Hoyt Nitrum 30 Compound Bow Review: An Exclusive Assessment

hoyt nitrum 30 compound bow review

If you are looking for an accurate Hoyt Nitrum 30 Compound Bow Review, then we have the right answers for you. Check out this guide to learn more.

The Hoyt Nitrum 30 is an excellent compound bow with an innovative offset riser that gives you a stiff platform. This is the perfect bow for those wanting a short axle-to-axle length. It has a Zero Torque Cable Guard, enabling you to tune the bow effectively while reducing torque on the riser.

The Hoyt Nitrum 30 retains the Z5 cam; you will find it to be smooth. The cam has a speed of 332 fps which is not as fast as its competitors.  This is a versatile bow suited for any hunter that is willing to meet the flagship price.

Main Features:

  • Weight: 3.9 Pounds
  • Axle to Axle length: 30’’
  • Draw length: 24’’ – 30’’ 
  • Speed: 332 fps
  • Z5 Cam 
  • XTS Pro Arc multi-layer laminated parallel split limbs
  • Perfect Balance Stabilization System
  • Zero Torque Cable Guard System
  • Multi-layered limbs
  • Air shock system


The Hoyt Nitrum 30 comes in various colors, which is great for those who want to stray away from traditional options. The colors and patterns have a polished look and can be paired with a color kit. RealTree has contributed to the excellent finish of this bow.

The colors include; RealTree Xtra, RealTree Max 1, RealTree AP Snow, and Real Tree AP Pik. You may also choose to purchase an all-black or include black colors on the riser and limbs. Hoyt has also released a new Harvest brown color. You also get to select from a wide array of colors for rubber dampeners.


The Nitrum 30 has four different choices in grip, and the one-piece wooden grip is the most sought-out grip of the lot. Hoyt offers Side plates as well if you are looking for a slimmer grip.

All four grips feel different, making it a versatile choice for all types of hunters. You can choose the one that works well for you. Hoyt also allows you to make a customized choice of grip color.


The aluminum riser fitted on the Hoyt Nitrum 30 is the strongest of risers Hoyt has manufactured. Two designs enable the shooter to make comfortable and accurate shots.

While the bow itself is short, the long riser helps the shooter find a stable platform for their shots. In addition, the perfect balance stabilization system plays an important role in grounding the bow, enabling it to be forgiving.

The sights, rests, and quivers are fitted on the same side of the Hoyt Nitrum 30, and this adds a considerable amount of weight to one side; The sights are difficult to keep centered at the full draw if you put in the arrows and broadheads.

The offset stabilizer helps in supporting countering the uneven load and provides a balance that helps in centering the bow. Finally, you will find that mounting hole in front of the string stop system, which takes on the vibrations from the strings preventing it from affecting the riser and your stability.

There have been several modifications to the riser design by Hoyt, Namely; The riser structure, The cage, and the Zero Torque Cable Guard System. These new features bring on strength and stiffness to the Nitrum 30. The Offset riser structure sits on top of the riser near the sight.

You will find that it had a wide tunnel and is at a slight angle to allow the string to face the centerline of the Atrium. The riser structure helps in stiffening the riser to minimize torque when the cables are drawn. The cage is set at the bottom of the rise, and it too helps strengthen the riser to prevent torquing.

While speaking of torquing, we can’t go without mentioning the Zero Torque Cable Guard System. When you draw the cables, the guard moves in towards the arrow. The moving part of the Gaurd system helps reduce torque that would otherwise be put on the riser. The features of the riser culminated in providing for increased accuracy.


The Nitrum 30 is versatile in that all hunters may find a use for this bow due to its flexible draw length range. This compound bow has six poundage arrangements; 40, 50, 60, 65, 70, and 80 pounds.

Although, as we said before, every hunter stands to gain something from this bow, those who prefer the 40-pound adjustment will be pleased with how light it is. On the other hand, some hunters may choose the 60-70 pound range as it allows them to place accurate shots with optimum comfort.

The limbs themselves are multilayered on the Nitrum 30; this allows you to shoot for long periods without compromising accuracy and performance. In addition, the limbs are attached to the riser in two places, with the Pro lock pockets having almost zero tolerance. As a result, the limbs do not compromise the overall look and aesthetic of the bow.

Many have complimented the Nitrum 30 for being silent; this feature can be owed to the Airshock system. The Airshock system is the dampener of the bow and is not attached to the limbs.

Instead, the limbs are pulled away from the system when drawn out; after the shot, the limbs pull back and transfer the shocks and reverberations to the dampener. The dampers absorb these vibrations and also prevent the bow from making any sound in the process.

Cam system

The Hoyt Nitrum 30 features the Z5 cam launched in 2014 but with a few minor upgrades on the riser strength and the installation of the Zero Torque Cable Gaurd system. The Z5 can be adjusted up to six inches between 24’’ to 30’’ inches in half-inch increments.

There are three draw ranges that you can choose from with the Z5 cam system; 24’’-25.5’’ inches, 26’’-28’’ inches, and 28’’-30’’ inches. The Nitrum 30 offers a speed of 332 fps which may be a letdown for many, but still is considerably fast!

Draw Cycle 

The Hoyt Nitrum 30 is a fast and extremely forgiving bow that enables you to have smooth transitions from every shot. While you may feel the weight before shooting but adjust in a nice valley and finish in a dead-end.

Some may be skeptical of the short Axle to Axle length, but you will find that it is sturdy during the full draw, although the angle may be steep and uncomfortable for some. In addition, the string is not taut; hence the shooter need not worry about the string leaving their hand unprecedented.

Some hunters have stated that you do feel reverberations after taking a shot, but it is silent. You can react by using accessories on your bow. For example, the Nitrum 30 offers quick shots at 332 frames per second, but there are counter bows on the market that offer much faster speeds.

In addition, the riser and zero torque cable guard system allow you to tune the bow with ease and improve the accuracy of shots.

Things We Like

Things We Don't Like


The Hoyt Nitrum 30 is perfect for hunting as it gives you smooth draws and is also very forgiving. While many are concerned with vibrations affecting accuracy, we feel that the bow is stable with added accessories. You will feel a slight ringing sensation post the shot, but nothing too bad affects your performance.

The Zero Torque Cable Guard System paired with the Riser Cage improves the bow’s performance and enables you to take effective shots. This bow is relatively easy to adjust and set up. The Hoyt Nitrum offers a speed of 332 frames per second. You can avail yourself of fast speeds with this bow but will find faster bows on the market.

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