12 Best Exclusive Hard Bow Cases – Rated By The Experts

hard bow cases

The finest bow case is one that accommodates the bow, shields it from shocks while in transportation, is lightweight, and matches your budget. It should also fulfill TSA requirements, allowing you to travel the bow securely and efficiently when traveling to faraway locations.

We’ve put together a large range of high-quality and sturdy hard compound bow cases to ensure that you get the finest case possible.

As determined by aggregating customer ratings, the 12 most popular hard bow cases are shown here. The client experience will automatically determine whether or not the case is excellent worth your money.

Here is an extensive analysis of every bow case that should help you determine which one will satisfactorily fit your requirements.

1. SKB iSeries 3614 Parallel Limb Hard Bow Case

Editor's Rating

This SKB bow cover aims to preserve parallel limb compound bows, and it does the job admirably. The bow stored is securely positioned thanks to custom foam inserts. The bow case has wheels that make it a lot more easy to move around. In addition, the case features trigger launch latches that may be replaced with TSA bore locking latches.

This bow storage case is the ideal hard bow case, with waterproof as well as dust-resistant construction. It can be carried even more comfortably because of the padded grip. Unfortunately, this is the most expensive case on the list, and it is also the best rated.

2. Plano 108110 All-Weather Hard Bow Case

Editor's Rating

Many hunters have regarded this all-weather Plano hard bow case with a great review. It features a thick-walled design to provide the best achievable protection for the contents. In addition, the interior’s high-density foam provides a soft surface for the bow to rest.

The lid of the bow case holds regular and also carbon fiber arrows. The locking mechanism in this bow case is the airline-approved PillarLock system, allowing it to be used for aircraft travel. This Plano hard case is 48″ long, making it one of the ideal long bow hard cases.

3. Plano Parallel Limb Hard Bow Case

Editor's Rating

This Plano parallel limb bow case gives you the best possible option of personalizing the storage space to fit the proportions of your bow. It comes with a foam pillar positioning mechanism that you may set wherever you wish to hold your bow in its place.

There is additional arrow storage in the lid as well. Also, the bow case did come with a utility bow for additional space.

The bow case is secured and complies with flight safety regulations. The inside space is 41 inches long, which should be enough for just about any hunting parallel limb compound bow. The pricing is another appealing characteristic of this case.

4. SKB Hunter XL Series Hard Bow Case

Editor's Rating

This SKB case is a bigger version of the Hunter series regular case. It is intended to carry larger bows, including the Z7 and Z9 series, and the quiver can be left connected. In addition, it includes plush-lined EPS inner inserts that further protect the bow.

The container is solely designed to hold a bow; no further accessory storage is provided, which certain users may find to be a disadvantage.

5. Plano AW Bow Case Bone Collector Series

Editor's Rating

This Plano case is an all-weather bow case (thus the AW in the title), and it provides excellent bow protection in all sorts of bad weather situations. The case is not only waterproof, but it is also dustproof. The internal cushioning of the bow case has been coated with an inhibiting substance to minimize corrosion and oxidation.

The interior part of the bow case is developed out of very high-density foam, and also there is sufficient storage room for arrows connected to the top lid as well as room for a bow quiver. It is spacious enough to hold the majority of current compound bows easily. The case’s walls are robust and solid, and it’s totally locked.

6. SKB Sports Hunter Series Hard Bow Case

Editor's Rating

The Hunter series bow case is intended to hold current hunting compound bows and quivers. It features a strong ABS casing that protects it from the elements.

On the interior, a valance bending mechanism aids in creating a snug fit for the bow. In addition, a water-jet cut polyethylene foam arrow system permits up to 12 arrows to be kept beside the bow.

7. Flambeau 6461SC SafeShot Compound Hard Bow Case

Editor's Rating

This is a newer style in the SafeShot compound bow case line. The case’s exterior shell is made of a strong polymer plastic material. The inside lid portion and base are strengthened by pillar support to prevent the case from crushing. This means the bow housed within will be well safeguarded.

A rubber racking mechanism on the inner portion of the lid allows for approximately 12 arrow shafts to be properly fixed in place. It also features three and four-blade broadhead changers built-in.

The case is closed firmly with four lock hasps and four latches. The convoluted foam interior and attached hook and loop tie-down bands will keep the bow firmly in place.

8. SKB ATA Double Bow, Bow/Rifle Combination Case

Editor's Rating

This two-in-one bow case can hold two parallel-limb compound bows or perhaps a compound bow along with a rifle. It is composed of molded polyethylene with an extremely high molecular weight, the same material utilized by the United States military for creating cases and containers.

The locks are heavy-duty and manufactured in accordance with ATA 300 Category I standards, making them ideal for airplane travel. The case received a poor grade due to its tiny size and difficulty placing two bows inside it. The downside with utilizing the case is that you need to double-check the bow dimensions before purchasing.

9. SKB Injection Molded Single Parallel Limb Hard Bow Case

Editor's Rating

The SKB hard bow case is an exceedingly sturdy bow case intended to take parallel limb compound bows, making it ideal for the hunter who treks frequently. The injection-molded structure provides adequate rigidity without metal reinforcing to maintain the low weight.

The inside dimensions are 40 inches, allowing you to accommodate bows up to 36″ axle-to-axle easily. The bow case falls short in construction in the bands used to attach the bow, which is only 2 in number and therefore is harsh enough to harm the bow’s finish.

10. Plano Protector Series Compact Hard Bow Case

Editor's Rating

This Plano Protector is among the most well-known Plano hard bow cases available. It features a simple structure that comfortably accommodates small-framed hunting bows up to roughly 33″ axle-to-axle.

The PillarLock System is used in this case to guarantee that the bow is adequately protected and will not move about. If you are hunting for compact hard bow cases, this is indeed the one.

The case is lockable and fulfills the ATA criteria for airline approval. It also includes an arrow holding in the lid, with enough for six arrows. The third aspect to consider is the cost, and with some substantial reductions available, the Protector becomes an excellent worth for money.

11. SKB iSeries 5014 Target Hard Bow Case

Editor's Rating

This dual bow case can hold two target bows or perhaps a bow and rifle. The container is meant to handle target bows that are 50 inches long on the outside. The case is designed in the shape of a bunk bed, with stiff foam dividers to protect your equipment while also securely holding everything in place.

The locking system is comprised of four strengthened padlock spots, allowing for the placement of locks that aid in meeting ATA regulations. In addition, the case is watertight, extremely durable, and shock-resistant.

12. Plano Bow Guard SE Pro Series 44 Bow Case

Editor's Rating

This bow case is significantly bigger than many of the other hunting bow storage cases. However, because of its 44-inch length, it is appropriate for medium size to large-sized bows and may be kept with the bow quiver connected.

The inner portion of the bag is lined with high-density foam to preserve the bow and maybe fastened with built-in straps to keep it from moving. The case includes an accessories box, broadhead tool, along with an adjustable compartment in addition to foam arrow mounts that can accommodate up to 12 arrows.

This is indeed a bow case that would suit the demands of most hunters for the cost.

The Ultimate Bow Case for the Budget

The SKB Sports Hunter Bow Case offers the finest value for money.

Because of the degree of protection provided by the strong ABS shell, this case is selected as a superb deal for money alternative. On top of that, the tight seal provides excellent weather and dust resistance for your bow.

The Benefits of Using a Compound Bow Case in Hard Case

People may prefer a compound bow hard case to a soft case for a variety of reasons. Therefore, a sturdy bow case provides additional bow protection and is more feasible to be utilized while storing the bow for an extended period of time.

This is especially true if you want to travel for extended periods of time, such as by flight. When your bow is out of your eyes for most of your journey, you’d like to know it’s safe in a hard-coated case.

Although a soft bow case is cushioned and provides some protection for the bows within, the bags can be subjected to extremely stressful situations while being transported onto and off an aircraft or train. Therefore, a bow that is placed inside a hard case and snuggled in the padding cut-out gap will be more secure.

We have listed the additional reasons why some believe hard bow cases are indeed the preferable alternative.

Bow Case Protection

When moving your bow, safety is a major concern. It doesn’t just mean ensuring sure no one steals your bow while it’s out of your sight. There are indeed specific regulations at work here.

If you are flying and shipping your bow as baggage, the case in which your bow is housed must be airline-approved. Otherwise, the airline firm will refuse to transport your bow.

Therefore, when purchasing a modern compound bow case, it is critical to determine whether or not the case has been certified for use on airplanes.

Bow Cases on Wheels are a great way to transport your bows around.

Because the industry is highly aware of the necessity to keep things as lightweight as possible, weight is rarely an issue while hauling compound bows and accessories.

However, the inclusion of wheels in the top-of-the-line bow cases makes traveling much easier when you have other bags and gear with you.

Bow cases featuring wheels allow you to handle your case as if it were another component of baggage, making it easier to transport.

Bow Cases Are Waterproof

Don’t be fooled by claims that a waterproof bow case will keep your bow from becoming wet. Many individuals have left the bows in the vehicle’s trunk while driving during a rainstorm, only to return home to discover the waterproof case flooded.

Look for a waterproof case if you want to keep the bow clean in all weather. This sort of case will be marked with an IP67 rating, which indicates that the material is water-resistant even when fully submerged.

Protective Padding

Search for a bow box with an internal design that you may personalize. Although all of the best hard bow cases provide cushioned protection, not all of these allow you to adjust the interior such that the bow cannot move at all.

The cushioned protection should be extended to the straps used to keep the bow in position. Some straps are harsh, and they’ve been known to scratch the condition of the bow they’re holding.

High-density padding is a decent cushioning option, but layered felt much softer and gives a more pleasant sitting surface for the bow.

Size of a Bow Case

Some people may have concerns with utilizing a hard bow case, despite the fact that they are extremely desirable ways to store your bow. Some of the drawbacks of using a hard case are listed below.

The rigid casing isn’t bendable at all. There will be no “wiggle space” if you purchase a case that isn’t quite broad enough for the bow. Due to the nature of the molded foam insert that supports the bow, there won’t be many places for storing minor accessories in the box.

Rigid bow cases are often bulkier than soft bow covers. If you haven’t been able to find one with tires and plan to carry it for a long distance, the weight may be a concern.

You won’t be able just to put the bow inside and close the lid in all circumstances. In addition, certain hard bow cases need you to disassemble your bow in order for it to fit properly, which means you’ll be continuously setting up and disassembling it whenever you go someplace.

Scuffing is a possibility in this case. People’s perspectives as to whether this is good, terrible, or neither may be debatable. If you fly frequently, the bow case is likely to get banged by luggage handling procedures and will rapidly become worn out.

Some people may think this is a positive thing since the case is performing its job, while others may not appreciate how rapidly their bow case wears out.

The cost will be a major concern and a decisive factor for some people. The cost of a hard bow case is often greater than the average soft bow case.

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