7 Best Broadhead for Low Poundage Bows in 2022

best broadhead for low poundage bows

While chasing and hunting a game, one should always make sure they have the best broadhead for low poundage bows in their arsenal. If you have a low-poundage bow in need of a broadhead with deep bone-crushing sharpness, you have come to the right place.

A good broadhead offers fast aero-dynamic flight and point of contact penetration. Both mechanical and fixed broadheads are great options for a low-poundage bow.

Speed and stability are the most important aspects you need to ponder while choosing a broadhead. A low-poundage bow can be any bow with a draw weight of 50 pounds or less. 

You should make sure that your bow (regardless of if it is a recurve bow or a compound bow), is compatible with the broadhead, and the flight is precise, fast, and stable.

We have tested over twenty broadheads to concoct this list of our top picks:

  1. Best Overall Broadhead- Rage Bow Hunting Hypodermic
  2. Most Traditional Broadhead- Steel Force Broadhead
  3. One of the best for Low Poundage Bows- Xecutioner Broadhead
  4. Broadhead with Spin-Tested Ferrule- Magnus Stinger Broadhead
  5. Best Lightweight Broadhead- Swhacker Low Pound Broadhead
  6. Best cut-on-contact design- Slick Trick ViperTrick Broadhead
  7. Best for the Money- Sinbadteck Hunting Broadhead

All the broadheads in our list offer unique features that are exceedingly compatible with low-poundage bows and keep them above other mainstream broadheads.

1. Rage Bow Hunting Hypodermic


  • Offers two models: 100 Grain and 125 Grain
  • Material: Machined Stainless Steel
  • Ferrule Technology and Hybrid Hypodermic Tip
  • Provides aerodynamic flight for the arrow
  • 2 inches Cutting Diameter
  • Sharpest Blades made of .035 inches stainless steel
Editor's Rating

Rage is a company that has been in the industry for over a decade. They manufacture a wide variety of hunting gear, including broadheads. The Broadhead that we are talking about here is the Rage Bow Hunting Hypodermic.

The Rage Hypodermic Broadhead comes in two models: 100 Grain and 125 Grain. These broadheads are extremely accurate and easy to attach. This Broadhead can be used for a low-poundage bow without sacrificing any precision. 

The Rage Bowhunting broadhead comes with an aerodynamic single-piece steel ferrule. It has piercingly sharp blades made of .035 inches stainless steel. The blade offers a cutting diameter of 2 inches deep.

It does not offer a shock collar technology, but other arrowhead models of Rage do. You can find more about all these broadheads from the Rage store on Amazon main site.

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Bottom line:

This arrowhead is extremely precise with its Hybrid Hypodermic Tip and Ferrule Technology made for aerodynamic flight.

2. Sinbadteck Hunting Broadheads


  • 100 Grain Weight
  • Colors- black, blue, pink, gold
  • 12 pcs pack
  • 3 razor-sharp blades in one broadhead
  • 2.8 inches stainless steel blades
  • Hard stainless steel tip
  • Screw-in arrowhead for easy installation
  • Lifetime technical support offered
Editor's Rating

The Sinbadteck Broadheads are budget-friendly and a crowd favorite. The Sinbadteck bows come with 3 sharp razor-edged blades in one broadhead.

The Sinbadteck hunting broadhead comes with grabbing hooks so you won’t lose your arrow after shooting it. The company also offers lifetime technical support. The Sinbadteck broadhead is very compatible with low-poundage bows.

The broadhead was made for field practice and small game hunting. It is an extremely accurate broadhead with 2.8 inches of stainless steel blades. The broadhead is easy to install with its screw-in insert thread feature.

The tip of the broadhead has an anodized aluminum finish and is made of hardened stainless steel for instant penetration and extreme precision.

The Sinbadteck Hunting Broadheads come in a pack of 12 pieces for the same price as a pack of three of any other broadhead. They also come in four different colors.

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Bottom Line:

These broadheads are exceptionally good for the money and accurate for field hunting.

3. Slick Trick ViperTrick Broadheads


  • 100 and 125-grain weight options
  • Super Steel Ferrule
  • 2 main blades and one bleeder blade
  • Razor-sharp Lutz Blades for effective on contact penetration
  • Cutting Diameter is 1-1/16 + 7/8 = 1-15/16
  • Alcatraz Blade Lock System
  • Come in Packs of 4
Editor's Rating

The Slick Trick ViperTrick Broadhead comes in 100 and 125-grain weight options. The cutting diameter it offers is 1-15/16 inches, resulting from adding 7/8 inches to its 1-1/16 inches model.

The Slick Trick broadhead provides you with razor-sharp lutz blades (2 main blades and one bleeder blade) for effective penetration.

The Sportsman Supply broadhead offers laser-like flight to your arrow regardless of which bow it is. It works on recurve, low poundage, and even compound bows.

The Alcatraz blade lock system and super steel Ferrule offer great flight and lock techniques while hunting. You can find more information on these broadheads on the Slick Trick website.

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Bottom Line:

The Slick Trick ViperTrick Broadheads offer very sharp, quiet blades. The broadhead does not come with an instruction manual, but we can always look that up online.

4. Magnus Stinger Broadhead


  • Colour: Black
  • Material: Knife Grade Aluminum
  • Diamond Broadhead Tip
  • 80,100,125,150 grain weights available
  • 2 blades
  • Spin-Tested Ferrule
  • Ferrule made of Aircraft Grade Aluminum
  • Comes in Packs of three
Editor's Rating

The Stinger arrowhead is Magnus’s greatest creation. The broadhead is famous among professional hunters, especially ones who own low poundage bows.

The Magnus Stinger is made of knife-grade stainless steel with razor-sharp blades. The broadhead is available in 80,100,125,150 grain weights.

The company offers a lifetime guarantee on the product so you can test it out without any hindrances. It comes with two blades (with the diamond tip on the arrowhead) for sharp and accurate bone-crushing penetration abilities.

The Ferrule is already spin-tested and provides perfect flight. It is made of aircraft-grade aluminum. The Magnus Stinger Broadhead comes in a pack of three.

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Bottom Line:

The Magnus Stinger Broadhead is simple but effective, manufactured with Knife Grade Aluminum.

5. Steel Force Broadhead


  • Grain weight- 100
  • Material- 440-grade stainless steel
  • Aircraft Grade Ferrule
  • The main Blade’s length is 2 3/16 inches 
  • 0.048-inch thick Stainless Steel blade
  • Each blade has a 1-inch cutting diameter
  • The locking system is a self-retaining in both two and four-blade
Editor's Rating

Each blade of the Steel force broadhead is individually grounded for razor edge consistency. The Steel Force Broadhead is a traditional product, especially for seasoned hunters.

The precision and penetrative power of this arrowhead work perfectly even with low poundage bows.

This Broadhead is made of 440-grade stainless steel, which makes it a reliable and durable broadhead. The main blade of the Steel Force Broadhead is 2 3/16 inches long. The total number of edges in the system is four.

The grain weight of each broadhead is 100. You can purchase the broadheads in packs of three, so there is no panic even if you lose one. There are multiple choices in blade sizes and grain weight that you can choose from depending on your hunting needs.

You can look at all the options on the Steel Force Website.

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Bottom Line:

The Steel Force Broadhead is made of 440 Grade Stainless steel with a premium weight of 100 grain, fantastic for a low poundage bow.

6. Xecutioner Hybrid Expandable Broadhead


  • Lightweight Broadhead
  • Material: 440-grade stainless steel blades
  • 7570 aluminum ferrule
  • Grain weight- 125
  • Heavy-Duty Design
  • ½ inch cutting diameter at the tip of the broadhead
  • Expandable 2.5 inches cutting diameter
Editor's Rating

The Xecutioner Broadhead is considered to be one of the best broadheads for a low-poundage bow. The broadhead is expandable with hybrid options at the point of contact.

Attaching this broadhead to your low-poundage bow will make hunting effortless in any environmental situation. The Xecutioner broadhead weighs only 125 grains. It is a lightweight arrowhead with a heavy-duty design.

The Xecutioner Hybrid Expandable broadhead is made of 440-grade stainless steel and a 7570 aluminum ferrule. The broadhead is extremely precise and easy to use.

It comes with a ½ inch cutting diameter on the tip of the arrowhead at the point of contact with the game. The broadhead also has an expandable 2.5 inches cutting diameter.

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Bottom Line:

The Xecutioner Broadhead is considered one of the best broadheads for low-poundage bows.

7. Swhacker Low Pound Broadhead


  • Color: Pink, Black
  • Weight: 100-grain weight
  • Lightweight
  • 2 blade design to help accuracy
  • Sleek crafted body design for better flight
Editor's Rating

The Swhacker Low Pound Broadhead sure has a unique design about it. It’s a lightweight broadhead which makes the draw and aim easier.

The Broadhead comes with swept-back blades with a razor-sharp finish. The arrowhead offers the best hunting experiences for low poundage bows.

The two blades help with low draw weights. The broadhead comes in packs of three.

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Bottom line:

It is a great Mechanical Broadhead for low poundage bows with two blade swept-back designs for precision.


The Broadheads provided in this article are well tested and thought out. The best broadhead for low poundage bows should have a cut-on contact sharp tip. The flight offered by the arrowhead should be swift and precise.

The Broadhead should be lightweight but heavy-duty enough not to shake mid-flight. It would help if you looked at products that come in packs for a better hunting experience without the fear of losing one precious arrow.

Practice is the most important thing for any hunter. Keep at it with a broadhead for your bow that you choose from our list for the best hunting experience!


What is a low-poundage broadhead?

  • Low-poundage bows can be any bow with a draw weight of 50 pounds or less. It greatly depends on whom you are asking; some might even say lower.

Why is cutting diameter important?

  •  The cutting diameter should be at least an inch deep or more. It determines whether you will kill your game or injure it.

What is cut on contact broadhead?

  • The cut-on contact broadhead will have a sharp tip to penetrate even the hardest of bones. This will help you get your target with precision and extreme impact.
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