What Happened to Pat Reeves First Wife, Holly?

What Happened to Pat Reeves First Wife, Holly?

What happened to Pat Reeves’ first wife, Holly, is an intriguing story. In 1996, Holly stepped through a shooting lane without offering a shot and ended up being spooked by a bruin. In the aftermath, her daughter Nicole reeve stepped through the shooting lane and arrowed a bruin. It seems that Pat Reeves’ prophecy has come true in an unusually compelling way.

Nicole reeve arrowed a bruin

Nicole Reeve is no ordinary bear hunter. She is an expert archer and once arrowed a bruin in front of thousands of television viewers on “Live Hunts” on the Outdoor Channel. Her first wife, Holly, is a third-grade teacher and has four children from a previous marriage. The show was the first to feature a woman archer in the role.

After killing the bear, Nicole and Pat moved to another location. Nicole stepped out of the tree stand and Pat retreated. As they approached the tree, a bear spooked and took off, missing Pat by six feet. The incident was a highlight of the film “Driven.”

Pat reeve’s prophecy proved true in compelling fashion

The proverbial “bear is coming” was proven true while I was tree-stand hunting. Pat Reeve prophesied that bears would return, and sure enough, it did. The bear snatched a fly out of my hand, jumped up the tree stand ladder, and crashed into the limbs below. It was then that Nicole and I realized Pat had a bear. Nicole immediately ran and patted him.

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