Compound Bows With a Draw Length of 32 Inches

Compound Bows With a Draw Length of 32 Inches

There are several different brands of compound bows with a draw length of 32 inches. These include the Xpedition MX-15, PSE Archery, Refine EKO, and Prime. This article will cover some of the pros and cons of each model. Read on to discover which is the best bow for your needs! Also read reviews on these bows. We’ve included information on the prices, durability, and features of these models.

Xpedition MX-15

The Xpedition MX-15 and MX-16 are high-performance compound bows that combine a stiff riser and fast HDS cams for incredible speed and consistency. They’re built on the Mako platform and feature a new limb pocket system and a Hybrid Duel Stop (HDS) cam to fine-tune your bow to your specific shooting style.

The MX-15 features a blazing fast draw, with an average top-end firing speed of 360 FPS. This means your arrows should reach the target before the deer has a chance to become alerted. The bow also has a smooth draw and a Cageriser, which keeps the bow quiet for such high power. Another great feature is the stable grip.

The MX-15 is an excellent hunting bow for a wide range of archery applications, including deer, elk, and bear. The Xpedition MX-15’s draw length makes it the perfect choice for novice and experienced archers alike. The MX-15’s 32-inch draw length is perfect for a beginner or a professional. The Xpedition MX-15 features an incredibly high draw rate for a low price.

PSE Archery

With the Brute NXT, PSE Archery has created a high-performance compound bow. This bow’s draw length and weight are adjustable, allowing you to dial in the perfect length for your shooting style. The Brute NXT measures 30 3/4 inches axle-to-axle and weighs just 3.5 pounds. Its slim design and 6.5-inch brace height make it a great choice for beginner female bowhunters. You can buy this bow as a bare bow or with a complete hunting package.

A full draw length is the length of the bowstring from the arrow nock groove to the center of the grip. A longbow or recurve can be drawn until it stacks. A compound bow has a set draw length and cannot be drawn beyond the point of stacking. Its longer draw length will increase the speed and accuracy of your arrow, but it will also cause your arrows to stick out past the riser, which can lead to inconsistent shooting.

Refine EKO

Refine EKO for compound bows with a draw length of 32 inches is the first of three new releases from Bowtech. This bow’s unique Powershift Technology allows you to choose from three different draw cycles. The result is a linear draw with minimal bounce and no ‘jumpy’ effect. Despite its high nocking point, Robinson found it a little too soft for his liking.

The Refine EKO bow from Bear Archery has been designed for archers who want a high-performance bow without spending too much money. This bow is designed to be durable and fast, and it has an axle-to-axle length of 33 inches. The bow’s mass is only 4.4 pounds, and it’s dead-in-hand in its class. It also has a revised Vibration Reduction System, an ergonomic GRIZgrip, and KILLERWAVE in the limb dampeners.


There is no doubt that the Prime compound bows with a draw length of 32 inches or longer have incredible performance. While the speed of the arrow is important, a balanced shooting platform is just as crucial. A fast arrow doesn’t mean much if you shoot it with the wrong balance. Fortunately, Hoyt continues to set the bar higher with their carbon elements and forward-thinking features. These features ensure the bow shoots as accurately as possible while also being comfortable to use in the field.

The Prime CT9 is a lightweight bow that features a cable containment system known as Flexis AR. This system allows for the bow to flex more or less as it is drawn, eliminating left-to-right tears during the tuning process. The bow also has adjustable flex for different fletching configurations. Its adjustable limbs are also ideal for shooters with larger hands. Several models have adjustable limb lengths, making them perfect for a variety of shooting styles.

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