Top 8 Exclusive Long Range Accuracy Bipod for Precision Long Shooting

long range accuracy bipod

The ultimate target for the long-range shooter is to build a long-range shooting platform that is both efficient and versatile. There is a range of long range accuracy bipod that fulfill the requirements for providing a stable shooting platform. 

Considering all the factors and features, Caldwell XLA Pivot Bipod has emerged as the winner of long range accuracy bipod with its commendable work, efficiency, and stability. 

Caldwell XLA Pivot Bipod - Top Long Range Accuracy Bipod

  • Height -13”-23.”
  • Weight – 16 oz

It offers excellent value for money and is one of the most affordable swiveling bipods available. It has four adjustable height adjustments and can switch from 9 to 13 inches in height. 

This won’t be the perfect choice for hunters or other shooters who like to stay low to the ground, but it will be best suited for AR-10 or AR-15 owners, mainly because it can swivel.

The pivoting is the most crucial function here. It can pivot up and down for up to 20 degrees, allowing for better shot placement, particularly while hunting on flat land. Bipod’s lower frameshift independently of the upper frame, enabling you to compensate for rocky surfaces.

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Harris BiPod Solid Base 1A2-25C

  • Height – 6″ – 9″
  • Weight – 3 oz

If you aren’t constantly outshooting terrain, this is the best seat rest bipod for you. The 1A2-BRM is a genuine and dependable bipod. 

The sling swivel stud supports this tactical long range accuracy bipod, and it also has notched legs for highly accurate elevation. It’s tiny and light, coming in at about 10 ounces.

This allows you to spot moving objects and scan a wide area with amazing accuracy. The Harris Bipod Solid Base 1A2-25C is entirely made of aluminum and comes at a reasonable price.

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Harris BiPod Hinged Base

  • Height – 15″ – 25″
  • Weight – 12 oz
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The Harris Hinged Base Bipod is an excellent bipod for shooters who would like to enhance their targeting while keeping their arms out of the dirt, mud, or grass. 

With its hinged base and buff springs, this bipod prevents friction or stress. Since it can comfortably level on rough terrain, the Harris bipod is ideal for long-range shooting.

On the base, a shoulder strap lug replaces the one used to attach the Bi-pod, and when the bipod is folded inward in its storage position, it does not obstruct usual shoulder strap usage. 

The hinged unit allows easy leveling of aim on rocky terrain. The legs withdraw at the touch of a button, making the machine as easy to take down as it is to put up.

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MIM Mfg S Lock for S Series Harris Bipod

  • Height – 6″ – 4″
  • Weight – 1.1 oz
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When it comes to bipod locking levers, the lever and spacer of this bipod are the right ones. Apart from the KMW Pod-Loc, this MIM Manufacturing setup is the only other alternative, and that too at an affordable price.

They’re simple to mount and, if you follow the instructions, can be set up such that a single clockwise throw of the lever locks the swivel part of the bipod in place. 

The collar of the lever has a spring inside it that allows you to pull it backward and twist it in any direction without changing the current tension environment.

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Caldwell Accumax Premium Carbon Fiber Sling Swivel Stud Bipod

  • Height – 6” – 9”
  • Weight – 8.5 oz

These military rifle bipods are built with the shooter in mind. They have very lightweight, quick-deploy carbon fiber legs and solid feet for increased stability on uneven terrain. 

Caldwell bipod comes with twist-lock technology, 180 degrees of leg angle adjustment, and the swivel tension lever that makes it very easy for you to dial in. 

Caldwell bipods are very efficient in improving accuracy and increasing the confidence of the shooter by using a number of range bags and rests. Thus, makes it an excellent choice for complete beginners as well.

In terms of height, it can range from 9 to 13 inches and can be adjusted as per the shooters’ requirements. 

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Atlas V8 Series Sports Hunting Bipods

  • Height – 5″ – 9″
  • Weight – 12 oz

The Atlas V8 Series are very popular bipods among shooters as they are compatible with a wide range of rifles and weapons. It is rated as one of the best rifle bipods for long-range shooting because it gives the rifles far more stability than other bipods in the market. 

It has a panning and canting capability of 15 degrees. These features allow you to fire in the opposite direction of your target’s movement while remaining in your original location. It comes with rubber legs can be used on a variety of surface without losing its stability

Because of its sturdy construction, this bipod has a long life span and any feature that needs to be replaced can be purchased separately.

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Magpul Rifle Bipod

  • Height –  6.3″-10.3″
  • Weight – 11 oz

The Magpul rifle bipod is a lightweight option and offers excellent stability and strength while shooting. It’s made of mil-spec anodized solid T-6 aluminum with a silicone mold that wraps around the whole body and is considered one of the best sturdy bipods for long-range shooting.

A knurled locking knob is present in the bipod that can be adjusted without a wrench and glove-friendly. This knurled locking knob controls the panning and canting levels. You can also lock the pan at 0 degrees while maintaining maximum tilting range.

In the stowed location of the bipod, the locking knob doubles as a rubber leg, which is an excellent addition to Magpul’s end.

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Harris Bipod HBRMS

  • Height – 6″ – 9″
  • Weight – 13 oz

This bipod is well-known for its ability to withstand long-range fire. When using the bipod on firm terrain, where the feet won’t slip and that makes it an ideal choice. 

The notched, spring-loaded adjustable legs and swivel feature are the reasons that make Harris bipod one of the best bipods for long-range shooting. It’s a durable and dependable bipod that’s been tested and proven to function.

Legs span 6 to 9 inches and can be individually expanded. It’s easy to stretch the legs because they’re notched in 1-inch increments. And though caked in mud and gravel, they continue to work.

Harris bipods are incredibly light and have a spring-loaded mechanism for fast and reliable folding. They aren’t the cheapest, but they are among the most effective bipods.

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Benefits Of Long Range Accuracy Bipod For Shooting 

There are many benefits of having a shooting bipod, exceptionally if you choose one of the models mentioned above. Here are a few benefits:

  • Ideal for hunting from a fixed location.
  • Your rifle will have a lot of stability now.
  • Long-range shots are more effective as a result of this.
  • Some versions allow for a wide variety of gestures (360 degrees, up and down, sideways)
  • They’re generally small and thin, making them easy to transport.
  • The majority of versions will also be used as a foregrip for your rifle.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Bipod For Long Range Shooting

  • Adjustability is a must-have feature. To compensate for rocky ground, rugged terrain, or aiming downhill, the feet should adjust independently. The reliability of the platform is disrupted if it is set up too high. It is essential to get the rest down while still able to extend it for long. Essentially, the height and orientation of the legs should be adjustable to fit your body and location.
  • Steadiness – It can quickly become firm and level. You should be able to change the tension with a turn of a wingnut, and it should be conveniently accessible so that you can make adjustments when in a normal position. You should be able to make immediate adjustments to the pivot, and it should be highly safe. You should set the platform to concentrate on a long-range objective while keeping the scope at the level.
  • It’s all about the options and add-ons. Multiple feet and other extensions, such as spikes or claws, should be available on the gun rest. Regardless of which attachment you pick, they must be well-secured. Your weapon does not fall if you load it with a lot of front-load or preload. Two popular brands that have successfully resolved this issue are Atlas and CVlife.
  • Simple to use – Whatever adjustments you make to the bipod, they must be effortless and fast to deploy. Adjusting leg height, leg angle, inserting new legs, changing the pivot, balance, and setting the level should all be convenient. You should be able to disconnect the bipod quite easily.
  • Panning and canting – Panning refers to the bipod’s tendency to swivel around in the horizontal plane. This is critical for those who wish to monitor their shot or pursue their aim to a better location for a shot while shooting moving targets. Modern bipods are also capable of vertical movement. Canting is the term for this movement. In other words, the bipod’s tendency to go up, down, left, and right is known as panning and canting.


It’s not rocket science to choose the best brand and style of bipods. Some may be enormous, but they may be the perfect fit for your needs. Some could be smaller and thinner to do best in a field setting. Choose what works for you more than against you. 

For example, If rubber feet are incorporated in your bipod (The Atlas V8 Series), they can grip any surface and have a comfortable contact point to hold the harmonics in check while preventing hard-to-hard contact with the weapon and other elements.

That concludes our detailed buying guide for the best bipods on the market today. Hopefully, our in-depth bipod reviews will assist you in selecting the best one for your weapon.

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