5 Largest Ground Blinds Available In The Market

largest ground blinds

Space is something that many individuals, especially bowhunters, value, which is why we have compiled this distinct directory of the largest ground blinds for sale. While you may want to go big because you want to hunt in a group, you should also think about large hunting ground blinds.

We’ve found the five best ground blinds that stick out from the crowd as much larger and will easily accommodate two guys inside with no issue at all. Below is a more clear description of every blind, as well as a list of the characteristics you may get out of each.

1. Barronett Beast Ground Blind

Because this is a side-by-side hub blind, it is twice the other blinds’ dimensions.

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The Beast’s measurements are 160 inches long, 90 inches broad, and 80 inches tall. It is classified as a 6-person ground blind with suitable equipment for a prolonged visit.

Moreover, it is pretty lightweight to carry because of the ultralight cloth used in its structure, and it is simple to assemble because of the hub composition that allows it to burst open.

Apart from its dimensions, the blind’s features are as follows:

  • A ground skirt that wraps around the full circle to keep the wind at bay
  • In the corner is a full-length zipped door.
  • Pocket for equipment storage
  • Mesh shoot-through camo windows that can be replaced
  • 32-pound bodyweight

2. Barronett Big Cat 350 Ground Blind

The next largest ground blind on our list is classified as a three-person ground blind by the company.

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It is a five-hub configuration that claims to be extremely durable while also being simple to set up. The Big Cat is 90 inches long by 90 inches broad by 80 inches tall. The blind has 70 inches by 70 inches footprint.

Barronett introduced the Big Cat ground blind as a compact choice that also provides a lot of convenience to the hunter.

Among the blind’s characteristics are:

  • Design with five hubs for simple setup
  • Low-profile windows with improved shooting chances
  • Zero noise adjustment is made possible by the absence of zippers on the windows.
  • Mesh camo windows that can be removed and replaced
  • 19 pounds in weight
  • Two camo patterns are available.

3. Barronett Grounder 350 Ground Blind

This specific blind has been the most prominent in the Barronett collection.

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It allows you to acquire instant covering from a piece of gear that is simple to set up and dismantle. Another three-person ground blind with a decent height allows the hunter to sit up to attempt the shot.

Barronett blind has the same dimensions as the Big Cat, with 90 inches long x 90 inches broad measurements and an 80″ height.

Among the blind’s characteristics are:

  • Design with five hubs for easy setup and dismantling
  • 150D fabric with a black inside coating that is both durable and long-lasting.
  • The walls and canopy are water-resistant.
  • Mesh shoot-through windows that can be replaced
  • Pocket for equipment storage
  • The blind’s rear corner has a full-length zipped door.
  • 19 pounds in weight

4. Primos Double Bull Surround View Ground Blind

Our next recommendation for the largest ground blind is the Prime double bull surround view.

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Although it is regarded as one of the greatest blinds for bowhunting, our team members felt that the shooting window was too small to shoot their bow properly.

One of the fascinating features that make this blind the greatest hunting blind is the unique cloth with a camouflage print that allows you to view 300 degrees through the fabric while the deer cannot see you inside.

Any deer approaching the blinds can be easily seen coming from any direction. There will be no more deer creeping into range and startling you when you aren’t ready to make an immaculate shot.

It has a 60-inch by 60-inch floor area and a 70-inch height on the interior, making it the ideal 2-person ground blind. Most of the other blinds do not feature a 180-degree front window, so you have more shooting space with the Primos Blinds.

The main features of the blind are:

  • The blind comes with one-way, see-through walls with well-developed and built-in blackout curtains to minimize shadows. The deer cannot see in, but you can.
  • The new zip bag with backpack straps makes it simple to repack the ground blind.
  • Straightening the rods and tightening the ground blind takes less force with the Power Hub Framework.
  • It is highly durable and water-resistant.
  • A unique sun visor has also been added to the front portion of the blind to give sufficient shade inside the blind, thus providing help in camouflaging from the deer.
  • Brush loops on the exterior for tying twigs and branches for concealment.
  • It weighs only 26 pounds, including the carry bag.

5. Primos Double Bull Deluxe

This is the greatest blind for bowhunting with your child or a videographer to capture your hunt because it has so much space inside.

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The Primos Double Bull Deluxe features a very spacious room inside, with a 60-inch by 60-inch footprint and a height of 70-inches, providing you more privilege to walk around without stressing about banging the hunting blind and frightening the deer.

Because of the big and dark interior, you may sit towards the back of the hunting blind, making it nearly challenging for outside wildlife to notice your movements inside.

Among the blind’s characteristics are:

  • Thanks to the very easy Pack-N-Go Bag with backpack straps, the ground blind is very manageable to travel.
  • The Power Hub Framework of the blind speeds up and simplifies setup by accurately aligning the rods and pulling the cloth taut every.
  • Even with all your hunting gear and a backpack on, the large, zipperless rear entrance makes entering and leaving the hunting blind quiet and effortless.
  • Weatherproof and suitable for usage in all weather situations.
  • It only weighs 27 pounds.
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