Top 10 Exclusive Small Diameter Hunting Arrows

small diameter hunting arrows

Smaller-diameter arrows are used by hunters seeking maximum penetration and accuracy potential. Their shaft diameter is 4 to 5mm and is sometimes known as nano, ultra-micro, micro, and small diameter arrows for hunting, based on their unique and precise size and manufacturer.

Arrows with small diameters do not fly swiftly, but a streamlined form also results in higher accuracy. In addition, their smaller proportions typically make them lightweight, and when the broadhead is inserted, they also have a relatively larger forward to center weight, which improves their penetrating capacity multifold.

These arrows are also considered to be one of the hardest and most sturdy carbon arrows on the marketplace, making them excellent hunting options for professionals.

Here is a complete evaluation of each brand and model for small diameter hunting arrows, including all possible sizes, spine, weight, and outer diameter of every shaft.

1. Easton Axis Small Diameter Hunting Carbon Arrows

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The Axis arrows have proven to be incredibly efficient when hunting big game. This is because the micro profile aids in concentrating kinetic energy in a tiny frontal region. This results in less resistance and increased penetration into the target.

Axis arrows’ tiny shape allows them to travel significantly better and rather swiftly in strong winds as compared to conventional arrows. The Axis has a much higher Kinetic Energy Density over regular size carbon arrows.

The arrow comes in seven different sizes, ranging from 700 to 260. The straightness is +/-.003-weight, and the spine fits with precision.

2. Easton Carbon Injexion Small Diameter Hunting Arrows

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Easton characterizes these arrows as ultra-micro in size, with a 4mm diameter allowing for more velocity, which offers harsher and deeper hits and increased penetration.

This type is available in four different sizes ranging from 480 to 280. These arrows are constructed with high-strength carbon fiber and have a dimensional accuracy of +/-.003-weight.

3. Easton FMJ Injexion Small Diameter Hunting Arrows

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It is another 4mm micro-diameter shaft with Deep Six nocks along with steel HIT inserts. The compact diameter improves speed and precision. The high-strength carbon center coated in a 7075 alloy metal jacket makes it a long-lasting, hard-hitting arrow with deep penetration.

The shafts have a weight margin of +/-2 grains as well as a straightness limit of +/-.002″. These features are also the reason why they are regarded as some of the most sophisticated arrow designs on the market. The FMJ Injexion comes in four different sizes, ranging from 460 to 280.

4. Carbon Express XSD Predator Small Diameter Hunting Arrows

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The Predator is a very light arrow that offers the hunter durability, sturdiness, and efficiency. The Series is designed to accommodate both high-powered top-of-the-line hunting bows and light-poundage bows.

The Predator XSD shafts have an internal diameter of.166″ and are classified as Extreme Small Diameter shafts. They are designed to provide maximum penetration and less wind resistance and drift to hunters.

These arrows are also laser tested for straightness, with a maximum measurement of +/- 0.006″ as well as a weight tolerance of +/- 3.0 grains. They are available in a 12 pack shaft or a 6 unit arrow.

5. Victory VAP Elite Small Small Diameter Hunting Arrows

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The VAP Hunting arrows were designed to be the standard of micro diameter hunting arrows, which are also known for their endurance. The peculiar design significantly decreases the air resistance, which guarantees that they travel straight, and it employs severe front-of-center weighting to improve its penetration.

MaxxKE technology, a 3K carbon weave for reduced torque, digital spine alignment, and ICE Nano Ceramic Coating to increase penetration are among the technologies integrated into the VAP. They’ve also been made using a Matched Weight method to make each dozen within +/- 0.5 grains of perfect.

These arrows are part of Victory’s .166 Series and are made of high modulus, 100 percent carbon fiber for maximum velocity, and piercing with little wind resistance. The VAP is offered in three models: VAP Elite, VAP Gamer, and VAP Sport, which are distinguished by their calibration standards.

6. Black Eagle X-Impact Small Diameter Hunting Arrows

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The X-Impact arrows are designed to be one of the greatest nano-diameter arrows available for sports shooting. They are built entirely of High-Mod Carbon, which improves to retain the shafts lightweight and allows for more point weight up front, which improves flying and precision.

These arrows are accessible in 11 different sizes ranging from 1100 to 250 pounds, with the lowest shaft diameter weighing 0.209 pounds.” The shafts are all 32 inches long, with a straightness tolerance of +/-.001″ and also a grain weight tolerance of +/-1. These arrows are available in 12-packs.

7. Gold Tip Pierce Platinum Small Diameter Hunting Arrows

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This is indeed a hunting arrow with a small diameter that has been particularly developed to deliver good penetration and quick speed. The spine diameter ranges from 0.500″ to 0.250″, and the micro-diameter shafts in all cases ensure that wind drift is minimized and flying speeds are maximized.

The company’s patent-pending Ballistic Collar Insert System is incorporated at the shaft’s end, giving it immense striking power, and since the 340 or 300 sizes provide the best foundation for a solid large game arrow. These arrows feature a claimed straightness of.0025″ and a weight tolerance of +/-.5 grain.

8. Black Eagle Deep Impact Small Diameter Hunting Arrows

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Deep Impact arrows are basically micro diameter arrows with fletched and bare shafts that are designed to maximize velocity and kinetic energy. They are extremely high arrows for big games when the hide is strong and challenging to pierce. The spine-to-weight ratio is excellent, making them appropriate for both target shooting as well as hunting.

All through the dozen, the shafts can be purchased with an optimal straightness tolerance of .001″ or, for a little less money, .003″. There is a wide variety of hardness available, starting with the sturdiest with a spine of 300 and going all the way up to 900. However, it is important to note that the 600 – 900 spine shafts are also only accessible in.001″ straightness. The shaft length is 32″, and the weight tolerance is +/-1 grain.

These arrows are offered in six-packs of gilded fletched arrows or twelve packs of shafts. The firm recommends the Black Eagle Black Outsert Deep Impact, combined with the Deep Impact Pin Bushing and Black Eagle “M” Micro-Nocks, to be used with these arrows.

Other Things to Consider While Buying Small Diameter Hunting Arrows

Even though the diameter of these arrows you pick is an important aspect of how they fly, strike, and penetrate, there are certainly other factors to take into account as well.

This can be seen in the list provided above; elements including the arrow spine, weight, and other characteristics such as the front of center will all have an effect on how you shoot and how good your shot is.

Making the decision to employ tiny diameter arrows is a solid first step toward arming oneself with great stopping power. You can use them for practice, experimenting with various fletching and broadhead until you find an assortment that works for you.

For more precision, use a small diameter.

Only lately have hunters realized that speed is really not the only thing considered of a successful hunt.

Using such a heavier, slower-moving arrow delivers more vitality and results in more puncture. The arrow will be more resistant to significant impact with bone or the ground if it has a shorter diameter but a thicker shaft wall.

Often these hunters will generally prefer to use a smaller diameter arrow which is also somewhat hefty. Putting greater weight forward of the center will result in a more firm penetrating arrow that would be more likely to yield a positive outcome.

Another advantage of utilizing a heavier arrow is the reduced noise. A heavier arrow would absorb a greater portion of the bow’s energy stored. This implies that minimal noise will have to be suppressed. It may also imply that holding steady on the aim at the instant of release will be simpler.

Downrange Speed

A basic grasp of scientific concepts demonstrates the advantages of micro diameter arrows over ordinary diameter arrows, notably in terms of downrange speed.

Arrows having a wider surface area might lose more downrange velocity than a slim arrow owing to air friction as it travels. The bigger the surface area, the more is the friction, and hence the slower the arrow.

This will get more obvious as the arrow travels further. Regardless of how far an arrow goes, it begins to decelerate the instant it leaves the bow. The benefit of a micro diameter arrow is that you would like the deceleration procedure to be as gradual as possible.

The speed variations may be small, but you’re searching for whatever edge you can obtain, and every extra foot per second you can get will boost your chances of succeeding.

Dimensions of Arrows

Different firms will classify various sizes as standard or small, or micro. Because you need to understand the inner diameter of the arrows you’re employing to guarantee they’re compatible with different components, it’s necessary to comprehend the different diameters.

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