The Fastest Compound Bows in 2022: All You Need To Know

fastest compound bows

Compound bows are the most popular type of bow because they can shoot arrows at a much faster rate than any other type. In addition, they use a pulley system to release the string, which means that you have more time between shots.

This is perfect for hunting and target shooting. Here, we will review the fastest compound bows on the market in 2021. We go over everything from draw length, weight, speed, and more to help you make an informed decision about your next purchase.

Take a look at our list of fastest compound bows in 2021 here!

  • Elite Archery Impulse 34
  • Bear Archery Escape
  • PSE Xpedite NXT

Main features:

  • 27.5-inch draw length
  • 70-pound draw weight
  • Elite 7.25 inch hunting stabilize
  • 2-piece 4-arrow quiver
  • Quick-Shot wrist strap release
  • 34″ axle-to-axle with a 6″ brace height
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The Elite Archery Impulse 34, is renowned for its speed that comes in at 340 fps. You will be able to reach your target with ease and get a good aim. You can expect forgiving and precise shots.

An added advantage to buying this particular bow is that you gain several accessories and additional attachments. A stabilizer that is 7.25 inches is given to improve accuracy while taking your shot.

A quiver for holding your arrows on the hunt is also provided; this means you do not have to look for one separately and will be comfortable traveling on your hunt.

A feature that we loved a lot was the drop-away rest and quick shot strap release – these components make you have a better hunting experience. The target is built for hunting rather than target practice.  You get a draw length of 27.5 inches – which is suitable for professional hunters.

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Final verdict:

Elite Archery Impulse 34 has a lot of features that make it different from other bows. The Archery impulse is known to be one of the fastest compound bows. The bow is designed for hunting, shooting, and competition use with its unique design to help the user get their desired results.

2. Bear Archery Escape

Main features:

  • The bow is fashioned from aluminum, making it sturdy and lightweight.
  • The bow escape has a speed of 350 fps. 
  • H15 Hybrid configuration 
  • Advanced 7075 aluminum riser 
  • Rubber inserts on the riser
  • Draw length: 25.5’’ – 30’’
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The bear archery escape is a fast compound bow allowing you to shoot arrows at 350 fps. You have several benefits on the purchase of this bow. There are rubber inserts fixed on the riser, enabling you to be efficient at taking a shot while being quiet.

You will find that the bow cancels out vibrations and aftershocks. The hinge guard is another great feature that prevents and lessens torquing. The bow is fashioned from aluminum, making it sturdy and lightweight. It is relatively easy to carry this bow on a hunt.

The bow archery escape has a renowned quad limb system that enables greater performance. You also gain a hybrid configuration that helps you draw the bow without letting speed down. The bow has an adjustable draw length that goes up from 25.5 inches to 30 inches. This bow is a versatile bow that is suitable for different hunters.

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Final verdict:

This fast compound bow is well built, lightweight, durable, and quiet. The Bear Archery Escape is easy to maneuver during a hunt. You will find that this bow is versatile and meets the needs of different hunters.

3. PSE Xpedite NXT

Main features:

  • A 5 ½ brace height
  • Axle to axle length: 33’’
  • IBO speed: 360 – 352
  • Let-off: 80-90%
  • Bow weight: 4.74 lbs
  • EVO NXT design and build
  • ComfortGrip System
Editor's Rating

The PSE Xpedite has been updated with the EVO NXT design and build to provide you with a delightful and comfortable shooting experience. This fast compound bow boasts a speed of 360 fps. You will notice that while the Expedite NXT packs a fast and powerful shot, you will be able to maintain a good grip.

There is less torque and vibration, enabling increased accuracy because of its long riser. The Xpedite features an improved riser with a longer brace height; it has a low stabilizer location for the mounting of arrows. The Xpedite NXT has a let-off ranging from 80% to 90%.

As mentioned before, the PSE Xpedite NXT has a great grip owing to its renowned ComfortGrip system, which allows you to choose between holding the bow with conventional riser technology or a molded grip. The grip ensures maximum comfort while reducing torque from the shot.

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Final verdict:

The Xpedite NXT is an extremely fast compound bow. It has all the great features one would look for to improve their performance and accuracy.

Factors To Consider While Buying The Fastest Compound Bows

1. Draw weight – This is the amount of force you have to produce to pull back and hold an arrow. The more draw strength required, the faster your arrows will fly and vice versa.

2. Draw Length: This is the distance in inches or centimeters that you pull back on the string before releasing it. Again, you should consider what type of hunting, shooting, and competition you will be doing with your fast compound bow.

3. Maximum speed – how fast can the bow shoot? This varies from model to model, but typically a fast compound bow shoots at speeds around 300-360 fps.

4. Limb type refers to the design of your bow limbs, which can be parallel or offset. Parallel means that the two stems are on top of one another and angled upwards, while offset means they are not straight lines but at an angle from each other with one above the other. This factor is important when you are going to be carrying your weapon while hunting.

5. Handedness: Some bows are designed for left-handed shooters. Others, such as most Hoyt models, can be switched between right and left-handers with a simple adjustment of the sight pins on each side of the bow.

6. Price range – this will vary depending on what type of compound bow you purchase, but a good place to start looking for the fast compound bow would be b $500, and you can go up from there.

7. The type of compound bow – There are four types of fast compound bows that you can choose from. They can be single cam bows, hybrid cam bows, twin-cam bows, and binary cam bows.

Advantages of using a fast compound bow

The fastest compound bows provide more accurate shots, less movement on the target, and greater range. This is because faster arrows have more kinetic energy than slower ones. Additionally, they can be maneuvered by arrow rests for better accuracy and stability in flight and slow them down before release. A fast-flying arrow is not hindered by gravity.

The advantage of the fastest compound bows is that they get there quicker, and if you want to get more accurate shots in less time, the faster your shot speed will be. A compound bow’s speed is measured by its arrow’s flight time from the bow to where it hits the target.

The faster a compound bow, the less lead (distance) you need for your shot; this gives you more accurate shots with little movement on the target and greater range- especially when used in conjunction with an arrow rest. A fast-flying bow forgives individual errors in judging the distance of targets.

Disadvantages of using a fast compound bow

The major downside to the fastest compound bows is their increased cost. Faster bowstrings, cables, wheels, and cams are more expensive than those of slower models. This increases the total price tag on a high-speed compound bow since it has many more parts that can be replaced or repaired over time as they wear out from use.

The fastest compound bows are also less forgiving than slower models. This is due to the increased recoil that comes with shooting a powerful bow. In addition, the draw weight and length of these fast bows can be difficult for newer shooters, reducing their accuracy and the amount of time they spend practicing before getting on target again.

The Fastest Compound Bows: Conclusion

Despite some drawbacks, fast compound bows are still preferred by many archers. They shoot a greater distance and have more power than slower models, making them great for hunting game from long distances or even just taking practice shots on targets at the range.

The recoil is often not an issue when practicing because there is no target to worry about hitting right next to you as you release the arrow. The problem is that if you are a beginner, the increased power can make it difficult to hold steady shots and put arrows where you want them while hunting.

The trade-off for this is when shooting targets at range from home or just practicing your form every day on stationary targets. If speed and distance are more important than accuracy, then this is the bow for you.

If your goal is to have a more accurate shot, it becomes difficult to find a compound bow with enough power that will also be easy on beginners and not cause them to recoil problems when shooting at close-range targets.

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