Hoyt Nitrum 34 Compound Bow Exclusive Review: An Overall Guide.

hoyt nitrum 34 compound bow review

In this guide, we will talk about the complete hoyt nitrum 34 compound bow review to get a clear idea about this product.

The Hoyt Nitrum 34 compound bow is the updated Nitrum range longer-framed variant. These compound bows are new for 2015, as well as they feature an innovative aluminum riser construction that improves rigidity and resilience. In addition, the bow is properly proportioned and adequately weighted for shooters of a little bigger size.

The innovative Offset Riser Structure on the Nitrum family of bows was designed particularly to improve compound bow functionality. It was included in the TEC Lite riser to enhance the riser’s robustness without increasing weight.

The installation of the Zero Torque Cable Guard Solution eliminates cable torque and improves precision. This adjustable arm guides the cabled torque in the other direction whenever the bow is pulled to counteract the stress on the riser.

The Hoyt Nitrum 34 compound bow is propelled by the innovative Z5 cam and 12 system, which combines well with the XTS Pro Arc to produce a seamless draw and lots of paces. The draw length choices on the bow vary from 25 to 31 inches in half-inch increments, with three cam sizes to choose from.

The bow even has a number of features that help to reduce vibration as well as sound while maximizing performance. For example, shock Rod technology is utilized to silence unwanted noise created during the shot, and also, the Perfect Balance Stabilization System ensures that the bow is finely balanced for a far more steady draw.

Browse the Hoyt Nitrum 34 compound bows on offer to get the latest tournament bows that perfectly suit your demands.

The Hoyt Nitrum 34 compound bow is available in multiple colors.

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Bow Characteristics

  • Arc Limbs XTS Pro
  • Limbs with Parallel Splits
  • 12 Performance System & Turbo Cam
  • Design of an Offset Riser
  • Cable Guard System 
  • The Shock Rod
  • Nike Air Shox
  • String Suppression System for Stealthy Shots
  • Cables and Fuse Strings
  • Solution for Silent Shelves
  • Personalized Fit Pro-Fit Grip

Specifications for the Hoyt Nitrum 34 Bow

  • Version: 2015
  • Draw Weights: 30-80 lbs.
  • Draw Lengths: 25-31″
  • ATA length: 34″
  • Brace Height: 6-3/4″
  • Weight: 4.2 lbs
  • Let-Off: 75%
  • IBO Speed: 330 fps


Hoyt made a conscious effort to provide the Nitrum 34 in every color they had available as a multifunctional bow. In addition, the dipping procedure for the aluminum series risers has been refined and results in a very attractive finished product.

Hoyt also has the BoneCollector, American Heritage, as well as Vixen choices, which have somewhat different designs and color schemes. Hoyt also opted to provide a plethora of options for individuals looking for a foam shooter.


Underneath the riser shelf, wherein the front mounting stabilizer joins to the hunting Hoyt Nitrum 34 compound bow, Hoyt has developed a riser cage, the same as what they provide on target hunting bow types.

This cage lowers torque and clenches things up somewhat, which the shooter may not notice, but this should result in improved efficiency. The Stealth Shot rear mounting string stopping function is situated at the front of the riser cage.

This placement also aids in reducing the perceived vibration caused by the arrow being shot downrange. In addition, Hoyt has used an offset riser layout above the sight image to get a more accurate center shot. Finally, to enhance strength, the breadth of the riser is also extended in this area.

The riser does contain aluminum to aid with this; however, the total weight would still be a decent 4.2 pounds before you add extras. This isn’t the lightest hunting bow available, but it’s never overly large or thick. The quiet shelf is also back on the Nitrum 34. This offers rubber to the region surrounding where the rest connects directly from the manufacturer to aid with just about any noise the rest or arrow may make when touching the riser shelf.


Hoyt grips are fantastic, but they will also come with four alternatives direct from the manufacturer, including side plates or a one-piece layout. Grips are totally subjective, and having multiple alternatives to select from right from the factory is a wonderful concept from Hoyt’s engineers.

Eccentric System

The Z5 cams are identical to those seen on the Spyder range in 2014; however, with all of that upgraded, the familiar sensation of the Z5 cam is excellent. The Nitrum 34 is adjustable from 25 to 31 inches in half-inch increments. The first cam is for modules 25-26.5, the second for modules 27-29, and the third for modules 29-31.

Hoyt has used ATA speed estimations to promote 330 feet per second. This isn’t a lightning-fast speed. However, shooters will have no difficulty getting the promised figures right out of the box without the use of a super tuner.

Draw Cycle

The Nitrum 34 offers an excellent feel, even for shooters coming from a shorter axel-to-axel bow. The 34 is fairly steady, holds well, works well, and is enjoyable to shoot. The Z5 cams are not designed for speed, yet they function admirably at 330 feet per second.

The back wall on the Z5 cams is quite good, and the valley allows for some leeway if shooters want to cheat forwards a little to obtain a better glance at the target.

Floating the pin on the target is almost simple with the 34, thanks in part to the long riser but also to the string angle, which also appears to suit extremely well.

There is some shaking after the shot, although it may be mitigated with a stabilizer or other attachments. The Nitrum 34 is not overly heavy in most hunting circumstances as a hunting bow, yet the specifications feature excellent shooting ability as a target bow. Without question, the 34 is a worthwhile test shot.

Things We Like

Things We Don't Like


The Nitrum 34 has a larger axel-to-axel ratio, but owing to the length of the riser, it appears to be a bit firmer. The zero torque cables guarding technology and riser stiffness and stability upgrades may not be immediately noticeable in terms of how the Hoyt Nitrum 34 compound bow performs, and they should also prove to be somewhat more practical.

The 34 string angle is considerably smoother than the 30 string angle for those on the longer side of the draw length range. Because of how well the 34 holds, it is simple to shoot. When the arrow is released, the noise is quite low, and any felt vibration is readily remedied with a stabilizer. Apart from a youngster blasting 330 feet per second, it’s difficult to find fault with the Nitrum 34.

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