Maxima RED SD Spine Chart

maxima red sd spine chart

The Maxima RED SD set comes in different weights and spines. You can easily compare and match the weights by using the Maxima RED SD spine chart. The following is a guide for you to choose the perfect set. It is very important to know your weights before buying. To make the process easier, it is arranged by weight and spine. Listed below are the weights of various sets.


The carbon Express Maxima RED SD Tri-Spine Chart is the best way to compare arrow weights to determine which model is right for you. This new series of arrows features Diamond Weave front ends to isolate flex to the RED Zone. It also eliminates oscillation to the front of the arrow. This set is available in 6 and 12-packs and matches arrows by weight and spine. The tolerance for weight sorting is a mere 1.0 grain.

The Carbon Express Maxima Triad is a Tri-Spine XSD hunting arrow that combines proven REDZONE Technology with the patented Tri-Spine technology. Its patent-pending, three-spine shaft creates 1/3 less oscillation than single spine arrows for four times the accuracy. Its weight is 11.1 grains per inch and is built for increased penetration and durability. Its center section is loaded with Carbon Express innovation.

The Carbon Express Maxia Red SD arrows feature a revolutionary RED ZONE dynamic spine management technology, RED ZONE(r) technology, and a lightweight shaft that reduces wind drift and improves penetration. The RED ZONE design features stiffer distal ends and less dynamic spine flexing. The Tri-Spine technology also improves penetration while reducing wind drift.

.203″ ID

The Carbon Express Maxia RED SD is a high-quality arrow made with premium materials. The shaft is made with Launchpad Precision Nocks for consistent accuracy and controlled arrow release. This arrow also features BullDog Nock Collars. Listed below are the different spine configurations available. Regardless of your preferred shaft type, you’ll find one that suits your shooting needs with this arrow.

The Red Zone provides better penetration and reduced wind drift. Its Red Zone is the most important section of the shaft. It manages flex during flight, allowing the arrow to shoot at the highest level possible. The Dynamic Spine, which makes broadheads shoot best, is located in this area. The shaft is designed to maximize kinetic energy and provide maximum penetration. The Red Zone also has BuffTuff Plus outer layer construction for the toughest carbon arrow finish.

The RED SD is made with smaller diameter arrows that deliver increased penetration, reduced wind drift, and improved accuracy at longer distances. The arrow has a unique carbon composition and uses different materials for its body and limbs. This gives the Maxima RED an edge over other arrows available on the market. Unlike other arrows that have similar features, the Maxima RED uses advanced technology to help the arrows perform better than ever.

Launchpad Precision Nocks

Designed to align arrows perfectly, the LAUNCHPAD precision nock is compatible with most brands of arrows. The nock is precision-engineered with a concentratic design, a perfectly aligned nock barrel, and the perfect balance. This combination ensures superior accuracy for long-range shooting. This nock is made of polycarbonate to deliver a controlled arrow release and improve shaft alignment.

The launchpad precision nocks for the Maxia Red SD are made with a proprietary three-spine design, RED ZONE technology and a patented Tri-Spine construction. The result is less than a third oscillation, four times more accuracy, and less crosswind drift. The launchpad nocks’ eight-step sorting process results in maximum kinetic energy, increased penetration, and reduced crosswind drift. BuffTuff Plus outer-layer construction provides the strongest, most durable carbon arrow finish available. Diamond Weave outer-layer construction provides utmost stiffness, reducing the risk of bending or twisting.

RED SD shafts are available with multiple nock options for a variety of shooting applications. The new Contour RED SD arrows are made with Mossy Oak camouflage and provide superior flight in a wide range of conditions. RED arrows utilize Carbon Express’s exclusive Tri-Spine Technology, which produces four times more consistent arrow flight and 4x the accuracy of traditional single spine arrows.

Half-Out inserts

The Premium Carbon Express Half-Out inserts have 54 grains of weight per piece and are sorted by spine selection. Each of the eight sorting arrows has a tolerance of 0.0025″ or 1.0 grains. The inserts are available in both steel and aluminum. Both materials add strength and increase penetration, extending the life of your arrow. If you’re looking for an upgrade for your arrow, consider the Half-Out 5MM inserts.

The revolutionary design of the Maxima RED SD arrows provides better control of dynamic spines. They contain stiffer distal ends and flex in the RED ZONE, allowing the arrow to fly more accurately. This patented technology also controls the center portion of the arrow to provide improved penetration and minimize wind drift. It’s hard to imagine a better arrow for a higher level of performance than the Maxima RED SD.

Bull Dog Nock Collars

The proprietary BullDog Nock Collar from Carbon Express protects the shaft from nock end impacts. These nock collars are sold per 1/2 dozen fletched arrows. They are manufactured from aircraft grade aluminum and form-fit over the back of the arrow shaft. They provide superior durability and tensile strength. The Carbon Express Nock Collar is one of the most advanced and well-designed arrow nock collars in the world.

The carbon Express Maxima Red SD is a top-selling arrow in the United States and Europe. This hunting arrow offers new arrow technology, including a stiffened shaft for improved flight accuracy. It uses Carbon Express Tri-Spine Technology, delivering up to 4X accuracy compared to traditional single-spine arrows. The nocks have been precision-ground for maximum accuracy. The arrow shafts are sorted by weight, spine, and other characteristics, including bulldog nock collars.

The LAUNCHPAD nocks are precision-made with Blazer vanes and BullDog nocks. BullDog nock collars are also compatible with the carbon express Maxia Red SD spine chart. When you select these nocks, the chart will give you the corresponding 5-digit SKU. Then, you can proceed to the cart or option choices.


The Carbon Express Maxima Red SD arrows are made from premium Carbon Express inserts and have Launchpad Precision Nocks. These nocks deliver a controlled arrow release, improved shaft alignment, and increased accuracy. These arrows are compatible with a wide range of broadheads, including the popular Sightline XL, and are available in two different weights, 400 and 350 spine at 8.7 and 9.7 grains per inch, respectively.

The Maxima RED SD Contour arrows are available in Mossy Oak camouflage and provide superior accuracy and flight under varied conditions. These arrows feature a stiffer distal end that contains the flex to the RED ZONE. The RED arrows also feature Carbon Express Tri-Spine Technology to produce a more consistent arrow flight and four-fold accuracy over traditional single-spine arrows.

The Maxima Red SD is made of different carbon materials that are more resistant to wind-drift. Carbon Express’s proprietary BullDog Nock Collar is an excellent addition to the Maxima Red SD arrows, reducing the possibility of wind-drift. The arrow shafts also feature a new patented Dynamic Spine, which minimizes wind-drift and splintering.

Fletched arrows

A breakthrough in controlling the dynamic spine of the arrow, the Carbon Express Maxima RED SD combines a stiffer distal end and a flex to the RED ZONE. Designed with the company’s exclusive Tri-Spine Technology, the RED SD arrows provide improved penetration and reduced wind drift. This is all made possible by the Launchpad Precision Nocks.

The Carbon Express Maxima Red shaft has been optimized for the sport market with its improved balance and a smaller diameter. This increases the penetration and power of a shot. The patented Tri-Spine/RED ZONE Technology has a diameter of less than 1/3 of an inch. This gives you maximum kinetic energy and less crosswind drift. The patented BuffTuff Plus outer layer construction and Diamond Weave construction provide ultimate stiffness.

A Carbon Express Maxima BLU arrows has an incredibly low skew. It is suitable for shooting from lower-poundage bows. It comes with 150, 250, and 350 spines. The skew tolerance of the arrows is slightly higher than that of other carbon arrows. Compared to the standard Carbon Express Maxima, the BLU arrows can shoot straighter and with better flex than other high-end carbon arrows.

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