Best Dovetail Bow Sights: Top 7 And Their Features!

best dovetail bow sights

It is definitely a great idea to use dovetail bow sights for hunting. However, it may depend on what makes the hunter more comfortable and provides better target precision. You can examine all the choices of bow sights that utilize dovetail mounts and try to discover the best one.

A standard bowhunting bow sight mount is fairly compact and typically aligns the eyesight window with the bow’s centerline.

This feature works for most hunters, beginners to professionals, and a majority of bowhunters have no problem using them. However, it may be desirable to use a dovetail bow sight to keep the sight away from your eyes.

The dovetail bar is 4-inch or 6-inch long and allows the sight to be placed further forward in the front portion of the bow riser.

Bowhunters have discovered that a stylus can be used to fine-tune the tip as well, resulting in a higher level of accuracy and precision shot. It won’t be wrong to say that the target bow sight is made almost entirely of dovetail extension rod mounts.

Keep in mind that there are a couple of drawbacks as well to using it for a particular shooter, depending on the preference and shooting ability. 

The list of dovetail bow sights for hunting below outlines what is currently most relevant in the market. We’ve also provided a more detailed overview of bow sights with dovetail.

1. Spot Hogg The Hogg Father Bow Sight For Hunting

Product Specifications

  • Construction is made of 6061 aluminum.
  • Knob for quick release
  • Dovetail Bar Detachable
  • 2nd and 3rd Axis Micro Adjustment
  • Horizontal and vertical coarse adjustments
  • Windage and Elevation may be adjusted without the need for a tool.
  • Pin Guard MRT
  • Pointer with Micro Adjustment
  • 14.8 oz in weight
  • Number of pins: single, double, three, five, and seven
Editor's Rating

The Hogg Father bow sight is made of 6061 Aluminum and was designed to provide hunters with one of the most robust hunting sights imaginable.

With the additional utilization of a 6-inch dovetail bar as well as a bow mount, the sight can easily be placed farther away from the riser. This also allows the shooter to remove the sight from the bow, and when reassembled, the sight will completely retain the original sight markings.

The bow sight offers the essential 2nd and 3rd axis adjustment found in a high-quality hunting field of vision. To assure accuracy, the tool-less tiny adjustable knobs make the process easy and comfortable.

The Hogg Father comes in a single pin, double pin, three, five, or seven-pin configuration, with either fixed or changeable pin styles.

2. Spot Hogg Fast Eddie XL Bow Sight For Hunting

Product Specifications

  • Aluminum 6061 construction
  • Rack Stop- For an immediate “zero” return
  • Pin Guard MRT
  • Dovetail Sight Bar 6″ Lightweight with Quick Release
  • 2nd and 3rd Axis Micro Adjustment
  • Horizontal and vertical coarse adjustments
  • Adjustment Without Using Tools
  • Construction is made of 6061 aluminum.
  • 13.2 oz in weight
Editor's Rating

The Fast Eddie XL is inspired by the original Fast Eddie’s tiny and streamlined appearance. In addition, a 6” dovetail bar adds another level of accuracy to the shooter’s arsenal. The sight is made of 6061 aluminum and includes robust sight housing to protect the pins.

It includes 2nd and 3rd axis simple adjustability, and changes are executed using a toolless technique, making it an easy and straightforward procedure to acquire accurate yardage settings indicated by a crisp pointer.

Like the others in the Spot Hogg line, the bow sight is protected by Multi-Ring Technology, which improves precision by aiding with sight-to-peep synchronization.

3. Trophy Ridge React One Dovetail Bow Sight For Hunting

Product Specification

  • One-pin sighting
  • Pin sizes .010″ or .019″ are made entirely of engineered aluminum.
  • Stainless steel hardware that is long-lasting.
  • Tool-free micro-click windage and height alterations and adjustments
  • Brightness adjustment using rheostat light
Editor's Rating

Trophy Ridge’s React line of bow sights is designed to allow for rapid and accurate adjustments with a simple setup. React Technology allows the pins to be precisely positioned, giving you more confidence that the distance will be exact every time.

The Trophy dovetail mount allows you to put the sight distanced from the riser while also allowing it to be readily withdrawn and reinstalled as needed.

4. HHA Tetra Dovetail Bar Bow Sight For Hunting

Product Specifications

  • Pin sizes:.010″ or.019″
  • Scope sizes: 1-3/8″, 1-5/8″, or 1-3/4″ 
  • Windage adjustment with precision
  • Adjustment of the 2nd and 3rd axes
  • Models are available in both left and right-handed configurations.
Editor's Rating

The Tetra Tournament is a compact hunting and competition sight that has been designed to be the pinnacle in ultralight shooting and competition sights.

This single-pin bow sight blends the adaptability of up to 2.1″ of motion with a dovetail bar which allows you to adjust it nearer or even further away as needed while remaining firmly in place.

The adjustment dial gives you complete flexibility over how you cover the distance, and it also offers 2nd as well as 3rd axis modification. The bow sight pin sizes offered are .010″ and .019″, and there are three scope housing sizes to choose from as well.

The fact that this site contains dovetail rails signifies that it is a sliding site. This is great for bowhunters and 3D bow shooters who want to place their site further in front of the riser.

5. Rocky Mountain 5-Pin Dovetail Bow Sight For Hunting

Product Specifications

  • All-aluminum construction 
  •  Five pin 
  •  Fully captured .019 “pin 
  •  Tool-free fine-tuned wind direction and elevation adjustment 
  •  Built-in light adapter 
  •  2nd and 3rd axes are adjustable 
  •  Laser-etched wind and elevation markings
Editor's Rating

This high-quality, durable, and sturdy bow sight is available at a comfortable price among similar standard sights. In addition, the dovetail mount provides additional adjustment features such as second and third axis adjustments, making this a very versatile 5-pin site.

The pen is 0.019 inches and changes from a green color to red color to green, etc., so it’s uncomplicated to use and bright enough to ensure a clear view in any light conditions.

This one is a solid sight, and you can take it firmly in front of the bow and witness or shoot it nearby. Moreover, it offers all the customization options a hunter may want at a much more affordable price than similar attractions available.

6. Black Gold Ascent Verdict Bow Sight For Hunting

Product Specifications

  • PhotoChromatic technology 
  • SkyCoil Light Collection 
  • “Dial of Death” fine adjustment knob 
  • Adjustment of the 2nd and 3rd axes 
  • Level head sight ring 
  • XFrame based 
  •  Zero out function 
  • Machined aluminum protection 
  • Weight: 8.7 oz
Editor's Rating

The Ascent Verdict is a very durable sight that uses PhotoChromatic Technology. This technology prevents the pins from becoming overly bright when the surrounding circumstances are clear and bright.

Use SkyCoil to collect sufficient light to make the pins bright and easy to see in dark places. Adjustments can be made using the “Dial of Death” adjustment procedure, which allows everything to move smoothly and effortlessly, making small and precise changes.

It also has a zero-out feature, so you can dial straight to a given distance without looking. This bow sight model allows the shooter to expand the range of available positioning by utilizing a 4-inch dovetail base rather than the standard mount.

7. CBE Engage Hybrid Bow Sight For Hunting

Product Specifications

  •  Pin size: .010 “or .019” 
  •  Weight: 13.2 oz 
  •  Adjustment of the 2nd and 3rd axes 
  •  Rotate the micropin system 
  •  Armed Security Fiber Management System 
  •  Hybrid height adjustment 
  •  Finely adjustable wind 
  •  Fluorescent peep alignment ring 
  •  Laser engraved aluminum field of view length
Editor's Rating

CBE is a bow sight that stands out for its comfort of adjustment thanks to the Revolve MicroPin system, which allows you to seal the pins apiece, snapping in one pin without influencing the other and fine-tuning it.

This smooth action fixed pin site benefits from the blade pins available on .010 inches or .019 inches fibers. Because of the bright and unmistakable fluorescent alignment ring as well as the sight light, it works perfectly even in dark places.

This is one of the bit pricey 5-pin sites, but it is very easy to use and provides sufficient versatility and accuracy.

The Benefits of Using Dovetail Bow Sights

Adjustability – It entails the ability to shift the sight forward as well as backward to accommodate your installation. You may also move the sight pretty close to the riser, allowing you to aim quite precisely by completely aligning the sight housing with the peep.

Quick removal – the dovetail mount allows you to attach and withdraw the sight from the bow swiftly.

Fine Tune Aiming – By moving the sight even further, you are basically making the targeting process more precise but only if you are already skilled at keeping your bow steady. Also, a minor movement will cause the pin to move more in your vision window when the pin is far away.

It’s best to continue with a conventional hunting mount if you haven’t mastered holding the bow stable at full draw.

Can Assist with Poor Vision – As individuals become older, they may notice that the pins on a normal sight mount are no longer as sharp as they once were.

The ability to shift the sight further out allows you to bring the pins again into greater focus.

Of course, there might be other reasons why you’re having difficulty focusing on the pins, and it’s worth checking into some other potential bow sight improvements for persons with impaired eyesight.

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