Bowtech Boss Compound Bow Exclusive Review: A Complete Evaluation

bowtech boss compound bow review

We are a team of seasoned hunters who review hunting tools, gear, accessories, and other essentials in our spare time. The Bowtech Boss Compound Bow is a great choice for hunters who have long draw lengths. We provide a detailed review of all its features and capacities to enable you to make an informed choice. Read our Bowtech Boss Compound Bow Review below to gain a 360 degree perspective about this weapon.

Bowtech Boss Compound Bow Review

Compound Bow


  • Axle to Axle length: 36’’ inches
  • Weight: 4.6 lbs
  • Brace height: 7’’ inches
  • IBO speed: 333 fps
  • Let off: 80 percent

The bow features a 36’’ inch long axle-to-axle platform and has a solid build. It is constructed to have a 7’’ inch brace height and weighs around 4.6 lbs. The weight is proportional to the height, making the bow well balanced. The Bowtech Boss offers high IBO speeds, going up to 333 frames per second. It uses the OverDrive Binary Cam System to provide an 80% let-off. 

Main Features:

  • The riser of the Bowtech Boss Compound is constructed from a single block of aluminum and is cut to meet specific measurements.
  • It features an OverDrive Binary Cam system.
  • The bow has Carbon core limbs.
  • Pockets that center pivot
  • Grips with side plates
  • Patented PowerDisc Technology


The riser of the Bowtech Boss Compound is constructed from a single block of aluminum and is cut to meet specific measurements.  You will find that it features a better build than its market competitors. 

You will discover outer pockets that center pivot; they are slim and ensure that the carbon core split limbs are secured. The grips of the riser are trimmed to provide you with balance. The grip has a pair of side plates on either side to enable you to get precise shots without Torque. 


The Limbs featured on the Bowtech Boss Compound bow are carbon core split. You will find that it has a quick response rate and is compatible with the OverDrive Binary Cam. The limbs combined with the cam give you a power-packed shot.

The limbs are constructed with extreme impact-resistant skin along with a carbon center which prevents any vibration and also adds power. The limbs are versatile in that it comes in 50, 60, and 70 peaks draw weights, this is suitable to hunters with a wide range of preferences. The Bowtech Boss has an IBO speed of  333 frames per second. 

Electric cam system:

The Bowtech Boss features an Overdrive Binary Cam System that has a proprietary PowerDisc Technology. This PowerDisc technology allows you to gain power and extends various adjustments to customize your shot. You will find that the shots are accurate and pack a lot of power. There are three positions that you can adjust the PowerDisc to avail your desired performance level; it is somewhat like having features of three bows in one. 

Let us look at the three settings and what they have to offer. The performance setting gives you a low let-off rate and stiff draw but compensates for this with fast speeds. The traditional setting gives you a better and more comfortable draw while maintaining efficient speeds providing knockdown power. The comfort setting gives you an extremely smooth draw but lacks speed; it makes up for this with knockdown power. 

You will notice that the Cam system has a few rotating draw modules. These modules allow you to adjust the draw (26.5’’ – 31.5’’). You can change the draw length by getting the mods loose, rotating them into position, and securing it down. The rigs may come loose, and hence you should remove screws and glue them firmly prior to shooting; the same has to be done with the PowerDisc.


You gain a lot of shooting options with the PowerDisc Technology. The bow is designed to give a smooth draw that prevents you from getting sore and tired after long hours of shooting.

The Bowtech Boss compound bow has a smooth draw that crescendos a let off with a mild hump; this is not significant enough to cause concern. You gain a smooth let-off at 80% and a good valley. You can focus on the target with ease using this bow. The shots are extremely quiet, and you will feel less to no vibration. 

Silencing package and other factors:

The Bowtech Boss compound bow has an FLX cable guard that ensures that there is less to no torque. The bow also features a carbon string stop and a center pivot system. These features, along with the PowerDisc technology and the Overdrive cam system, maximize the bow’s limb performance. The bow also features a revolver dampener and other noise and vibration canceling dampers. 


You can find the Bowtech Boss Compound bow in two standard colors –  Moss oak breakup country and black ops. The standard colors are film dipped. You may also choose to buy customized finishes, which are the Realtree Xtra Green, Kyptek Highlander, and you should note that you will need to pay extra for them. 

What we like:

  • Premium quality 
  • Good design 
  • Durable
  • Accurate 
  • Solid
  • Smooth 
  • Quiet 
  • Forgiving 

What we didn’t like:

  • Heavy
  • Low let off
  • No back-wall
  • Rigs come loose

Bowtech Boss Compound Bow Review: The Final Verdict

The Bowtech Boss was released in 2015 but still maintains prime performance and efficiency. It is constructed to meet the needs of hunters who have long draw lengths, and it is also suitable for those with mid-ranged draw lengths. You will gain enormous precision and speed with this bow, along with a range of adjustable features to meet your custom needs.

While it features many similar features to its predecessor, the Prodigy, you will find upgrades in the axle to increase length. Bowtech never misses and has once again given us a bow that exceeds expectations.

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