum Cartridge; a bipod to support it would be a Harris Bipod. 

The leg height of this Harris bipod ranges from 6 to 9 inches. The HBRMS bipod has a wide range of features that can prove to be just what you need. 

The swivel in this bipod means it can move side to side to compensate for uneven terrain. You can also follow the target without changing the feet’ position. The bipod can attach to a sling swivel stud so you can easily mount your Vanguard rifle on it.

The notched legs have 1-inch increments for multiple height options. The bipod also comes with spring-loaded legs for quick and easy deployment. 

You have the option to change the legs of the bipod from its silicon rubber material(prevents any slipping) to something sharper like hardened steel for rocky surfaces. 

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Magpul Sling Stud QD

  • Leg Height: 6.3 to 10.3 inches
  • Bipod Weight: 13 oz
  • Material: Mil-Spec 6061 T-6 Aluminum, polymer, and stainless steel
  • Knurled locking knob
  • Spring-tension legs 
  • Tilt and cant: 50 and 40 degrees respectively
  • Legs, when folded, retract under the barrel and are only 2.3″ deep and 3.3″ wide.
  • Rubber feet
  • Two finishes: Flat Dark Earth and Black
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Magpul Bipods are another crowd favorite among hunters. The Magpul Sling stud QD is a reliable and strong bipod, great for your Vanguard rifle. 

The Bipod is made of 6061 T-6 Aluminum, polymer, and stainless steel. This unique composition of materials makes the Magpul Bipod a sturdy and durable Bipod. It is a lightweight (13 oz) bipod but can hold strong firearms because of its design.

The Magpul Sling Stud QD has several one-handed adjustments to help you operate the Bipod and rifle in quick motions. It comes with a push-button feature for locking the leg height anywhere between 6.3 to 10.3 inches in seven half-inch increment spaces. The feet are made of rubber to avoid slipping on any surface.

The Magpul bipod contains a knob under the mount between the legs, allowing 50-degree tilt and 40-degree pan setting adjustments. The knob is even easy to use while wearing gloves and is a tool-less, knurled locking device. 

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Atlas BT10 V8 Bipod

  • Leg Height: 5″ to 9″
  • Bipod Weight: 12.7 ounces
  • Material: Aluminum, heated stainless steel
  • Mounts to Picatinny rail
  • 5 leg adjustments available (0,45,90,135,180)
  • Cant and pan features of 30 degrees each
  • Knurled knob for cant adjustments
  • Rubber feet
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The Atlas V8 series has an excellent collection of bipods with multiple advantageous features.

The V8 series consists of the BT10, the BT10NC, and the BT10-LW17 bipods. Here, we will discuss the BT10 model.

The leg height offered in the Atlas BT10 model is ranging from 5 to 9 inches. The bipod offers five-leg adjustment options (0, 45, 90, 135, and 180 degrees).

The Bipod has both pant and cant features of 30 degrees so that you can shift your firearm left and right to tail the target without having to pick the bipod up. It also works well on uneven terrain. 

The Atlas BT10 V8 bipod can be mounted to a 1913 Picatinny rail which you can attach with the two screw clamp equipment. The Weatherby Vanguard Rifle can be attached to this bipod with the help of a Picatinny rail adapter to the swivel stud mount.

The Bipod has several other options available to readjust it to your preference. You can change: the feet material, mounting options, leg height of 3″ leg extension. 

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M1SURPLUS Tactical Bipod

  • Leg Height: 5 ½ to 8 inches
  • Bipod Weight: 10.2 ounces
  • Black anodized finish
  • Rubber feet 
  • Foldable spring-loaded legs
  • Can mount to a sling swivel stud
  • Includes other mount adapters
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The M1SURPLUS Tactical Bipod is popular among Weatherby Vanguard rifle users. This bipod seems to be the perfect fit for your Weatherby rifle. 

The leg height of the M1SURPLUS bipod is 5 and a half to 8 inches. It offers these leg adjustments along with a knob for locking the height. 

The bipod is light enough to carry around easily, but the weight does not affect its performance. The rubber feet of M1SURPLUS’s legs help it stay sturdy even on the most slippery surfaces.

The M1SURPLUS bench rest Tactical model has spring-loaded legs for quick retraction and reducing vibrations from the rifle. The foldable legs of this bipod go under it when not in use for better portability. The M1SURPLUS  bipod can be mounted to the sling swivel stud easily, although it includes other adapters as well. 

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Champion Pivot Traverse Bipod

  • Leg Height: 6″ to 9″
  • Bipod Weight: only 9 ounces 
  • Pivot and Traverse features available 
  • Rapid Adjust Lock
  • Push-Button retraction feature
  • Can mount to a sling swivel stud
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Another great high-functioning Bipod is the Champion Pivot Traverse Bipod. It is a budget-friendly bipod with excellent features.

As its name suggests, the bipod pivots and has a unique traverse feature that allows this Champion Bipod to move back and forth, keeping track of your game easily.

The Champion Pivot bipod is light and easy to carry around. The legs offer height ranging from 9 to 13 inches. These legs extend manually, but you can retract them back with the push-button feature. 

The bipod comes with a rapid adjust lever which helps you lock your target and keeps the bipod steady on uneven surfaces.

There are other Champion Pivot Traverse Bipod models with leg heights of 6 to 9 inches and 13.5 to 23 inches. The Champion bipod can easily mount to the Weatherby Vanguard rifle with the sling swivel stud. 

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The factors you should consider while choosing the best bipod for Weatherby Vanguard Rifle:

  1. Leg Adjustability – The more options of leg height adjustments a bipod provides the better it is for your hunting experience. You will have multiple options and you can use the bipod for prone position, sitting down or bench rest hunting. The factors of long-range hunting also come into place. 
  2. Bipod Weight – If a bipod is on the heavier side, it would inconvenience you to carry it around all day. We would recommend you choose a lightweight bipod that performs well even under heavy rifles and stays steady throughout. 
  3. Budget – Cost Relationship – The budget you have for a bipod factors in a lot. You shouldn’t settle for a cheaper model if you can afford a better one with multiple features. On the contrary, an extremely expensive bipod doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good. Choose a budget according to the features in a bipod you consider important. If these bipods are in your budget range, then decide on the best bipod according to your preference. 
  4. Pan and Cant features – The pan and cant features offer better maneuverability. You will have a better hunting experience if you choose a bipod with the most pan and cant ability. They will help you lock on target. 
  5. Durability – This is relevant for buying any product. Since you are investing your money in it,         make sure it’s a bipod that lasts long with less or no performance problems.


Choose a bipod for Weatherby Vanguard which suits them best. The bipod should be lightweight for easy transport. It should have great panning and cant features. The bipod’s leg adjustments and locking ability should be exceptional for you to have the best hunting experience. 

It would help if you made sure that the bipod remains sturdy and is reliable even after multiple shots. You can attach a bipod with a sling swivel stud mount feature to your Weatherby Vanguard Rifle easily. Although with an easy installation step, you can attach bipods with swivel studs to a Picatinny rail or an M-lock mount by buying their adaptors. It is an extra step but fairly easy to perform. 

Look through our article and get the desired Bipod for your Weatherby Vanguard rifle now!  

FAQs – Best Bipod for Weatherby Vanguard:

Can I attach a sling swivel stud to my Weatherby Vanguard rifle?

Yes. It would be best if you got a professional to do some tapping and drilling to your Vanguard rifle and install a sling swivel stud on the foregrip of your rifle.

What to do if the bipod can attach only to a Picatinny rail?

No need to worry, you can add a swivel stud adapter, and the bipod is ready to be used with your Weatherby Vanguard rifle.

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