What Happened to Lone Wolf Treestands?

What Happened to Lone Wolf Treestands

If you’ve been wondering what happened to Lone Wolf Treestands, don’t worry. The company is back! They are 100% American-made again! They learned their lesson when they decided to ship their production outside the country. This year, they’ve made some improvements to their stands and they’re ready to hit store shelves everywhere! Read on to find out why. The company’s new treestands are better than ever!

Lone Wolf Treestands

lone wolf treestands went back to andrae

The company behind the Lone Wolf treestands has been sold to many different companies. One of them, novix outdoors, bought the company for more than a billion dollars. But now, things have changed. They aren’t selling treestands anymore, but they have rebranded themselves as Lone Wolf Custom Gear, which will release a new climber in the near future. But until then, you can’t buy them anywhere else.

This company makes treestands with cast aluminum. Their production and sales rights are now owned by XOP, a Chinese manufacturer. But this company didn’t just copy Andrea D’Acquisto’s design. They sell their designs to other companies, too, including XOP, which makes quality treestands for a fraction of the price. In fact, the company has been around for over 30 years.

lone wolf treestands trademark infringement

The LONE WOLF Treestands trademark infringement case involves the alleged use of the LONE WOLF (r) name and wolf head logo, in violation of a 2006 license agreement. The lawsuit also claims use of other unlicensed marks, including the name Alpha. The plaintiffs, A&L Industries, LLC, and Weaver Enterprises, Ltd., filed the lawsuit, claiming trademark infringement, unfair competition, false designation of origin, and breach of contract under Wisconsin law.

The Lone Wolf Manufacturing Company, Inc., began selling tree stands in 1984. These tree stands are elevated platforms mounted on trees. Hunters stand on these platforms to see their prey. Andrae D’Acquisto, the company’s former president, has denied trademark infringement, and the company will continue to sell treestands. Although the company first produced treestands outside the U.S., it later moved production to the Midwest.

lone wolf treestands breach of contract

The Lone Wolf Treestand has become a standard in the hunting industry for over 25 years, and they are constantly thinking of new ways to improve their products. They use high-grade castings and materials for all of their products, and their exclusive cast aluminum designs are the latest in hunting gear. These products are essential for serious hunters, and they are backed by extensive product knowledge and expert opinion. Here are some examples of how customers can resolve disputes with Lone Wolf.

Oak Leaf also has counterclaims against A&L, claiming that D’Acquisto violated its trademark rights and breached the contract. Oak Leaf argues that D’Acquisto did not legally terminate the license agreement in 2006, and the continued use of its LONE WOLF(r) trademark is inconsistent with the 2006 license agreement. Oak Leaf’s use of the LONE WOLF trademark and its confusingly similar mark violates the agreement.

lone wolf custom gear’s.75 treestand

Lone Wolf Alpha Hang On II Treestand

A.75 Treestands – These treestands combine the best features of the.5 and 1.0 models. They’re incredibly lightweight and feature an extended length of 27 inches. They also come with integrated stick holders, so you can use them even if you don’t have enough hands to hold the stick. Lone Wolf Custom Gear has been in the hunting technology business for over 30 years.

– Wind Indicators – Lone Wolf Custom Gear’s Wind Indicator holds a bag of powder or milkweed while you determine the direction of the wind. The compass included with the treestand features a rubberized finish for noise reduction and silence. Additionally, it features a retractable carabiner and a compass for easy direction finding. Lastly, you’ll need a hunting license to use this stand.

lone wolf custom gear’s website not yet announcing treestands

While you’re browsing the Lone Wolf custom gear’s website, you might notice a treestand isn’t listed. The company isn’t yet announcing treestand models, but you can bet it’s coming soon. The lip-top stand has an incredibly low profile, and the Lone Wolf quick strap makes it easy to secure it to your treestand. It’s quiet, waterproof, and only 21 pounds.

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