How to Attract Deer With Peanut Butter

how to attract deer with peanut butter

If you’re thinking about how to attract deer with peanut butter, then you’ve come to the right place. This deer-attracting recipe is simple, and a jar of peanut butter is the perfect quick-hunting item. It’s also odor-free, so deer won’t be afraid of your ground blind, tree stand, or other objects that have a plethora of scents. The key to success is keeping the peanut butter within reach and easily accessible to the deer.

Big Game Peanut Butter

To make your yard a more deer-friendly place, try smearing a generous amount of peanut butter onto trees. These deer-friendly trees are typically close to the opening of your yard. When deer see the peanut butter, they’ll be tempted to lick it. You can also scrape some on trees to create a delicious odor. This trick works best if you use it sparingly.

To make it easier to lure deer, you can place a small jar of peanut butter nearby. You’ll need a screwdriver to mount the lid. Be sure to set it about four or five feet above the ground. Then, use a sharp utility knife to cut a clean incision on the bottom of the jar. Screw back the lid and you’re ready to lure deer. Remember that molasses is also effective.

Another way to attract deer is to put a jar of peanut butter near a tree. You can screw a jar to a tree using screws. Then, cut off the top of the jar and screw on the lid. If the weather is hot, you may want to cut the jar in such a way that the juices don’t run out. Whether or not the deer lick the peanut butter will stay on the jar is a matter of personal preference.

Many people have seen good results using peanut butter to attract deer. However, this method is controversial in some places as it is illegal to bait. In some areas, peanut butter attracts deer to feeders and salt licks, and the results are similar to those of feeding a mature buck. It can also be used as a scouting device. In addition to peanut butter, Big Game Peanut Butter is also rain-resistant and mold-resistant. It also boosts the growth of antlers and makes for an excellent deer food source.


To attract deer in your yard, spread peanut butter on trees. Many types of trees are attractive to deer. Spread the peanut butter about waist-high on the trees so deer don’t have to reach high to lick it. You can also scrape the peanut butter on the trees to create an appealing odor. Make sure the trees are near the opening in your yard. If possible, place them near your home.

Another way to attract deer is to place a jar full of peanut butter in trees. The deer will then lick the peanut butter from the jar. Make sure to place the jar close to where deer can access it easily. It’s best to place the jars in areas where deer are likely to be feeding. Make sure they’re warm enough to melt in the sun, though; otherwise, they won’t be attracted to the jars.

You can also use molasses or vanilla extract to attract deer. You can find a deer attractant in a nearby tree or in a deer stand. It will attract bucks and does at different times of the year. However, it’s not a sure thing. Some deer won’t come out if they smell the jars or the tree. That’s why a deer attractant is so essential.

Another way to attract deer with peanut butter is to mix it with a scented oil. These oils are similar to a mock scrape, which deer love. They’re legal in bear country, and are extremely effective for attracting deer. But you can also try other products to attract other animals, such as vanilla, honeysuckle, or oil of anise. It’s all a matter of using what works for you.


If you’re trying to attract deer to your yard, one of the best tricks is to use apples. Apples have a sweet aroma, which deer love. The scent is so delicious that they may be distracted while they search for apples. Additionally, apples can be planted near trees to attract deer, and you can place them at various heights to get the best results. If you’re not successful with apples, try spreading peanut butter and apple slices around a tree, or smearing them on the trunks of trees.

When attracting deer with apples, try hanging them from trees around your hunting area. Apples are a natural scent, and they make great deer bait. The apple scent can also be spread around a ten-foot square area with Homemade Deer Attract Feed. This will keep deer coming back even after the apples have been consumed. In addition to apples, you can hang acorns to attract deer and add a Homemade Apple Scent Attractant to your site.

Although apples are delicious for deer, they’re hard for them to digest. If they’re forced to eat only apples, they might starve to death. Apples do not provide the nutrients deer need for a balanced diet, and they can interfere with their seasonal eating habits. However, if you want to attract deer to your yard, then you should consider using apples as a bait. You can also try feeding the deer with corn or alfalfa, but keep in mind that these foods are not recommended for deer.

To attract deer to your yard, plant an apple tree near a tree cover. Apple trees grow best in full sun, so be sure to plant them close to trees and cover. If you live in a state that allows baiting, you can use sugar beets as a substitute. But don’t forget to plant at least two apples, and you should spread them around to attract deer. If you want to attract a lot of deer, you can also try feeding them apples as bait.

Human urine

If you want to attract deer to your property, you may be wondering how to attract deer with human urine. Although most deer will not run away from human urine, it can still pique their curiosity. It’s best to only leave urine in scrapes and other areas where deer can smell it. Human urine can also increase deer’s awareness, making them more likely to notice you. Nevertheless, if you’re truly serious about getting your game, you’ll need to follow these simple tips.

First, deer urine has a scent that they can detect. While our urine is largely water, deer urine contains approximately 100 different compounds. Some are specific to deer while others are common among other species. Because each deer has a unique odor profile, the urine can help identify the individual in a herd. It may also provide a clue to the health of the animal. In addition, human urine can also be attractive to deer.

To attract deer to your yard, plant a mixture of acorns and red clover in an area that is suitable for feeding. Other plants that can attract deer are chicory, orchard grass and acorns. Another method is to keep a bottle of human urine in the bathroom next to the toilet. This way, you can water your lawn and garden whenever you’re alone. Remember to dress in clothes that aren’t too deer-attracting. Blaze orange is a good choice, but blue jeans aren’t.

Lastly, you can use a scent that converts human urine into a deer attractant. ScentRelief uses human urine and a neutralization system to make urine an attractive cover scent. These are also a great economical alternative to expensive deer urine products. Just make sure you apply them regularly! You’ll be amazed at how good they smell when exposed to human urine! You’ll be amazed at the difference it makes in the success rate of your hunt.


If you want to attract deer to your yard, you can try attracting them with fruit. One fruit that deer are attracted to is apples. If you cut the apples into smaller pieces, mix them with peanut butter and then place them in a bowl. Mix them well until the peanut butter sticks to the apples. You can then place this mixture on trees in your yard, near the entrance or around a feeding site. You can also scrape the peanut butter on trees.

This tasty treat attracts both bucks and does. Unlike other attractants, peanut butter can hold on to pine trees, which means it will remain longer. Peanut butter is also attractive to coons, possums, birds, and other mammals. In early season, peanut butter and grape jelly spread on white bread is an excellent bait for attracting deer. In addition to fruits, you can also try grape jelly on white bread.

Another tasty fruit to attract deer is the petunia. These plants are inexpensive and easy to grow, and they are highly attractive to deer. Petunias are very effective in attracting deer and will also perk up your yard. Clematis vines are also very attractive to deer, although they require support. The scent is very pleasant for both species, so be sure to cover the plants with netting before using them.

Carrots and apples are another fruit that deer enjoy eating. Some people actually grow carrots in their yard for this reason. Others need carrots to distract the deer. Apples can be both fresh and rotten, so choose yours carefully. Just remember to feed them gradually. The bananas, especially, are not part of their regular diet, so the deer digestive system will have a harder time digesting them.

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