4 Best Synthetic Deer Urines: Choose The Right One

best synthetic deer urines

Here, we will go through the 4 best synthetic deer urines to help you make an informed decision about buying one.

Deer urine traditionally has been among the deer hunter’s go-to tactics for luring bucks into shot range. The technique of application so far has been to take a little container of stinky urine and spray it over the land and nearby plants. You could even accomplish it anyway without splashing it on yourself at times.

Choosing a deer lure bottle used to be such a simple process. There have also been certain perennial classics that could be found in any store, big or little. You just go ahead and pick the one that a friend claimed he had luck with the previous year. There was never any mess, there wasn’t any worry.

Now, things aren’t that straightforward. We have smells that imitate sources of food, scents to utilize initially in the bow period to get deer amped up during the pre-rut period, and scents geared to luring in rogue bucks. There are scents that you can spray on the surface, scents that you can plant in bushes, and even scents that you can spray in the air.

Despite the application of organic deer urine has traditionally been a technique, the risk of disease among animals has led to the practice being prohibited in some jurisdictions. As a result, there is a growing dependence on the best synthetic deer urines alternatively.

There is no question that hunters favor the genuine product over the synthetic, which suggests it is up to producers to create effective synthetic urine items. However, one of the most common comments we get from clients who are using synthetic deer urine is that it produces low performance.

Synthetic deer smells are useful in areas where real deer urine has been prohibited due to concerns about chronic wasting disease development. In addition, because synthetic smells do not degrade when exposed to the air, they stay longer, unlike natural scents.

Explore some of the greatest and most easily available synthetic deer urine fragrances that could be used to attract a buck at changing seasons of every year. A more thorough description and a brief overview of each fragrance kind can be found further down the article.

Synthetic deer urine smells were designed, taking into account all of the same uses as natural-based odors. The main distinction is that they don’t include any deer urine.

Is it possible to trick a deer into believing it’s smelling the genuine thing by using synthetics? A strong “No” is most likely the reaction. Is this to say that synthetics aren’t as good as natural ones? There is no way. Synthetic smells should be considered “something distinct” by professional deer hunters.

Any shooter who has been in the forests for countless hours knows how strange deer can be. While a little amount of synthetic doe estrous might not always convince a buck that there’s a doe present on the other end, you can guarantee it’ll grab his focus.

That’s precisely the kind of answer we’re looking for. Maybe it’ll hold him off long enough yet for you to get a shot, and perhaps it will pull him in close enough to be in the clear shot. Synthetic smells have shown to be remarkably successful from early in the season until far into the slump.

We occasionally wish to employ synthetic fragrances to change things up a little. If you’ve been using a natural smell for a few weeks but so far nothing has happened, or it appears that no one is paying any attention — which may occur in places with large deer numbers — switching to a synthetic scent should have been enough to pique a buck’s interest.

Combining the two natural as well as synthetic materials at the same instance might also provide some excitement. For their synthetic Estrus Gold, Wildlife Research Center developed a unique spray dispenser. You can use it in combination with a scraping dripper packed with Special Golden Estrous to “freshen the air” every hour or two.

The WRC’s Fragrance Reflex technology is used in the Estrus Gold, which would seem to amplify the scent. Unfortunately, only the bucks understand whether they came in to explore the natural or fake aroma.

When it comes to becoming serious about deer hunting, the devoted deer hunter should not hold back, even though that involves carrying a couple of different smells in your sling bag.

Concerns (whether justified or not) about urine-based fragrances being a probable vector for the spread of chronic wasting illness have led to the prohibition of their usage and sale in several jurisdictions.

Nevertheless, reliable synthetic smells are available for all of the uses we’ve mentioned here, and they shouldn’t be neglected as a vital tool for hunters, regardless of where they hunt.

Our Top Picks For The Best Synthetic Deer Urines

1. Wildlife Research Estrus Synthetic Scent

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Wildlife Research is among the most well-known and effective deer lure manufacturers in the world, and this product is also one of their most popular.

It’s applied in the same manner as a natural estrus smell would be. It’s best to hunt near your stand using draglines and smell wicks. The aroma was designed to smell like fresh doe urine and to be powerful and persistent.

This perfume comes in a 1 Fluid Ounce container, and since it’s synthetic, you can trust this to last a lot longer.

2. Buck Bomb Synthetic Doe In Estrus Scent

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This is a synthetic doe-in-heat fragrance intended for usage in areas where natural deer urine is prohibited. It can also be used to attract bucks to the stand during the pre-rut and breeding seasons.

The fragrance is intended for use on scent trails and imitation scrapes, but it will also work nicely on a decoy. It comes in a spraying bottle, making it simple to dispense and target to the exact location you need. You may spray it in brief bursts or preset it to spray constantly until exhausted by sealing the nozzle.

3. Code Blue Synthetic Doe Scent

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Code Blue has produced doe urine that fools the local bucks into thinking there is a doe in the vicinity, much like they did with the Synthetic Buck Scent.

This is a doe urine mixture that is totally synthetic and has the fragrance of a female deer. And during the season, it is often used as a cover fragrance when the goal is to relax does and bucks.

The Doe Scent is packaged in a 4 oz pump sprays container for convenient application.

4. Buck Fever Rut Synthetic Deer Urine

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Buck Fever Rut synthetic buck urine is ideal for scrapes, scent trails and is used all around the stand. It should also be applied shortly before, throughout, or even after the rut, and this will increase scent over-marking if it is used consistently.

This smell should be applied to your intended hunting location first before the season begins. This should draw bucks to the region and teach them to begin over-marking with their own smell since it will appear as though an intruder has entered the region.

In addition, the Buck Fever smell is long-lasting. Therefore it won’t need to be replaced as frequently, and it’s revived by moisture, and that should last much longer.

When Should You Use The Deer Scents?

Whether you plan to utilize natural deer smells, synthetic deer scents, or a combination of the two, bear in mind that each fragrance on the shop shelf serves a specific purpose. Some are better in the early fall, while others are better in the October transitional stage.

The traditional “grab a bottle and go” strategy may have worked successfully, but if you want to increase your chances, think about all of the smells on the shelf and choose a couple to match the ever-changing circumstances that come with deer hunting.

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