The Best 2 Piece Quivers In The Market

best 2 piece quivers

The 2 piece bow quivers should be properly considered and evaluated while seeking for the best bow quiver for hunting. They offer a light, quiet, and adaptable solution.

When it comes to bowhunting, quivers are sometimes overlooked. Quivers are one of the most significant bow attachments since they haul and shield your arrows.

The goal of a quiver is to keep your arrows safe and secure until you’re ready to utilize them at the range or in the field.

Quivers occur in a variety of forms and sizes, each with its own set of characteristics. For a quieter shot, some quivers even have vibration dampening.

A quiver is a must-have piece of bow hunting gear. It is worthwhile to make certain that it is of high quality. A bow quiver is preferred by the bulk of hunters because of its mobility.

The best 2 piece quivers are the lightest and also most adaptable of the bow quivers. Over the years, a large number of excellent quivers have been constructed.

1. Trophy Ridge Hex Light 2 Piece 5 Arrow Quiver

This compact, ultralight quiver with four bright green LED lights helps you see what you are doing when you want to go for an arrow.

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Because of the adjustable twin grippers, the quiver can hold up to 5 arrows of regular or micro diameter.

The hood has a soft-touch finish and has been designed to accept fixed or mechanical broadheads without accidentally deploying them.

Three of the lights are positioned on top of the hood. With a third light inside, it’s much easier to operate even in low light situations.


  • Five arrows quiver in two pieces with LED lights
  • In low light, the built-in LED lights highlight the arrows and surroundings.
  • The smaller hood is ideal for hunters who may not detach the quiver from their bow.
  • Dual arrow grippers with customizability
  • With many mounting points, it easily mounts to a bow.

2. Octane Two-Piece Quick Detach 5 Arrow Quiver

The Octane 2 piece arrow quivers are designed to give hunters a high-quality means to transport their arrows without fear of failure.

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This five arrow quiver is part of the Bowtech Quivers 2 piece – Archery product line.

The most prominent element is a rubberized magnetic hood extension that keeps the broadheads securely in place and centered in their slot. 

This feature has two benefits: one, it keeps the mechanical heads from accidentally deploying, and second, it keeps the blades sharp since they do not rub together.

The quiver incorporates quick-detach riser connectors and a Teflon covering to try and keep it silent. It is also highly adjustable, having a complete circle range with up to 6 inches of forwarding and backward mobility.


  • Magnetic Hood Insert
  • Pre-Cut Foam Insert
  • Two-Piece Quick Detach
  • 360-Degree Adjustability
  • Centerline Mass Balance
  • Mounting a Parallel Arrow
  • Extraction of the Silent Arrow
  • Universal Fitting

3. Trophy Ridge Vault Quiver (2 Piece) 5 Arrow

The Trophy Ridge vault quiver is small and lightweight. As a result, it is suitable for a wide range of compound bow makes and models.

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It has two arrow grippers to keep the arrows securely in place. A variety of mounting components are also available. As a result, it is adaptable for use on bows of various sizes and styles.

With a weight of under 10 ounces, Trophy’s five arrow quiver can easily house broadheads, so they don’t slam with each other. It also sits close to the riser, keeping it out of the way of the bow sight.


  • Several mounting points for various manufacturers
  • All mounting hardware is included and weighs about 10 ounces.

Why choose 2 piece quivers?

The best 2 piece quiver lets you place it on any sized bow riser and yet have a satisfactory fit. Customize the quiver’s appearance depending on the length of the arrows you use.

The hood should always fit nicely over the broadheads. There should be no mobility that causes rattling, or this might dull or damage the blades, or it could mistakenly deploy mechanical heads.

It’s lightweight compared to full single-piece quivers. The lighter weight of the quiver is understandable, given that the entire central section of the quiver is missing.

The weight savings from employing a 2 piece quiver can be critical to the bow’s balance, impacting accuracy.

The 2 piece quiver is placed near the riser. Because of the way the 2 piece compound bow quivers attach to the bow, it can be configured to hug the bow riser nearly. In addition, the profile becomes more streamlined by completely removing the central section.

There is less arrow vibration. The top and bottom of the quiver attach independently of one another. When the bow vibrates, it does not affect the bottom.

As a result, the two parts can absorb vibration in a way that does not produce as much noise as a single-piece quiver.

Final Words

Finding the best 2 piece quiver for hunting is becoming increasingly difficult. As a consequence, it appears that the single component is preferred, which can then be separated whether you’re in your blind or up in your tree stand.

This is quite unique because there is still substantial support for the archery quivers 2 piece hunting. And they continue to perform an excellent job.

The recommendation is to keep an eye out for them. When you come across one of the above-mentioned proven performers, buy it and place it on your bow.

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