Diamond Infinite Edge Pro Review- Is It a Worthy pick?

diamond infinite edge pro

What We Don’t Like

  • Needs professional tuning
  • The plastic grip needs customization

In a market where there are many options, bows of different kinds with different upgrades and applications, it gets confusing to pick one bow from the pile of options that will suit the requirements. So, how can one find the right bow that matches their needs? 

Diamond Infinite Edge Pro Specifications 

Diamind Infinite Edge Pro Performance

  • Bow Type: Hunting, Recreation
  • Draw Length: 13-31″
  • Draw Weight: 5-70 lbs
  • MSRP : $379 w/ Pkg

Extended Draw Length & Weight 

With adjustable draw length, this bow can go up to 31″, which will suit archers of almost any height. Considerable draw weight that can weigh between 5-70 lbs, it is one of the main features that give a broad appeal. You can begin with this bow and slowly grow on it while learning and upgrading it. This versatile range of draw length and weight makes this a winner amongst the rest of the options. The bow is backed with a stiff black wall, which is a great

thing and will help find the anchor point. To adjust the draw weight, you have to tighten (or loosen) the limb bolts with a hex wrench.

Redesigned Cam system

This bow features a completely redesigned cam system. The top and bottom cam are placed elliptically and move in tandem to create a flawless cycle. For nock travel, accuracy, and overall speed, the bow is upgraded with improved dual cams. Backed with a solid black wall, it is low on noise, and the recoil makes it an excellent pick for hunters. A smooth draw cycle with a concrete back wall gives this bow an edge over all the other bows.  

Stabilizer & Riser

Infinite Edge Pro comes with an internal octane stabilizer and two Dura-Flx String dampeners that reduce the noise and vibrations. The loud noise might startle the target; hence this noise-canceling stabilizer is a bonus. This versatile bow is based off on a solid, ultra-light,

fully machined riser made from Aluminium. It has a dozen cut-outs, and the design allows for strength retention. 

Design & Performance

The bow is available in three colors, Mossy Oak, Pink

Blaze, and Black Ops, and all of them look amazing. The bow is adjustable, and there are three settings A, B, and C. 

This medium power bow with 70 lbs weight can shoot an arrow as fast as 310 FPS, quickly taking down a black bear.

Diamond Infinite Edge Pro – Should You Buy?

Diamond Infinite Edge Pro is an amazingly lightweight, adjustable, and manageable bow. With an adjustable draw weight and draw length, this bow makes an excellent pick for a beginner who can learn and understand shooting basics. The best part about is that it can be an excellent pick for a hunter. The adjustability of the product makes it versatile hence suitable for all kinds of archers. 

While this bow is versatile and has everything of the exceptional kind, it falls in a budget category makes it a winner. Diamond Infinite Edge Pro might have a con or two, but the product’s pros overshadow those.

This versatile bow is proof that quality, too, can come under a budget!

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