A Holistic Easton 5mm Axis Carbon Arrows Exclusive Review

easton 5mm axis carbon arrows review

Here is a complete Easton 5mm Axis Carbon Arrows review to make an informed decision to enhance your hunting experience.

The Easton 5mm Axis carbon arrows are engineered to give shooters a compact, heavier-hitting Axis carbon arrow that is extremely durable and dependable. In addition, they have a sleek look while carrying adequate weight to give the type of propulsion needed for large sport hunting.

The Axis arrows are tiny diameter arrows with only an advertised outer diameter of 5mm. This ranges somewhat according to the arrow’s spine, with the most versatile 700 spines being 0.245″ and the sturdiest 260 spines being 0.280.”

Despite its slim shape, the Axis is a hefty arrow, with both 300 and 260 spine arrows measuring in at over 10 GPI.

Because of its reduced size, it glides quicker because it is less influenced by crosswinds, allowing it to stay on track to the objective. In addition, its compact size has a 24 percent higher Kinetic Energy Density, which means it has more stopping power when it reaches the surface.

The X HIT 8-32 inserts and an X nock are included with the Axis. All carbon arrows with a tiny diameter have been proved time and time again. Faster, stronger, and more lethal.

Countless successful hunts attest to the incredible efficacy of a basic principle that results in more downed large animals. The micro profile concentrates kinetic energy into a very tiny frontal area, resulting in reduced friction and hence better penetration.

As the shaft travels through animals with much less resistance behind the broadhead channel, it penetrates deeper. Because of their tiny diameter, AXIS arrows fly considerably better in crosswinds than ordinary carbon arrows.

As a result, broadheads will hit the target more frequently in the field. It is readily available throughout the country and can be purchased in almost any pro shop.

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Rings for Broadhead Adapters (BAR)

When utilizing broadheads with O-ring or by other compression-based blade retention solutions, these rings were designed to give a wider mounting area.

In the context of mechanical broadheads, they additionally strengthen the ends of the arrows to protect them against strong strikes and blade expansion.

These rings increase 5 grains towards the front of the arrow, but they significantly improve their effectiveness in striking and sustaining velocity through the target. The table below shows how to match the BAR to the arrow spine.

Steel Field Points (Deep Six)

These points come in two sizes: 125 grain and 100 grain. In addition, they’re compatible with the Deep Six X inserts.

Multi Points by Easton

You may get these points in 125, 100, 85, or 75 grains, with point sizes of 11/32, 5/16, 17/64, and 9/32.

Easton RPS Hardened Steel Points with Nickel plating

This is a nickel-plated hardened steel point, as the name indicates. It comes in a variety of sizes: Grain weights: 125, 110, 100, 90, 80, 70, 60, 50, and 17/64 to 9/32. They are well-made screw-in points.

Easton X RPS Inserts 5mm Deep Six Steel

These Deep Six inserts must be inserted in order for the Deep Six Field Points to be utilized on the Axis arrows. They are sold in dozen packets.

Specifications For Easton 5mm Axis Carbon Arrows

  • .003″ straightness
  • Carbon-composite fibers with high strength
  • Inserts are placed on a 340 spine that has been trimmed to 30 inches in length.
  • Carbon composite fibers with a micro diameter of 5mm
  • 5mm x nocks are already fitted.
  • Installed 8/32 hit inserts


Customer feedback on the Axis arrows has been consistently excellent, with many individuals identifying them as their go-to arrows for all sorts of hunting, but particularly big game.

The BAR should be put to the tip of the arrow to allow it to be reinforced, extending the arrow’s lifespan and providing more stopping power.

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