14 Top Rated Exclusive Soft Bow Cases By Customers

top rated soft bow cases

All that is necessary is that it gives adequate protection for the bow, that the bow fits snugly inside the case, and therefore has adequate storage room for arrows as well as other minor accessories.

The following list ranks 14 top rated soft bow cases based on user evaluations. The idea is that client satisfaction will define whether the case is excellent value for money. Hence the price is not factored into the equation.

When it concerns the variety of soft bow cases available on the marketplace, the deciding factor will come right down to the degree of padding support supplied by each case. Therefore how streamlined that will be if it includes the bow, the number of handles that bear up to regular usage, and the zippers’ dependability.

In general, most conventional bow cases will do an excellent job of safeguarding your bow. However, the more expensive end of the pricing range will go the additional mile to ensure that the cushioned bow case is not unduly bulky while still providing plenty of protection and structured storage locations in the shape of compartments and segmented spaces.

One thing to keep in mind is that similar to the same as compound bows come in a variety of sizes, and so have the bow cases that could be ordered to preserve them. If you utilize a small axle-to-axle bow, you won’t require one of the larger bow boxes available since the bow may move around within.

It’s even more critical that the bow case is big enough to accommodate your bow. Please take a closer glance at the bow case measurements provided below to obtain a proper understanding when selecting which one would be most acceptable.

A brief summary of each version is provided here, alongside each product specs and stated characteristics. Skim through the specifics of each to have a clearer sense of what makes each of the top rated soft bow cases more attractive.

The Top Rated Soft Bow Cases: Customer’s Choice

1. Legend Archery Superline Soft Bow Case Backpack

The Legend Archery soft bows case is among the most recent additions to the archery bow case scene, and this has proven to be an excellent compound bow soft case.

Editor's Rating

The robust cushioning and divided carrying sections give excellent support for the bow, and there is plenty of place for attachments in the additional pockets.

The case is 45.5″ x 16″ x 5″ in size, which is big enough to accommodate several modern compound bows. It also has large, easy-to-handle zippers. The zipper is also waterproof, ensuring that your gear remains clean regardless of the weather.

You may drape the bow case over your shoulder with the included shoulder strap, which further serves as a convenient grip for carrying the bow case. Whether it merely carries a bow or it has been filled with almost all of your supplies, this one will continue to be a very convenient bow case to handle).

The Legend soft bow case is a fantastic piece of gear that will keep the compound bow safe for multiple hunting excursions as you want to take it on. This also comes in a wide variety of colors to fit various likes and types.

2. SKB Field-Tek Deluxe Soft Bow Case

The waterproof finish on the surface of this soft bow case adds to its elegant appearance, giving it another more protected storage case for the bow.

The case’s inside length is 43 inches, making it readily big enough to fit any modern hunting bow.

Editor's Rating

Together with the bow case, there is more than enough extra storage with full-size zipped pockets on both the front and rear sides. The bottom frontal pocket has enough area for an arrow box, whereas the other compartments can be used to store minor accessories.

Whenever you consider the craftsmanship of the design, it’s easy to understand why the price bracket is so expensive.

3. Elevation Talon 46 Double Soft Bow Case

The Talon 46 bow case was created with a professional archer in mind who travels frequently.

Nevertheless, every bow hunter or 3D competitor should be able to make effective use of the capabilities built into it.

Editor's Rating

This soft case is great for anyone searching for a case that can hold a longer axle-to-axle bow.

There are also plenty of compartments to keep additional equipment in addition to having enough for two rigs, having internal measurements of 46′′ x 18′′ x 3′′ in every bow storing compartment.

String, as well as cam cradles, bow tie-down spots, as well as a semi-structured casing for additional protections are all integrated into the bow.

All of the shooting gear will be packed comfortably and securely thanks to compartments for shorter and longer stabilizers, and also a dedicated arrow compartment measuring 46′′ x 10′′ x 3′′.

Entire target faces can be stored in one of the bow case’s back pockets, which can also be used to carry a variety of items such as cloth if desired.

A handle with a shoulder strap is located on the outside for convenient carrying, and skid plates are located on the bottom to guarantee stability.

4. .30-06 Combat Rugged Soft Bow Case

Two compound bows can be stored in this soft bow case with two inside compartments.

In addition, the case’s 41-inch length can accommodate several hunting compound soft bows on the market these days.

Editor's Rating

The bow case’s additional components are also rather amazing, with two full-sized zippers that make accessing the bows a breeze. In addition, three storage compartments with sturdy zippers are excellent for storing small supplementary items.

The outer arrow pocket compartment is also convenient and enhances the case’s excellent selling factors. The padded handle, as well as the shoulder band, could be used to carry it.

5. Tarantula Supreme Soft Bow Case

Tarantula is sold underneath the Sportsman’s Outdoor Equipment label, and also the brand has efficiently created high-standard archery products at reasonable prices.

Editor's Rating

The Supreme soft bow case wins hands down. This one has been built to accommodate both antique compound bows and current parallel limb compound bows.

The Supreme is the kind of soft bow case that dedicated archers on a budget would appreciate. It prices less than $50, is very well built, and spacious enough to keep any hunting bow, making it the greatest soft bow case for the buck.

It also features lots of additional storage capacity, including an arrow compartment and four other accessory pockets, which are all zippered shut. A gear strap holds the bow in place, so it doesn’t slide about while being carried.

6. Tenzing TZ SB39 Hybrid Bow Case

A water-resistant hybrid bow case is a highly useful piece of technology, and the Tenzing SB39 provides one in a very fashionable outer shell.

In addition, the cushioning on the interior is 1″ wide, and the rear panel is extremely durable for optimum bow safety.

Editor's Rating

The bow has indeed been constructed to be spacious enough to suit current compound bows and also has two tiny mesh zipped pockets for accessory storage. However, with an MSRP of $149.99, this bow case is towards the upper end of the pricing spectrum.

7. Tarantula Deluxe Soft Bow Case with Tackle Box

This high-quality soft bow case is intended to accommodate both current parallel-limb bows and older style bows.

The bow is secured in place by an interior flap inside the case.

Editor's Rating

Also, there is a spacious interior compartment for storing gear and an exterior pocket for storing arrows.

A tiny external compartment is also integrated towards the front of the bow case, which houses the bag’s small tackle box.

This is a wonderful soft bow case for the money, costing roughly $60.00.

8. 30-06 Outdoors Bloodline Signature Series Soft Bow Case

This Bloodline series is a soft bow case that comes with a plethora of storage choices as well as plenty of room to preserve your compound bow.

Editor's Rating

In reality, it features two primary storage chambers, which means it can hold two bows.

Smaller goods may be properly kept and transported in the compartments located at various locations throughout the case. In addition, because there are seven organizational pockets around the outside of the case, you have lots of options for storing small objects.

The bow case has a total maximum space of 5080 cubic inches, and the composition is a good density substance that aids in water resistance.

9. Allen Gear Fit Pro Soft Bow Case

According to the manufacturer, this case is a 40-inch-long container that can easily carry bows up to 34 inches in length

The bag has seven additional compartments in addition to being neatly cushioned to give ample security for the bow.

Editor's Rating

An arrow pouch measuring 34″ is one of them. In addition, the bag’s pockets and main compartment are completely zippered closed, making it an excellent all-purpose hunting bow case.

The bow handle is generously cushioned, making it a joy to carry. But even though the MSRP is $72.00, you may get some incredible deals if you browse online.

10. Lakewood Products Single Soft Bow Case 45"

The manufacturer regards their bow cases as soft-sided hard bow cases. Therefore it falls within the category of soft bow cases.

This is the 45-inch container, which is ideal for storing and transporting compound bows up to 43-3/4″ in length.

Editor's Rating

The bow case is top-loading, as well as the bow is vertically positioned, snuggled in foam cushioning for safety. In this specific design, the bow is simple to store. The bow case’s surfaces are composed of sturdy ABS plastic and can withstand any jerks and bangs you may dish out.

In addition to housing a broad compound bow, the box can also contain up to 18 arrows but also additional gear and accessories. The case includes a shoulder belt for slinging and carrying.

11. Allen Gear Fit X Soft Bow Case

This great bow case is about in the center of the pricing band of the cases on this listing. Given what it delivers, the price of roughly $70 represents excellent value.

Editor's Rating

The inner portion is lined with suede for a velvety feel, and the walls are thickly cushioned to safeguard the bow from bangs. Straps are supplied to hold not just the bow but then also the arrows.

The outside features ten compartments that may hold a variety of small things and accessories and are either sealed with zips or flaps.

12. .30-06 Outdoors Premium Parallel Limb Soft Bow Case

This simple bow case was created to accommodate current parallel limb compound bows.

Editor's Rating

The bow case is 41 inches long and has a 32-inch arrow compartment and an 8-inch-by-8-inch attachments pocket. The pricing, which is recommended at $49.95, has been one of the main draws of this case.

13. Outdoor Mountain Products Compound Soft Bow Case

This compact bow case is made for short-framed compound bows, including those aimed towards women and junior archers.

Editor's Rating

The bow case is just 36″ long so that you can cut a fraction of an inch off to obtain the maximum inside space for storage.

Because the case lacks extra features like compartments, you will be unable to keep small objects with the bow.

However, the broader handles make it easier to handle. In addition, the lower price of less than $40 reflects the simpler look.

14. Plano Soft Sided Bow Case

The Plano Soft bow case is available in a variety of sizes varying from 37 to 44 inches long.

You can select whichever one is most appropriate for the sort of compound bow you want to keep.

Editor's Rating

A coating of good-quality padding covers the bow in the casing. In addition, it has a zippered compartment for an arrow case, two mesh pouches, as well as a third tiny pocket, all of which are zippered shut.

Even though the MSRP for this bow case is roughly $115, you can purchase it for approximately $80, giving it even better value for your money.

Considerations To Make Before Purchasing A Soft Compound Bow Case

It would be best if you didn’t buy a compound bow case right away. However, seemingly insignificant elements might significantly impact your decision.

Ensure that the bow case is the right size for your bow.

Before you decide on a case, examine the sort of bow you own. This may seem simple, but some bow cases are particularly intended for parallel limb compound bows, while other bow is shorter and would not accommodate a target bow.

Is Your Bow Stored Or Traveling With You?

If the key reason for buying a bow case is storing your bow at a secure place for it to sit during traveling from home to the range, the soft composite bow case is an excellent choice.

If you anticipate that the bow case may come into contact with other people, bumps during transit, or bad weather, you should rethink using a soft bow case and instead go for a more robust hard bow case.

Your Bow Case and Air Travel

Traveling via flight can be very taxing on the bow case and the things kept within. In addition, baggage handlers are tasked with transporting a large volume of baggage in a short period of time and are unlikely to take extra precautions with just a soft bow case.

People have experienced minimal issues as well as using soft bow cases on flights, although there have also been occasional negative outcomes. Therefore, it is advised that you utilize an airline-approved bow case whenever flying. This should, if anything, provide you more sense of security.

Think About Your Archery Equipment

A bow case is useful for more than just transporting your compound bow. With your bow, you’ll undoubtedly need a lot of accessories. So it’s a tremendous plus to be able to put all of these items in the bow case’s compartments.

Soft bow cases, including the Legend Archery bow case, are ideal for people who travel with a lot of archery equipment. Look for a plush bow case with a variety of sections and compartments to keep things organized and secure.

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