Top 7 Hunting Bipods For Savage Axis With Best Experience

bipods for savage axis

There are several rationales why you should consider installing a bipod to the Savage Axis rifle. Even though using a bipod one isn’t mandatory, there are many compelling reasons for utilizing one for enhancing the shooting outcomes.

If you don’t have accessibility to a bench rest, a bipod would be an excellent alternative to check zero. The most significant reason to install or buy bipods for Savage Axis rifles is to improve your chances of shooting precisely on rough ground.

The bipod you employ while shooting should be sturdy and durable enough to withstand the recoil of heavy recoil calibers like the savage axis 30-06 bipods. To ensure using it multiple times, the bipod must be locked up accurately so that it would not become loose with repeated usage. 

Another thing to consider is that the bipod should be adjustable in order to give a level firing platform over difficult terrain. It’s worth noting that the Savage lacks a rail system that allows accessories to be connected. 

Consider utilizing a sling swivel to Picatinny rail adapter to address this issue. This is a modest piece of equipment that converts the sling mount into a rail on which to put the bipod.

The Savage Axis rifle is an improved version of the Savage 110 bolt action rifle that was designed as a low-cost choice for shooters who want to benefit from the extremely accurate Savage engineering.

The rifle is regarded as a decent piece for a beginner, to begin with and serves well as a hunting rifle. It is well-known for being a durable, efficient, and low-cost alternative, so as far as bolt action rifles go. It will deliver satisfactory performance and is entirely appropriate to include a relatively affordable bipod to boost accuracy even further.

In this article, we have provided information about bipods with a maximum height of 13″ because these are the sizes most hunters have said they prefer while shooting the Savage Axis.

Smaller bipods with a height range of 6 – 9″ are also available and can be just as suitable for the purpose; it all hinges on how low you want to lie because you do not bench rest shooting.

1. Blackhawk Sportster Traverse-Track Bipod For Savage Axis

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This is an excellent robust platform that’s also compact and small in weight, as well as light enough to move over fair distances. The 9 – 13″ model was selected even though most hunters would gain more confidence utilizing one of these heights when hunting outdoors.

This is indeed a Traverse-Track bipod, which means it glides smoothly and seamlessly down a horizontal axis to engage and track targets. This bipod also has the capacity to rotate, which allows for level firing even on uneven ground. Its legs are made of sturdy, anodized metal that is not rusty and spring-loaded for installation ease.

Several users consider the bipod’s strength-to-weight ratio to be a disadvantage, especially those who want a more stable structure capable of withstanding severe tactical work. Nevertheless, that is more than suitable for Savage Axis, and the traverse and also pivot functions are an added plus.

2. Harris HBLMS Bipod For Savage Axis

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The Harris HBLMS Bipod is a simple, compact bipod featuring notched extensible legs that can be adjusted from 9″ to 13″. The S in the product label signifies that this specific model swivels, which makes it an ideal choice for usage on rough terrain and eliminates the need to fiddle with the position of the legs when you get it aligned.

The longer 9–13″ leg type is regarded as desirable for the shooter in the open who wishes to have a taller bipod for the shooting stand. Because of the bipod’s design elevation, it is possible to shoot from either a supine or a seated posture.

Even though the bipod is lightweight, measuring only 13oz, it is a heavy-duty set of machinery that can withstand usage with high-powered rifles. The legs of this bipod are spring-loaded but also telescopic, and they include manual frictional grip locking.

3. Caldwell XLA Pivot Bipod For Savage Axis

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The Caldwell XLA hunting bipod is a dependable shooting aid that attaches to the rifle through the sling swivel stud. The Caldwell Bipod is made of lightweight aluminum. Therefore it’s attractive and robust without adding a lot of extra weight.

The legs of the bipod can instantly be deployed by pressing a spring-loaded key. The bipod also offers the shooter to adjust the bipod height at a range of heights. The legs can be trusted to remain sturdy once they have been secured into place. A soft rubber foot at the base of every leg ensures a sturdy basis.

The bipod’s pivot function allows the user to adjust for rough terrain by up to 20 degrees. The bottom section of the bipod pivots separately from the top stock mount, allowing for rapid and seamless leveling.

4. CVLife 6-9 Inches Rifle Bipod For Savage Axis

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A big decision is required when purchasing an affordable bipod, although users who have purchased this earlier have reported positive outcomes. It is the kind of bipod that may be used with the Savage Axis.

It’s built of 7075 aviation aluminum alloy along with a hardened steel base, and it’s a solid and dependable shooting framework. It includes a high-strength mounting tension screw, which stays firmly in position.

The bipod may be attached to almost any sling swivel stud or to just about any Picatinny rail with the quick-release adapter. The robust springs allow the legs to be discreetly folded back to the initial position.

The legs are additionally notched so that they may be adjusted to one of five different lengths with the click of a button. Rubber antiskid foot patches are located at the ends of the feet.

It is necessary to note that the bipod does not provide pan or cant features, which suggests this might be challenging to locate a smooth, level ground upon which to fire.

5. ARMSTAC Tactical Bipod OP-I For Savage Axis

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This is a highly good quality bipod constructed of aluminum, which delivers durability without adding a huge amount of weight. It is a tactical bipod that is meant to be mounted on just about any Picatinny rail, such as the sling swivel stud.

This foldable bipod weighs just about 8 ounces and is scarcely detectable on the rifle. When releasing the legs, they may be adjusted to a number of various heights depending on the surface.

The ARMSTAC is an excellent hunting bipod, having legs that adjust from 9 to 11 inches. This height of the bipod has proven to be ideal for hunters who do not want to utilize a bench rest.

In addition, the legs are spring-loaded for rapid deployment, and undoubtedly, the rubber feet add sturdiness. This is a good bipod for Savage Axis installation, and this should be considered carefully, especially if budget is an issue.

6. Leapers UTG Tactical OP-1 Bipod For Savage Axis

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The Leapers UTG Tactical OP bipod is an excellent and stable bipod that is reasonably priced and designed with qualities that most hunters will like. The Leapers bipod has Picatinny with Swivel Stud mounts, allowing it to be readily installed to the Savage Axis without an adapter.

In addition, it is constructed from a blend of high-tech, long-lasting aluminum and a steel upper platform, assuring durability that will last for years.

The bipod’s panning capability allows it to offer a level platform when mounted over rough terrain. The legs stretch from 7.9″ to 12.7″, and they include a Posi-lock Wheel and a rapid retraction mechanism for a speedy release.

The rubberized feet have been inserted at the ends of the legs for enhanced performance when deployed. This bipod is one of the many lower-cost choices that makes perfect sense for a low-cost hunting rifle like the Savage Axis.

7. Barska Spring Loaded Bipod For Savage Axis

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This bipod is a small shooting stand constructed of aluminum that provides an excellent balance of lightweight durability. The manufacturer’s major draw is that it is a quick-release bipod due to the spring-loaded legs that may be swiftly retracted.

The legs include a post-lock wheel and a rapid retract button. The legs have a minimum height of 8 inches once deployed and may expand to a height limit of 11 inches. The thick rubber feet at the base of the legs also help in creating a more stable shooting platform.

The bipod features dual mounting capabilities, allowing it to be used with either the Picatinny rail mount or the swivel stud mount that is included.

For all those looking for a budget-friendly, practical shooting platform, this provides a fantastic bipod for the Savage Axis. It lacks the extra features found in some of the more expensive bipods, but it latches firmly and dependably.

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