Diamond Infinite Edge Pro Bow Review

Diamond Infinite Edge Pro Bow Review

Whether you’re looking for an adjustable draw length or a curved blade with a dual cam system, a Diamond Infinite Edge Pro is the right choice for your needs. The following article will discuss some of the features you should look for when buying a diamond blade:

Genesis Original Bow

Adjustable draw length from 13″ to 31″

The adjustable draw length of a Diamond Infinite Edge compound bow allows for a wide range of adjustments from 13 inches to 31 inches. This bow is also adjustable for draw weight from five to seventy pounds. Whether you’re a tall or slender archer, the Infinite Edge offers a draw length that fits your needs perfectly. You can adjust the draw weight from five to seventy pounds by turning the limb bolts clockwise to make the bow heavier or counterclockwise to reduce the weight.

Another great feature of the Diamond Infinite Edge bow is its adjustable draw length. The draw length can be adjusted anywhere from thirteen inches to 31 inches. It is perfect for growing archers. Its draw length is also adjustable from thirteen inches to thirty-one inches, making it perfect for a variety of archery styles. This feature is especially important for beginner archers because it is important to wait for a good shot opportunity before you can get the distance you need.

Stiff back wall

The Diamond Infinite Edge is a decent compound bow, and features a stiff back wall that helps archers find an anchor point. However, the draw length chart for this model is not very accurate. This means you need to know how much weight to draw, and if the back wall is stiff enough, you will need to use more force. The draw weight range on this model is twelve to 29 lbs.

Dual cam system

The Dual cam system (also known as “Twin Cams”) has two elliptical cylinders that move together to create an even draw cycle. This result is a smoother draw cycle with no bump before a valley. This chart can help you determine the draw length for your particular arrow. The Dual cam system also offers better stability and accuracy. If you’re looking for a cam system that works well in multiple settings, the Dual Cam system may be right for you.

This system offers easy adjustability of draw length from 13 to 31 inches and up to 70 pounds. It also provides 80% let-off at peak draw. This makes it easier to hold your bow steadily when it is fully drawn. And unlike a traditional cam system, a Dual cam system can also be adjusted in half-inch increments. In addition, it allows you to adjust the draw weight with ease.

Lifetime warranty

The Diamond Infinite Edge comes with a lifetime warranty. This warranty will cover any malfunction that you may encounter. However, if you have a problem, you must contact the company within 30 days of purchase. After you receive your order, the company will inspect it to determine the issue. It is important to understand the terms of this warranty, as some models may not be covered by them. To get the full benefit of the warranty, you should check the product’s documentation and check for any defects or flaws.

The Infinite Edge Pro is a versatile, high-end compound bow that can be molded to fit most archers. Its adjustable draw weight can go from five to seventy pounds. It is great for all types of archery activities, including hunting and practice. The bow comes in Pink Blaze, Mossy Oak Country, and Black Ops colors, and is compatible with both compound and longbow arrows.

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